Spring Forward: 67 Spring Trivia Questions For Kids

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Welcome to the season of blooming flowers, warmer days, and playful sunshine! As the bright and welcoming colors of spring burst forth, you might find yourself looking for engaging ways to celebrate the beauty of this season with the young minds around you.

Look no further! We’ve curated a delightful set of spring trivia questions for kids – a perfect way to combine fun and learning as you welcome the brighter days ahead.

Whether you’re a parent, guardian, or teacher, these trivia questions are tailored for the curious minds in your care, offering a cheerful and educational way to embrace the joys of springtime.

Let the quiz commence, and let the laughter and learning bloom just like the flowers of spring!

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Spring Trivia Questions For Kids: General Knowledge


What day is celebrated on February 2nd, where a groundhog predicts the weather?

Answer: Groundhog Day.

According to legend, if a groundhog sees its shadow on Groundhog Day, what does it mean for the weather?

Answer: Six more weeks of winter.

What is the name of the most famous groundhog who predicts the weather in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania?

Answer: Punxsutawney Phil.

What do people believe happens if the groundhog doesn’t see its shadow on Groundhog Day?

Answer: An early spring is predicted.

What season is often associated with the renewal of life and the blossoming of flowers?

Answer: Spring.

What season happens right after spring?

Answer: Summer.

Can you name all four seasons of the year?

Answer: Spring, summer, fall, winter.

Tulips - Geography and Travel Trivia

Which colorful flowers are a symbol of spring and are known for their bulbous shape?

Answer: Tulips.

In what month does spring officially end?

Answer: June.

What holiday is often celebrated during the spring season, involving egg hunts and the Easter Bunny?

Answer: Easter.

Which animal is a common symbol of Easter and lays eggs made of chocolate?

Answer: The Easter Bunny.

What is the tradition of cleaning and organizing homes after the winter months, often done in spring?

Answer: Spring Cleaning.

Some people may experience sneezing and watery eyes during spring due to an increase in what in the air?

Answer: Pollen.

What do we call the practice of adjusting clocks forward in spring to have longer daylight hours?

Answer: Daylight Saving Time.

In Japan, what iconic pink flowers are celebrated during spring, attracting tourists and locals alike?

Answer: Cherry Blossoms.

What type of weather is often associated with spring, bringing water to help plants grow?

Answer: Rain Showers.

During spring, many bird species migrate. Where do they often fly to?

Answer: Breeding grounds.

What do many different cultures have during spring to mark the season’s arrival, involving festivities, eating, and spending time with friends?

Answer: Spring Festivals.

When during the year are strawberries in season?

Answer: Primarily spring/summer (mid-May to July).

While most plastic bottles of Coca-Cola boast a red cap that matches their classic color scheme, in the spring you may notice bottles with yellow caps appearing on shelves. What does the yellow cap mean?

Answer: That yellow cap signifies that the drink is kosher for the Jewish holiday of Passover.

Which large marine mammals are famous for their migration, often covering thousands of miles between feeding and breeding grounds?

Answer: Whales, such as the Humpback Whale.

Butterfly - Animal Trivia Questions and Answers

Name a species of butterfly that undergoes a remarkable migration, traveling thousands of miles between North America and Mexico.

Answer: The Monarch Butterfly.

What graceful bird, associated with love and fidelity, migrates annually, flying in a distinctive V-formation?

Answer: Swans, particularly the Tundra Swan.

Which species of sea turtle is known for its impressive migration, crossing entire oceans between nesting and feeding areas?

Answer: The Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

Spring is also a time where lots of baby animals are born! What is a baby cat called?

Answer: Kitten.

What is the term for a baby dog?

Answer: Puppy.

What is the name for a baby cow?

Answer: Calf.

What do we call a baby bird that has just hatched?

Answer: Chick.

What is a baby deer called?

Answer: Fawn.

In Peter Rabbit, what is the name of the human character who tries to keep Peter Rabbit and his friends out of his garden?

Answer: Mr. McGregor.

What classic children’s book author created the original tales that Peter Rabbit is based on?

Answer: Beatrix Potter.

In Hop, what is the name of the teenage son of the Easter Bunny who aspires to be a drummer?

Answer: E.B. (Easter Bunny).

Where does E.B. run away to pursue his dream in Hop?

Answer: Hollywood.

What holiday does Hop primarily revolve around?

Answer: Easter.

