Hi there, we’re Elle and Jacqueline!

We are a knowledge-loving pair of sisters, founders, and chief editors here at LandOfTrivia.com. We’re glad you’re here!

After being locked down and not being able to travel (one of our favorite hobbies), we decided to create an entertainment site dedicated to pushing out fun trivia quizzes to help bored people (like us) learn more about the quirky world we live in … AND bond with their family/friends while doing so.

We were always the trivia champs at our family get-togethers, and you know what? We’ve turned that into our thing. We’re all about diving into documentaries, getting lost in the latest Netflix obsessions, and geeking out over fantasy flicks. And board games? We never stopped loving those!

So, we thought, why not share the fun? We’ve cooked up this super cool website that’s all about quirky facts and trivia that’ll make you the star of your next hangout. It’s perfect for when you’re looking to kill some time or just want to connect with your buddies over some really awesome, “Did you know…?” moments.

Can’t wait for you to check it out and get in on the trivia action with us. Let’s make those boring moments a thing of the past and have a blast while we’re at it!

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About Us - Land of Trivia

Our Mission

To make learning fun again.

You know what’s wild? Somewhere along the line, we let the fun of learning slip through our fingers. Maybe it’s because we were pressured to do well in high school and go to college so that we could get “good jobs”.

Life’s hustle and bustle kind of nudged that thrill of finding out cool new things to the back of our minds. But guess what? That spark we had as kids when the world was one big, exciting question mark? It’s still there, just waiting to be rekindled!

We’re here to bring back the good times with a bang! Remember how awesome it felt to be curious about everything? Let’s get that feeling back.

Trust me, learning hasn’t lost its cool – we just need to rediscover it together. So, are you in?