115 Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers (Free Printable)

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Are you ready to jingle all the way into the holiday season with some festive fun? Christmas is the perfect time to gather with loved ones, indulge in delicious treats, and of course, put your knowledge to the test with some holly jolly Christmas trivia!

Whether you’re a Christmas fanatic, a casual observer of the holiday season, or even someone who’s forced to attend a holiday gathering, our complete list of Christmas trivia questions and answers is sure to get you in the spirit of the season.

What better way to enjoy the holiday season than by testing your knowledge with some festive Christmas trivia questions? Read on to discover how many of our Christmas trivia facts you already knew, and how many you learned something new from!

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Before you dive into all the holiday fun, we invite you to bookmark or save some of these other related trivia quizzes for later! That way, there is no end to the trivia fun!

Christmas Trivia Questions: General Knowledge 

Which two of Santa’s reindeer share names with meteorological terms?

Answer: Donner and Blitzen (meaning ‘thunder’ and ‘lightning’ in German).

Which country was the first to use the tradition of the Christmas tree?

Answer: Germany.

If there are 365 days in a year, what number day is Christmas Day?

Answer: 359.

The poinsettia plant originates from which country?

Answer: Mexico.

How many reindeer pull Santa’s sleigh (including Rudolph)?

Answer: 9.

Which one of Santa’s reindeer shares its name with another famous holiday character?

Answer: Cupid.

What is Santa’s full address where you can actually send letters to him?

Answer: Santa Claus, 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888.

Which is the first company which used Santa Claus for their advertisement?

Answer: Coca-cola.


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    What is the name of a reindeer whose name starts with V?

    Answer: Vixen.

    If you’re born on Christmas Day, what’s your star sign?

    Answer: Capricorn.

    What color are the berries of the mistletoe plant?

    Answer: White.

    “Mele Kalikimaka” means Merry Christmas in which language?

    Answer: Hawaiian.

    The American states of Georgia, Arizona, and Indiana all have towns that share which same Christmas-related name?

    Answer: Santa Claus.

    Santas Address - Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers

    What typically red holiday flower is given every year on December 12th?

    Answer: Poinsettia, on National Poinsettia Day.

    How do you say Merry Christmas in Spanish?

    Answer: Feliz Navidad.

    What is the name of the day after Christmas day? 

    Answer: Boxing Day.

    Christmas Trivia Questions: Christmas Movies and Books 

    Name the fictional character created by Dr. Seuss that stole Christmas.

    Answer: The Grinch.

    A Christmas Carol is a super popular novel by what British author?

    Answer: Charles Dickens.

    What is the name of the department store in the movie Elf that is modeled after the real-life Macy’s in New York City?

    Answer: Gimbels.

    In which film does an angel named Clarence visit Bedford Falls?

    Answer: It’s A Wonderful Life.

    “40 Stories Of Sheer Adventure!” is the tagline for which film?

    Answer: Die Hard (1988).

    Which 1988 American Christmas comedy film stars Bill Murray in a modern retelling of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?

    Answer: Scrooged.

    Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents’ is the opening line from which classic novel?

    Answer: Little Women.

    The 2013 fantasy film Frozen was inspired by which Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale?

    Answer: The Snow Queen.

    Which British actor voiced the Grinch in the 2018 animated film?

    Answer: Benedict Cumberbatch.

    In Will Ferrell’s Elf, what’s the first rule in the Code of The Elves?

    Answer: Treat every day like it’s Christmas.

    What chocolaty drink powder was featured in the decoded message from Little Orphan Annie in the 1983 film, A Christmas Story?

    Answer: Ovaltine

    In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, what magical country does the White Witch put a spell on so that it is always winter but never Christmas?

    Answer: Narnia.

    What is the most famous Christmas ballet?

    Answer: The Nutcracker.

    What three words best describe the Grinch in the Dr. Seuss classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

    Answer: “Stink, stank, stunk!”

    In It’s A Wonderful Life, what happened each time a bell rings?

    Answer: An angel got its wings.

    In A Muppet Christmas Carol, which (human) actor played Scrooge?

    Answer: Michael Caine.

    What’s the name of the animated Christmas film in which Tom Hanks voices many of the characters?

    Answer: The Polar Express.

    In what city and country did The Nutcracker first premiere?

    Answer: Saint Petersburg, Russia,

    Nutcracker - Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers

    Who is the Nutcracker’s enemy?

    Answer: The King Of Mice.

    Which character declares “Merry Christmas, one and all!” in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol?

    Answer: Tiny Tim.

    How many ghosts appear in A Christmas Carol?

    Answer: Four.

    A young boy takes a train to the North Pole on Christmas Eve in what classic 1985 children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg?

    Answer: The Polar Express.

    In the film Jingle All The Way, what is the name of the toy Arnold Schwarzenegger was desperately trying to buy?

    Answer: Sleeping Beauty.

