Trivia Categories: 150 Trivia Questions And Answers

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Whether you’re looking to pass the time away on your road trip, impress friends at your next party, or dominate the competition at your local pub quiz, we’ve got you covered with our trivia questions broken out by category!

Check out our list of trivia categories, filled with carefully-curated questions and answers that’ll be sure to entertain you and perhaps even teach you something new.

With topics ranging from history and pop culture to food and science, there’s something for everyone. Can you name the capital of Tahiti? How about the slogan of KFC?

These are just a few examples of the types of questions you’ll find in this fun trivia categories quiz. So put on your trivia hats and let’s get started!

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Trivia Categories: 150 Trivia Questions And Answers

Trivia Category: Pop Culture

Trivia Categories - Animal Trivia Questions

1. What is KFC’s slogan?

Answer: “It’s finger-lickin’ good.”

2. Who is known as the king of pop?

Answer: Michael Jackson.

3. In which state’s Black Rock Desert does the annual Burning Man festival draw its eclectic crowds?

Answer: Nevada. 

4. What 90s boy band member bought Myspace in 2011?

Answer: Justin Timberlake.

5. Which actor, whose name means “cool breezes over the mountains” in Hawaiian, was born in Beirut, Lebanon and stars in The Lake House (2006)?

Answer: Keanu Reeves.

6. Which rapper mogul boosted sales for Ciroc, the French vodka brand. selling a million cases in 2011 as its brand ambassador?

Answer: Diddy.

7. What part of Miami did cardiologist Arthur Agatston honor when he named his low-carb diet after it in his bestselling 2003 book?

Answer: South Beach.

8. Who did Madonna plant an onstage kiss on during the 2015 Coachella Festival in Indio, California?

Answer: Drake.

9. Which electronic music DJ produced the 2013 hit song, Clarity?

Answer: Zedd.

10. Who is the artist that first wrote and sang Sweet Caroline, a karaoke favorite?

Answer: Neil Diamond.

11. Who is the lead singer of Aerosmith?

Answer: Steven Tyler.

12. Who is Nick Jonas married to?

Answer: Priyanka Chopra.

13. What award-winning TV series about the Bluth family was canceled in 2006 but revived by Netflix with new episodes in 2013?

Answer: Arrested Development.

14. Which rapper was nicknamed by his mom, who thought he looked like the beagle of “that round-headed kid”, Charlie Brown?

Answer: Snoop Dogg.

15. What pop star, nicknamed Smiley as a kid, decided to make it her legal name in 2008?

Answer: Miley Cyrus (she changed it from Destiny Hope Cyrus).

Trivia Category: Movies

Trivia Categories - Movie Trivia Questions

16. What movie is this famous quote from: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”

Answer: The Godfather Part II, 1974.

17. What movie is this famous quote from:  “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

Answer: The Help, 2011.

18. What movie is this famous quote from: “You’re killin’ me, Smalls.”

Answer: The Sandlot, 1993.

19. In which horror film does the serial killer dress as William Shatner?

Answer: Halloween.

20. Which Tropic Thunder character was based on the combination of Russel Crowe, Daniel Day-Lewis and Colin Farrell?

Answer: Kirk Lazarus, who was portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.

21. In all four Toy Story films, comedian Don Rickles provided the voice for what classic toy first introduced in 1952?

Answer: Mr. Potato Head.

22. Get Out, Us, and Nope were all directed by who?

Answer: Jordan Peele.

23. What 1993 film starring Robin Williams takes place in San Francisco?

Answer: Mrs. Doubtfire.

24. Who played the main character in the movie Clueless?

Answer: Alicia Silverstone.

25. What is the title of Celine Dion’s song used as the soundtrack in Titanic?

Answer: “My Heart Will Go On”.

26. Disney’s official princesses include two redheads–who are they?

Answer: Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Merida from Brave.

27. Who directed the movie Beetlejuice in 1998?

Answer: Tim Burton.

28. What X-Men character did Halle Berry play?

Answer: Storm.

29. Who directed Midnight In Paris?

Answer: Woody Allen.

30. Who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network?

Answer: Jesse Eisenberg.

Trivia Category: Technology

Trivia Categories - Technology Trivia Questions

31. Which company was the first to reach 1 trillion dollars?

Answer: Apple.