Which Disney feature film contains the song “Little April Shower”?

Answer: Bambi.

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    Spring Trivia Questions For Kids: All About Flowers

    Spring Flowers - Springtime Trivia Questions

    Which flower is often associated with love and has thorns on its stem?

    Answer: Rose.

    What small, fragrant flowers are often given as a symbol of friendship and come in various colors, including purple, yellow, and white?

    Answer: Lilacs.

    Which flower has a bright yellow center surrounded by white petals and is commonly associated with the phrase “He loves me, he loves me not”?

    Answer: Daisy.

    What flowering plant, often gifted during Easter, has trumpet-shaped flowers and comes in various colors such as pink, purple, and white?

    Answer: Easter Lily.

    What flower is often associated with spring and is known for its bell-shaped blooms that hang downward?

    Answer: Bluebell.

    Which flower, often found in gardens and known for its tall spiky blooms, comes in various colors and is a favorite of butterflies?

    Answer: Butterfly Bush or Buddleia.

    Which wildflower, often associated with spring, is known for its bright yellow blooms and is a symbol of rejuvenation? Hint: Its scientific name is Narcissus pseudonarcissus.

    Answer: Daffodil.

    What is the state flower of California, known for its vibrant orange color and often seen blooming in the spring?

    Answer: California Poppy.

    What is the common name for the small, delicate white flowers that blanket forest floors in early spring, signaling the arrival of warmer weather?

    Answer: Wood Anemone.

    Which wildflower, often found in meadows and fields, has a name that suggests a link to the sun and is known for its bright yellow petals?

    Answer: Sunflower.

    Spring Trivia Questions For Kids: Easter Celebration

    Easter Trivia For Kids - Land of Trivia

    What is Easter a celebration of?

    Answer: Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    What day of the week is Easter usually celebrated?

    Answer: Sunday.

    How is Easter traditionally celebrated?

    Answer: Easter is traditionally celebrated with church services, Easter egg hunts, and the exchange of Easter gifts, such as chocolate eggs and bunnies.

    Why do people exchange Easter eggs?

    Answer: The exchange of Easter eggs is believed to symbolize new life and the resurrection of Jesus.

    Why are eggs are associated with Easter?

    Answer: Eggs are associated with Easter because they symbolize new life. For Christians, Easter eggs are used as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus.

    What animal is commonly associated with Easter?

    Answer: Bunny (or rabbit).

    What does the Easter Bunny do?

    Answer: It is a large rabbit that brings Easter eggs and other treats to children on Easter morning.

    True or False: Egg dyes were once made out of natural items such as onion peels, tree bark, flower petals, and juices.

    Answer: True.

    True or False: Easter happens on the same day every year.

    Answer: False. Easter does not fall on the same day each year. The date of Easter Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon, on or after the 21st March.

    What two months can Easter fall in?

    Answer: March and April.

    70% of all Easter candy purchased is what type of candy?

    Answer: Chocolate.

    What part of your body would you wear an Easter bonnet on?

    Answer: Your head.

    Approximately 76% of people eat which part of a chocolate Easter Bunny first?

    Answer: The ears.

    Spring Trivia Questions For Kids: Earth Day

    Earth Day Trivia - Land Of Trivia

    When is Earth Day celebrated each year?

    Answer: April 22nd.

    Why do people celebrate Earth Day?

    Answer: To raise awareness about environmental issues and promote eco-friendly practices.

    What can you do to help the Earth on Earth Day?

    Answer: Plant trees, recycle, and reduce waste.

    What is the symbol often associated with Earth Day?

    Answer: The Earth Day flag featuring a picture of the Earth.

    What are the three R’s that help the environment and are often mentioned on Earth Day?

    Answer: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

    Which endangered animal is often highlighted on Earth Day as a symbol of conservation efforts?

    Answer: The Giant Panda.

    Panda - Land of Trivia Trivia Questions

    What is the name of the largest environmental event on Earth Day, where people participate in various activities to clean up their communities?

    Answer: The Great Global Cleanup.

    What gas do trees absorb from the air during photosynthesis, helping to keep the air clean?

    Answer: Carbon dioxide (CO2).

    In celebration of Earth Day, what outdoor activity can families do together to appreciate nature?

    Answer: Go on a nature hike, ride bikes instead of drive, or have a picnic in a park.

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      So, how did the kids score on these springtime trivia questions? We hope they learned something new and enjoyed celebrating the spring season with us!

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