    In “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, what kind of tree does Charlie Brown choose for the Christmas play?

    Answer: A small, sad-looking Christmas tree.

    Who directs the Christmas play in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?

    Answer: Lucy.

    In “A Christmas Carol”, what is the last name of Ebenezer?

    Answer: Scrooge.

    What lovable yeti helps spread holiday cheer and learns about Christmas traditions in “Smallfoot” (2018)?

    Answer: Migo.

    Christmas Trivia Questions: Christmas Music

    In the song “Frosty the Snowman,” what article of clothing made Frosty come to life?

    Answer: An old silk hat.

    What bird is gifted to the singer on the sixth day in the song “12 Days of Christmas”?

    Answer: Six geese a-laying.

    What is gifted to the singer on the tenth day in the song “12 Days of Christmas”?

    Answer: Ten lords a-leaping.

    What is gifted to the singer on the fourth day in the song “12 Days of Christmas”?

    Answer: Four calling birds.

    Who released the 2011 album Under the Mistletoe?

    Answer: Justin Bieber.

    Name the song with the following lyrics: “A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots is the wish of Barney and Ben.”

    Answer: “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”.

    What country gave us the songs “O Christmas Tree” and “Silent Night”?

    Answer: Germany.

    In the song, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, where and when is Mommy found kissing him?

    Answer: Underneath the mistletoe last night.

    Sung by iconic artists like Mel Tormé and Nat King Cole, “The Christmas Song” opens with a line about what roasted holiday treat?

    Answer: Chestnut.

    What male singer is widely considered the “King of Christmas”?

    Answer: Michael Buble.

    Which famous Christmas song includes the lyrics: “Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh?”

    Answer: “Jingle Bells”.

    Name the song with the following lyrics: “It doesn’t show signs of stopping, and I’ve bought some corn for popping”.

    Answer: “Let It Snow”.

    Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers - Land Of Trivia

    How many total gifts are given in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song?

    Answer: 364.

    What is the best-selling Christmas song of all time?

    Answer: White Christmas by Bing Crosby.

    How long did Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” take to hit number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100?

    Answer: 25 years.

    Who sadly got run over by a reindeer?

    Answer: Grandma.

    Finish the line from “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”: “Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so ______________.”

    Answer: “delightful.”

    Who sings “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)”?

    Answer: Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    Complete these lyrics: “Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, Right down ___.”

    • a) Santa Claus Road
    • b) Mrs. Clause Ave
    • c) Kris Kringle Lane
    • d) Santa Claus Lane

    Answer: d) Santa Claus Lane

    How many horses are pulling the sleigh in “Jingle Bells”?

    Answer: One.

    Which of these characters will “go down in history”, according to the song lyrics?

    • a) The Grinch
    • b) Frosty The Snowman
    • c) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
    • d) Santa Claus

    Answer: c) Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

    What was brightly shining in the song, “O Holy Night?”

    • a) The moon
    • b) The stars
    • c) Rudolph’s nose
    • d) The snow

    Answer: b) The stars.

    Which song’s lyrics ask the question “Mary, did you know that your baby boy will give sight to a blind man?”

    Answer: “Mary, Did You Know?”

    Christmas Trivia Questions: Christmas Food

    Shortbread is traditionally made before Christmas, where does it originate from?

    Answer: Scotland.

    Mulled wine is referred to by all these terms in some areas of the world, except which term: Hot mead, Vin chaud, Grogg, or Gluhwein?

    Answer: Hot Mead.

    Fruitcake originated from what ancient country?

    Answer: Egypt.

    What country invented egg nog?

    Answer: England.

    Which is the traditional food and drink left for Santa on Christmas Eve?

    Answer: Milk and cookies.

    Served at Christmas in France a marron glace is a candied what?

    Answer: Chestnut.

    What sweet bread is eaten in Italy at Christmas time?

    Answer: Panettone.

    Which traditional German bread is associated with Christmas?

    Answer: Stollen.

    Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken on Christmas Day has been a tradition since the 1970s in what nation on the other side of the world from Kentucky?

    Answer: Japan.

    What is the term for a sweet pie of British origin often filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices referred to as “meat?” It is traditionally served during the Christmas season and was once known as “mutton pie.”

    Answer: Mincemeat pie.

    Christmas Trivia Questions: Christmas Traditions

    What does Santa leave in a naughty child’s stocking?

    Answer: A lump of coal.

    What is the purpose of the Elf on the Shelf?

    Answer: A Christmas tradition where a special scout is sent to kids’ homes from the North Pole to encourage them to behave.

    Elf On The Shelf - Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers

    In which country would you expect to find spider and spiderweb ornaments on trees?

    Answer: Ukraine–it is most prevalent in Western Ukraine, where small ornaments in the shape of a spider are traditionally a part of the Christmas decorations.

    What does Sinterklaas do with German children’s shoes on Dec. 5?