32. Undergrads from which West Coast university created Snapchat in 2011?

Answer: Stanford.

33. Which tech giant launched Rooms, an app that creates invite-only, personalized chat rooms, in 2014?

Answer: Facebook.

34. Which 2013 dating app was so selective that it matches you only with shared Facebook friends–Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, or Blendr?

Answer: Hinge.

35. What space transportation company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk built Falcon 9, the first rocket completely developed in the 21st century?

Answer: SpaceX.

36. What country imported three out of every four industrial robots in 2014–China, Germany, USA, or France?

Answer: China.

37. What app is identified by a little ghost mascot, drawn up by its CEO in 2011?

Answer: Snapchat.

38. What color is the letter Y in the eBay logo?

Answer: Green.

39. What Twitter and Square co-founder won the “Innovator of the Year” award in technology from the Wall Street Journal in 2012?

Answer: Jack Dorsey.

40. What successor to the Microsoft Windows XP operating system had users quickly begging the company to return to the old program in 2007?

Answer: Vista. 

41. Which Japanese company launched HD DVD in 2006 but was overpowered by the Blu-Ray format from Sony 2 years later?

Answer: Toshiba.

42. In 2009, which company introduced Wave, an advanced email system that was abandoned just 1 year later?

Answer: Google.

43. Which tech giant was behind Zune, an MP3 player that made its debut in 2006 but was ultimately outsold by the iPod?

Answer: Microsoft.

44. In which Nordic country did the wildly popular smartphone game Angry Birds originate?

Answer: Finland.

45. In 1998, Jeff Bezos made a deal with British film fan Col Needham to purchase what movie database site for $55 million?

Answer: IMDb.

Trivia Category: Books

Trivia Categories - Books and Literature Trivia Questions

46. What hotel is Jack hired as caretaker of (and later possesses him) in Stephen King’s The Shining?

Answer: The Overlook Hotel.

47. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula, what does the monster allegedly need from his home country to stay healthy?

Answer: Dirt.

48. Frankenstein’s monster is often depicted as pyrophobic, fearing what?

Answer: Fire.

49. What three-word book sums up the 2010 Julia Roberts film about traveling to Italy, India, and Bali to find oneself?

AnswerEat Pray Love.

50. What city is the post-apocalyptic setting for the three Divergent novels that star Shailene Woodley in the film adaptations?

Answer: Chicago.

51. Which author, a former pharmaceutical salesman, published a romantic novel in 1995 called The Notebook?

Answer: Nicholas Sparks.

52. Who is the author of The Great Gatsby?

Answer: F. Scott Fitzgerald.

53. What Facebook COO started a national conversation about the challenges that working women face in her 2013 book, Lean In?

Answer: Sheryl Sandberg.

54. What early 20th-century British author of the novel Mrs. Dalloway is played by Nicole Kidman in the 2002 film The Hours?

Answer: Virginia Woolf.

55. Author Stephen King is said to have made many people coulrophobic, having a fear of what?

Answer: Clowns.

56. Holden Caulfield, an icon for teenage angst and rebellion, is a fictional character in which American literary classic?

AnswerThe Catcher in the Rye.

57. Which book, first published in 1605, has sold more than 300 million copies worldwide?

AnswerDon Quixote.

58. Chronologically, this novel comes first in C. S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia series.

Answer: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

59. Who wrote the original Alice in Wonderland, and what was the original title?

Answer: Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

60. In which state do Mark Twain’s characters Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn live?

Answer: Missouri.

Trivia Category: Science

Trivia Categories - Science Trivia Questions

61. What do you call a person that only eats plants?

Answer: Vegetarian.

62. Which body parts continue to grow throughout your entire life?

Answer: Ears and nose.

63. What is the largest organ in the human body?

Answer: Skin.

64. If you needed braces, what kind of doctor would you visit?

Answer: An orthodontist.

65. What’s the heaviest organ in the human body?

Answer: Liver.

66. What element does the chemical symbol Au stand for?

Answer: Gold.

67. The first vaccine was for which disease?

Answer: Smallpox.

68. What is the scientific term for fingers and toes?

Answer: Phalanges.

