101 Beer Trivia Questions To Test True Beer Lovers

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If you consider yourself a brew aficionado and have a penchant for all things beer-related, you’re going to enjoy this trivia quiz. Our latest blog post is a frothy concoction of fun and knowledge!

From lagers to pilsners and the myriad variations in between, this beer-themed trivia quiz is brimming with refreshing questions about your favorite happy hour libation!

We hope you know international beers just as well as you know your domestic ones because we’re going to test your intellect to the fullest.

And if our beer trivia questions are not enough to satisfy your trivia cravings, don’t forget to explore our other food and drink-related trivia quizzes, such as ice cream, coffee, cocktails / alcohol, and even fast food!

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What beer brand had a series of commercials featuring a man known as “The Most Interesting Man in the World”?

Answer: Dos Equis.

Which beer brand is known for its “King of Beers” slogan?

Answer: Budweiser.

What beer brand is often associated with the “Toucan” in its advertisements?

Answer: Guinness.

Which country is known for its “pub culture,” where people gather in traditional pubs for beer and socializing?

Answer: United Kingdom.

Which Belgian beer brand is famous for its Trappist ales?

Answer: Chimay.

How do you say beer in Spanish?

Answer: Cerveza.

True or False: Germans were the first to brew beer.

Answer: False; the first concrete evidence of barley beer comes from the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia (modern Iraq and Syria).

Why Are Beer Bottles Brown - Beer Trivia Questions

Why are beer bottles green or brown?

Answer: It protects the beer from UV rays, which can ruin the flavor.

How is a Sake Bomb typically consumed?

Answer: A shot glass of sake is balanced on chopsticks over a glass of beer, and then the table is hit to make the shot drop into the beer before drinking.

Founders Brewing Co., known for their KBS and All Day IPA, hails from which city?

Answer: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dogfish Head Brewery, famous for its creative and experimental beers, is located in which state?

Answer: Delaware.

Lagunitas Brewing Company, known for its IPA, has its headquarters in which state?

Answer: California (Petaluma).

What is the term for the foam that forms on top of a beer when it’s poured?

Answer: Head.

What is the traditional wooden mug used for drinking beer called, often associated with German beer culture?

Answer: Stein.

What beer company started a popular commercial in 1999, in which a group of guys called each other on the phone, energetically asking “Wassup?”

Answer: Budweiser.

Which Scandinavian country is known for its “Mead Day,” celebrating the ancient honey-based beverage?

Answer: Sweden.

What is the measure of a beer’s bitterness, often indicated by the abbreviation IBU?

Answer: International Bitterness Units.

The Budweiser Clydesdales are famous for appearing in Super Bowl commercials. What type of animal are the Clydesdales?

Answer: Horses.

What does the term “shotgunning a beer” refer to — can you describe the process?

Answer: Quickly consuming a beer by creating a hole in the bottom of the can and opening the top, causing the beer to flow rapidly.

How many cups are typically used on each side in a standard beer pong setup?

Answer: 10 cups.

Which Ivy League university is often credited with popularizing beer pong?

Answer: Dartmouth College.

While most commonly known as “OE800,” what’s the full name of Miller’s malt liquor?

Answer: Olde English 800.

Budweiser, Miller, and Coors are often referred to as what type of beers due to their widespread popularity?

Answer: “Macrobrews” or “Macro Beers”.

What American beer brand’s mascot is a Spuds MacKenzie, a bull terrier dog?

Answer: Bud Light.

What are the four main ingredients in beer?

Answer: Grain, hops, yeast, and water.

Which glassware is traditionally used for serving Belgian-style ales and other aromatic beers?

Answer: Tulip Glass.

Beer Drinking Glasses

Which glass is designed for serving wheat beers and has a large, curved bowl shape?

Answer: Weizen Glass.

Guinness beer was first brewed in which country?

Answer: Ireland.

What is the phenomenon called when a beer’s color changes due to exposure to light?

Answer: Skunking.

What does ABV stand for in relation to beer?

Answer: Alcohol by Volume.

In The Simpsons, what is the name of the fictional beer brewed in Springfield?

Answer: Duff Beer.

Which beer container is shaped like a barrel and is a fixture at frat parties?

Answer: Keg.