    Answer: Fills them with toys and candy.

    In Norway, the tradition is to leave out a bowl of porridge for your guardian gnome. Why is this done?

    Answer: To make sure they don’t take the holiday off, you have to leave a bowl of porridge out for them to keep them warm and energized for a long and festive night.

    On Christmas Eve, Italian families participate in what kind of feast? Is it the Feast of Eight Meatballs, the Feast of Seven Fishes, or the Feast of Nine Farms?

    Answer: Feast of Seven Fishes, following the Italian Catholic tradition of eating no red meat on the eve of major religious festival days.

    According to Austrian Folklore, which horned creature kidnaps kids who’re naughty during Christmas?

    Answer: Krampus.

    In which country do naughty children get rotting potatoes in their shoes?

    Answer: Iceland.

    Many Catholics attend this service on Christmas. What is it called?

    Answer: Midnight Mass.

    Nativity Scene - Christmas Trivia Questions and Answers

    Many cultures put up a diorama of the birth of Jesus. What is it called?

    Answer: Nativity scene.

    Traditionally, what bird do Irish people eat on Christmas?

    Answer: Goose–a traditional Christmas feast for the Irish includes goose, potatoes, cranberries and roasted vegetables.

    What do the Irish leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve — is it potatoes and cabbage, corned beef and a glass of milk, cookies and corned beef, or mince pies and a glass of Guinness?

    Answer: Mince pies and a glass of Guinness.

    For many of us, we are taught Santa’s sleigh is pulled by reindeer. What animal drives Santa’s sleigh in Australia?

    Answer: Kangaroos; Santa’s kangaroos are known as the Six White Boomers.

    People in what country exchange books on Christmas Eve and then spend the evening reading them while eating chocolate?

    Answer: Iceland.

    What is the Spanish name for Santa Claus?

    Answer: Papá Noel.

    Traditionally, what happens to the person who finds the pickle ornament first on the Christmas tree on Christmas morning?

    Answer: They get an extra present from Santa.

    What does the color red symbolize during Christmas?

    Answer: It is considered to be the blood of Jesus.

    Christmas Trivia Questions: Christmas History

    Who is the real-life historical figure that Santa Claus is based on?

    Answer: Saint Nicholas of Myra.

    What is the Latin meaning of the word Noel?

    Answer: The French word Noël comes from the Latin word Natalis, which means “birthday”.

    What do the 12 Days of Christmas actually signify?

    Answer: The days between the birth of baby Jesus and the three wise men arriving to visit him.

    A famous Christmas truce was a series of widespread but unofficial ceasefires along the Western Front during which war?

    Answer: World War I.

    Which famous 225-ton gift was given on Christmas Day in 1886?

    Answer: The Statue of Liberty.

    What year did Christmas become a statutory holiday in Iraq?

    Answer: 2018.

    Who invented the first strand of Christmas lights? 

    Answer: Thomas Edison

    Christmas Trivia Questions: Bible Stories

    True or false: Christmas wasn’t celebrated for over 300 years after Jesus died.

    Answer: True. The first Christmas was celebrated on December 25th, 336 A.D.

    True or false: Joseph is the father of Jesus.

    Answer: False. God is the Father.

    What does the star on the top of a Christmas tree signify?

    Answer: The star of Bethlehem.

    According to Christmas tradition, where was Jesus born?

    Answer: Bethlehem.

    The events surrounding Jesus’ birth are taken from which two Gospels?

    Answer: Matthew and Luke.

    Bethlehem is known as the City of __.

    Answer: David.

    Who visited Jesus shortly after his birth and brought gifts?

    Answer: The Wise Men (Magi).

    Three Wise Men - Christmas Bible Trivia Questions

    In what town was Jesus baptized?

    Answer: Bethany.

    Where did Jesus’ family flee from Bethlehem?

    Answer: Egypt.

    Who was the ruler of Judea at the time of Jesus’ birth?

    Answer: King Herod.

    What celestial phenomenon guided the Magi to Jesus?

    Answer: A star.

    Can you name the three kings/Magi who visited baby Jesus?

    Answer: Melchior, Casper and Balthazar.

    What did the angels say to the shepherds when they announced Jesus’ birth? “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, __.”

    Answer: “goodwill toward men”.

    What is the meaning of the name “Immanuel”?

    Answer: “God is with us,” emphasizing the divine nature of Jesus and his fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies.

    The Presentation in the Temple is celebrated as a feast day in the Christian calendar on February 2nd, which is also known as what?

    Answer: Candlemas.


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      And that about wraps up our Christmas trivia quiz!

      Christmas is a wonderful time of year that is full of tradition and happiness. We hope these Christmas trivia questions and answers have helped you and your friends/family get into the holiday spirit and learn a little bit more about this festive time of year.

      If you had fun and learned something new, send this article to your friends to test their knowledge! Lastly, enjoy the holidays!

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