69. By what process do plants use chlorophyll to make glucose, a food sugar?

Answer: Photosynthesis.

70. What name is given to water in the gaseous state?

Answer: Steam.

71. What substance in your ears helps keep germs and dirt out?

Answer: Earwax.

72. What is the calm center part of a hurricane called?

Answer: The eye.

73. A healthy body functions best at an internal temperature of what?

Answer: About 37°C or 98.6°F.

74. What blood type do you need to be a universal donor?

Answer: O-.

75. Which finger on your hand has the fastest-growing nail?

Answer: The middle finger.

Trivia Category: History

Trivia Categories - History Trivia Questions

76. Whose face is on a $20 bill?

Answer: Andrew Jackson.

77. What does the meaning of the word “zodiac” in Ancient Greek?

Answer: Circle of animals.

78. Who was the ancient Goddess of Love?

Answer: Venus.

79. Which “Wonders Of The World” is still in existence?

Answer: Pyramids of Giza.

80. From what country did jazz originate?

Answer: The USA.

81. The state flower of Massachusetts shares its name with which British ship that arrived on its shores in 1620?

Answer: Mayflower.

82. In what country was the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci born?

Answer: Italy.

83. Where was John F. Kennedy assassinated in?

Answer: Dallas, Texas.

84. Sailors of the past suffered from scurvy due to a lack of what?

Answer: Vitamin C.

85. Which peasant girl led the French army at Orléans during the Hundred Years’ War?

Answer: Joan of Arc.

86. American involvement in the Korean War took place in which decade?

Answer: 1950s (American involvement in the Korean war lasted from 1950-1953).

87. Who founded the first film production company in France, which created more than 400 films from 1896 to 1913 — was it Pierre Étaix, August Lumiere, or Georges Méliès?

Answer: Georges Méliès.

88. Which famous 225-ton gift was given on Christmas Day in 1886?

Answer: The Statue of Liberty.

89. Which war was fought between 1861 and 1865?

Answer: The American Civil War.

90. Which founding father is known for his large signature on the United States Declaration of Independence?

Answer: John Hancock.

Trivia Category: Food

Trivia Categories - Food Trivia Questions

91. What ingredient makes bread rise? 

Answer: Yeast.

92. What fast food chain sells the Filet O’ Fish? 

Answer: McDonald’s.

93. What fast food chain sells the Double Double? 

Answer: In-N-Out.

94. What is the most expensive type of coffee? 

Answer: Kopi luwak, made from coffee beans retrieved from a civet’s poop.

95. Groundnuts are popularly known by what name? 

Answer: Peanut.

96. A pupusa is from which country’s cuisine? 

Answer: El Salvador.

97. In cooking, what is cutting vegetables into short, thin strips called? 

Answer: Julienne.

98. Campari, Santorini, and Early Girl are all types of what? 

Answer: Tomatoes.

99. What alcoholic spirit is found in all four of these cocktails: Gimlet, Negroni, Aviation, and Tom Collins? 

Answer: Gin.

100. What country does the chorizo sausage originate from? 

Answer: Spain.

101. The meat used in tacos al pastor is usually prepared in what way? Flame-broiled, roasted on a spit, smoked for 12+ hours, or steamed? 

Answer: Roasted on a spit.

102. A shishito is what type of vegetable? 

Answer: Pepper.

103. “Eating good in the neighborhood” is the slogan of what restaurant chain? 

Answer: Applebee’s.

104. “First they’re sour. Then they’re sweet.” is the slogan of what candy brand? 

Answer: Sour Patch Kids.

105. What coffee beans, among the world’s most expensive, are grown in the mineral-rich lava fields of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes?

Answer: Kona coffee.

Trivia Category: Animals

Trivia Categories - Animal Trivia Questions

106. Some species of what desert-dwelling creature can survive extreme heat, freezing temperatures, floods, and even famine?

Answer: Scorpion.

107. What sense don’t dolphins have?

Answer: Smell.

108. How many eyes does a bee have?

Answer: 5.

109. Basenji, Sheltie, and Samoyed are breeds of what animal?

Answer: Dogs.

110. Alpacas are very similar to, and often confused with which animals?

Answer: Llamas.