Deschutes Brewery, Rogue Ales & Spirits, Widmer Brothers Brewing, and Breakside Brewery all come from which US state?

Answer: Oregon.

Sour beers are intentionally brewed to have a tart and acidic taste. What microorganism is responsible for this souring process?

Answer: Lactic Acid Bacteria.

In Ireland, what tradition involves adding blackcurrant syrup to a pint of stout?

Answer: Black and Tan.

What is the famous beer style from the state of Bavaria in Germany, known for its low bitterness and its bubblegum, banana, vanilla, and clove undernotes?

Answer: Hefeweizen.

What beer brand’s trademarked color-changing label alerts a consumer when a can or bottle is “as cold as the Rockies”?

Answer: Coors.

What is Michelob Ultra’s main marketing message and selling point to beer drinkers?

Answer: Michelob Ultra’s main marketing message is centered around being a low-calorie and low-carb beer option that is suitable for individuals who prioritize a balanced and active lifestyle.

What is the primary ingredient in beer that provides the sugars necessary for fermentation?

Answer: Malted barley.

What cocktail is made by dropping a shot of Irish whiskey and Irish cream liqueur into a half-pint of stout beer?

Answer: Irish Car Bomb.

Why is the name “Irish Car Bomb” considered controversial in some contexts?

Answer: The name is considered insensitive due to its reference to historical events in Ireland.

Fat Tire, a Belgian-style ale, is the flagship beer of what Colorado-based craft brewery that distributes their bottled beers nationally?

Answer: New Belgium.

What type of fruit is commonly used to add a tart and fruity flavor to many sour beer styles?

Answer: Cherries.

Which country has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world?

Answer: The Czech Republic.

How do you say “beer” in Italian?

Answer: Birra.

What is the German word for “beer”?

Answer: Bier.

How do you say “beer” in Japanese?

Answer: ビール (Bīru).

What is the name for a beer made by monks, typically dark in color and high in alcohol content?

Answer: Trappist beer.

What is the term for a beer that has been aged in barrels that were previously used to age spirits like bourbon or whiskey?

Answer: Barrel-aged beer.

Which of these is NOT a beer brand from Japan?

  • a) Asahi Super Dry
  • b) Sapporo Premium
  • c) Kirin Ichiban
  • d) Hite

Answer: d) Hite (it’s from Korea).

What is the name of the process that turns sugar into alcohol during beer brewing?

Answer: Fermentation.

Which yeast byproduct makes beer “bubbly” or carbonated?

Answer: Carbon Dioxide.

When is International Beer Day?

Answer: August 4th.

Goose Island Beer Co., Revolution Brewing, Half Acre Beer Company, and Two Brothers Brewing Company all originate from which US state?

Answer: Illinois.

Oktoberfest - Beer Trivia Questions

Oktoberfest originally started as a celebration of what royal event?

Answer: The marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in 1810.

What is the German word for “beer tent” at Oktoberfest?

Answer: Festzelt.

How long does Oktoberfest typically last, running from late September to early October?

Answer: About 16-18 days.

Which beer style is known for its dark, roasted malt flavors and often has notes of coffee and chocolate?

Answer: Stout.

Deschutes Brewery, famous for its Mirror Pond Pale Ale, originates from which state?

Answer: Oregon.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., renowned for its Pale Ale, calls which state home?

Answer: California (Chico).

The Alchemist, famous for its Heady Topper, is located in which state?

Answer: Vermont.

Goose Island Beer Co., creator of Bourbon County Stout, is based in which city?

Answer: Chicago, Illinois.

Russian River Brewing Company, known for Pliny the Elder, is located in which California county?

Answer: Sonoma County.

Stone Brewing, famous for Arrogant Bastard Ale, was founded in which Southern California city?

Answer: San Marcos, California.

What is the main difference between lagers and ales in terms of yeast fermentation temperature?

Answer: Lagers are fermented at cooler temperatures, while ales are fermented at warmer temperatures.

Which American president signed a law ending Prohibition in 1933, legalizing the sale of beer?

Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

What is the traditional toast used in Scandinavia when raising glasses during a celebration?

Answer: Skål. The word for bowl is “skål” in Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian. From that tradition of passing the bowl, the term “Skål” is now also a toast — ”cheers!”