111. Known for its intelligence, which dog breed has been found capable of understanding more than a thousand words? Is it Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador, or French Bulldog?

Answer: Border Collie.

112. What animal has the strongest recorded jaw strength?

Answer: Saltwater crocodile.

113. Rabies, which kills about 59,000 people a year, is transmitted almost entirely by which animal?

Answer: Dogs.

114. What name is given to the small crustaceans that make up most of the diet of the blue whale?

Answer: Krill.

115. Which part of an elephant’s body has the most muscles?

Answer: Trunk.

116. If you were planning a trip to China to see the Giant Panda bears, what city would you add to your travel itinerary?

Answer: Chengdu, China.

117. Which is the tiniest known type of animal with a backbone?

Answer: A frog.

118. Which large marine mammals are sometimes known as sea cows?

Answer: Manatees.

119. What is the Japanese word for “dog”?

Answer: Inu.

120. How many legs does a spider have?

Answer: 8.

Trivia Category: Geography

Trivia Categories - Geography Trivia Questions

121. What is the most visited tourist attraction in the world?

Answer: Eiffel Tower.

122. What river passes through New Orleans, Louisiana?

Answer: Mississippi.

123. In what country do more than half of people believe in elves?

Answer: Iceland.

124. “Cirque du Soleil” started in what country?

Answer: Canada.

125. The Madeira Islands in the North Atlantic Ocean belong to which country?

Answer: Portugal.

126. Which US city is the birthplace of bluegrass, also nicknamed “Music City”, and is known for its hot chicken?

Answer: Nashville, Tennessee.

127. Which European country is often referred to as the “Emerald Isle”?

Answer: Ireland.

128. Where in the world would you find Na Pali Coast?

Answer: Kauai (Hawaii).

129. Where in the world would you find Banff National Park?

Answer: Alberta, Canada.

130. Where in the world would you find Cappadocia?

Answer: Turkey.

131. Where in the world would you find the Cliffs of Moher?

Answer: Ireland.

132. Papeete, the capital city of French Polynesia, is on which island?

Answer: Tahiti.

133. The summit of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak, is located in which country?

Answer: France.

134. Which German city and capital of Bavaria was the home of the original Oktoberfest?

Answer: Munich.

135. Although the smallest national park in Italy, ____ is one of the most culturally relevant, featuring five small coastal villages named Corniglia, Manarola, Monterosso al Mare, Riomaggiore, and Vernazza.

Answer: Cinque Terre National Park.

Trivia Category: Sports

Trivia Categories - Sports Trivia Questions

136. How many innings are in a standard baseball game?

Answer: 9.

137. What year did the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 take place?

Answer: 2021.

138. What are the colors of the 5 interlocking rings of the Olympics logo?

Answer: Blue, yellow, black, green, and red.

139. Which baseball player was known as the “Space Man”?

Answer: Bill Lee.

140. Which athlete is the most-decorated Olympian of all time, with a total haul of 28 medals, including 23 golds, of which a record 8 golds were won in a single Games?

Answer: Michael Phelps.

141. Who did the New England Patriots lose to in Super Bowl XXXI?

Answer: Green Bay Packers.

142. Who currently holds the record for the most 3-pointers in the NBA postseason?

Answer: Stephen Curry.

143. In 1999, the Chicago Bulls traded established superstar Scottie Pippen to which other team?

Answer: Houston Rockets.

144. Which player holds the distinction of being the all-time touchdown leader in NFL history?

Answer: Jerry Rice.

145. One of the best basketball players in NBA history, who left the sport in 1994 to try his hand at professional baseball?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

146. Helping Brazil beat Sweden 5–2, at 17 years old, who is the youngest person to play and win in a World Cup final?

Answer: Pelé.

147. Jackie Robinson accomplished what rare baseball feat during game one of the 1955 World Series?

Answer: Stole home.

148. What highly-touted rookie threw for 320 yards in his first ever NFL game of the 2012 regular season?

Answer: Robert Griffin III.

149. How many yards is the penalty in the NFL for roughing the kicker?

Answer: 15 yards.

150. A tennis game with one player on each side is called?

Answer: A Singles Match.

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So… how’d you do? These trivia categories questions and answers are a great way to test your knowledge and have some fun while you’re at it.

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