Which type of beer is known for its hoppy bitterness and often features floral and citrusy notes?

Answer: IPA (India Pale Ale).

What is the term for the process of adding additional hops to beer during or after fermentation to enhance aroma and flavor?

Answer: Dry hopping.

Which European country is famous for its witbier, a style of beer often brewed with spices and orange peel?

Answer: Belgium.

Identify the beer known for its “Silver Bullet” nickname, coming from the Rocky Mountains.

Answer: Coors Light.

What country is associated with the lager called “Sapporo”?

Answer: Japan.

What Mexican beer is often served with a wedge of lime or lemon?

Answer: Corona.

Which of these is NOT a beer brand from Korea?

  • a) Tsingtao
  • b) OB Blue
  • c) Max
  • d) Kloud

Answer: a) Tsingtao (this one’s from China).

What beer’s slogan is “It’s the Water”?

  • a) Coors
  • b) Olympia
  • c) Anchor Steam
  • d) 21st Amendment

Answer: b) Olympia.

Hamm’s beer is brewed in which US state?

Answer: Minnesota.

Which country is often credited with the invention of the modern pilsner beer style?

Answer: Czech Republic.

What microorganisms are responsible for the fermentation process that converts sugars into alcohol?

Answer: Yeast.

What is the name of the event in Munich, Germany, that is one of the world’s largest beer festivals?

Answer: Oktoberfest.

Which beer brand features a blue ribbon on its label, symbolizing its award-winning status?

Answer: Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR).

Which European country banned most beers for most of the 20th century?

Answer: Iceland. Like many places, Iceland experimented with prohibition, banning wine, liquor, and beer in 1915. The law was mostly repealed in 1933, but kept beer limited to 2.25% alcohol; full-strength brews weren’t allowed until March 1, 1989!

Red Stripe beer originates from what country?

Answer: Jamaica.

Which country is known for its “Kölsch” beer style, served in narrow glasses known as “Stangen”?

Answer: Germany (Cologne).

What Scottish dish is often paired with a hearty beer and consists of a savory pudding encased in a sheep’s stomach?

Answer: Haggis.

In the song “99 Bottles of Beer,” how many bottles of beer are left after you sing the entire song?

Answer: 0 (zero).

Brewery - Beer Trivia Questions

Allagash Brewing Company, renowned for its Belgian-style beers, is located in which city?

Answer: Portland, Maine.

3 Floyds Brewing Co., creator of Zombie Dust, is situated in which state?

Answer: Indiana.

Anchor Brewing Company, known for Anchor Steam Beer, is located in which California city?

Answer: San Francisco.

What is the name of the traditional Russian style of stout known for its intense, dark flavors?

Answer: Imperial Stout.

Name the iconic beer from the United Kingdom, often associated with its distinct “widget” can design.

Answer: Guinness Draught.

Which Dutch beer, known for its strong and bold flavor, is often referred to as a “tripel”?

Answer: La Trappe Tripel.

What famous beer is known for its red star logo and originates from the Netherlands?

Answer: Heineken.

What is the flagship beer of the Mexican brewery Grupo Modelo?

Answer: Modelo Especial.

Which country produces a strong and malty beer style called “Bock”?

Answer: Germany.

Hailing from Scotland, which beer style is known for its heavy, peaty flavors?

Answer: Scotch Ale or Wee Heavy.

This beer, known for its bitter hop character, is often associated with the West Coast of the United States. What’s its name?

Answer: West Coast IPA.

This Australian beer is often referred to as “Aussie Lager.” What’s its name?

Answer: Foster’s Lager.

This shot is lit on fire before being dropped into a pint of beer—what’s its name, which humorously suggests a classic soda?

Answer: Flaming Dr. Pepper.

A “howler” is a __-ounce container that holds approximately two pints of beer.

Answer: 32.

Based on a true story, the 2015 film “Kidnapping Mr. Heineken” starred which Oscar-winning actor as Freddy Heineken?

Answer: Anthony Hopkins.

What is the traditional German beer purity law that dates back to 1516?

Answer: Reinheitsgebot.

In May 2021, Heineken USA announced that it would be sponsoring its first NFL team as their exclusive import beer partner. Which team was this with?

Answer: Miami Dolphins.

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