107 April Trivia Questions To Celebrate The Month

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April is here, and it’s time to jump into a month LOADED with exciting events.

Say goodbye to March’s still-too-crisp end-of-winter weather and get ready for the punch of spring!

This month, we’re celebrating things like April Fool’s Day, Easter, and even… National Grilled Cheese Month? Yep, you read that right, a whole month dedicated to the deliciousness of grilled cheese.

This post brings you a bunch of fun trivia questions to ignite your curiosity and amp up your excitement for the month of April. Whether you’re plotting your pranks for April Fools or gearing up for Easter festivities, we’re here to get your excitement into overdrive!

Plus, we guarantee that you’ll learn something new in our April trivia!

We want you to gather your friends/family to challenge everyone’s knowledge with questions spanning cultural events, global celebrations, celeb birthdays, and the simple joys that come with the arrival of springtime.

Ready to test if you’re truly an April expert? Let’s get started!

And if you enjoyed our April trivia questions, why not test your knowledge with our May trivia edition? Stay tuned for more trivia as we navigate through the months!

Before we get started — we invite you to bookmark or save some of these other related trivia quizzes for later!

April Trivia Questions: General Knowledge

In which hemisphere does April begin the meteorological spring?

Answer: Northern Hemisphere.

What is the birthstone for April?

Answer: Diamond.

Which zodiac signs are associated with April?

Answer: Aries (March 21 – April 19) and Taurus (April 20 – May 20).

What common saying is associated with the weather in April? “April showers…”

Answer: “April showers bring May flowers.”

Which New York newspaper is credited with having started a new fad when it made Sudoku a featured puzzle in April of 2005?

Answer: New York Post.

In Roman mythology, April is dedicated to which goddess?

Answer: Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

What significant but unfortunate event in American history happened on April 15, 1912?

Answer: The sinking of the Titanic.

What day is celebrated on April 22 to promote environmental awareness?

Answer: Earth Day.

In what year did the US begin celebrating Earth Day on April 22?

Answer: 1970.

Which famous playwright’s birthday is celebrated on April 23? Hint: The year he was born was 1564.

Answer: William Shakespeare.

What is the primary color associated with Easter, which often falls in April?

Answer: Pastel colors, especially pink, blue, and yellow.

What is the official flower for the month of April?

Answer: Sweet Pea and Daisy.

In the northern hemisphere, what direction does the wind typically blow during April?

Answer: From the west.

What Shakespearean play features the line “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything”?

Answer: “Sonnet 98.”

Which famous scientist’s birthday is on April 15, 1452?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci.

What ancient Roman festival took place in April to honor the goddess Flora?

Answer: Floralia.

What was she the goddess of?

Answer: The goddess of flowers, vegetation, and fertility

What sport’s major tournament usually begins in April at Augusta National Golf Club?

Answer: The Masters Tournament (Golf).

In terms of astronomy, what is the name of the April full moon?

Answer: Pink Moon.

Which of these is NOT celebrated during the month of April?

  • a) National Trombone Players Day
  • b) St. Stupid Day
  • c) National Sourdough Bread Day
  • d) National Welsh Corgi Day

Answer: d) National Welsh Corgi Day (celebrated in March)

Which of these is NOT celebrated during the month of April?

  • a) Adopt a Ferret Month
  • b) Chocolate Chip Cookie Week
  • c) Laugh at Work Week
  • d) Be Kind to Spiders Week

Answer: b) Chocolate Chip Cookie Week (also celebrated in March)

World Autism Awareness Day, celebrated on April 2, encourages what color to be prominently displayed?

Answer: Blue, as a symbol of autism awareness.

National Caramel Day is celebrated in April. What is the main ingredient used to make caramel?

Answer: Sugar, heated until it turns brown.

National Submarine Day, observed on April 11th, honors the anniversary of what significant event in naval history?

Answer: The day the first commissioned submarine, the USS Holland, was purchased by the U.S. Navy in 1900.

What is the most common household pet in the United States, often celebrated on National Pet Day (also April 11th)?

Answer: Dogs are the most common household pets.

April is also National Grilled Cheese Month! In addition to bread and cheese, what common ingredient is often added to enhance the flavor of a grilled cheese sandwich?

Answer: Butter, for a crispy and golden exterior.

What uniform number do all players in Major League Baseball wear each April 15 to honor Jackie Robinson?

Answer: 42.

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    April Trivia Questions: April Fools Pranks

    During what year did Google release the mind-reading “MentalPlex” search tool, its first April Fools’ prank?

    Answer: 2000.

    What innovative airline’s CEO announced that it would be launching the first glass-bottomed airplane in 2013 as an April Fool’s joke?

    Answer: Virgin.

    Which fast-food company sold a hamburger-scented perfume called “Flame-Grilled Fragrance” in Japan for one day only on April 1, 2015?

    Answer: Burger King — it was to celebrate Whopper Day.

    What historical event, in the 16th century, contributed to the association of April 1st with playful deception?

    Answer: The adoption of the Gregorian calendar in 1582 by many countries, including France, led to New Year’s Day moving from late March to January 1st. Those who continued to celebrate New Year’s in late March became the target of jokes.

    In 1957, what news story claimed that the Swiss spaghetti harvest had a record year due to favorable weather and the elimination of the spaghetti weevil?

    Answer: The BBC TV show “Panorama” ran a segment on the Swiss spaghetti harvest. They showed footage of people harvesting noodles from trees!

    In the April 1, 1985 issue of ____, Siddhartha “Sidd” Finch was introduced as a Mets pitcher capable of throwing an incredible 168 miles per hour. Which magazine was this published in?

    Answer: Sports Illustrated. Eagle-eyed readers caught on to the Sidd Finch story’s April Fools’ Day nature because they noticed that the first letters in the words of the story’s secondary headline spelled out “Happy April Fools’ Day.”

    In 1998, what did lawmakers in Alabama allegedly attempt to do to the mathematical constant pi?

    Answer: They attempted to pass a law redefining pi as simply 3.

    In 2015, Cottonelle jokingly announced the introduction of a product catering to left-handed individuals. What was this product?

    Answer: Left-handed toilet paper.

    What was Burger King’s April Fools’ Day stunt in 1998 that involved handedness?

    Answer: In 1998, Burger King claimed to introduce a “Left-handed Whopper.”

    In 1996, Taco Bell ran a prank involving a significant American landmark. Which landmark did they claim to purchase?

    Answer: Taco Bell claimed to have bought the Liberty Bell.

    In 1962, a Swedish TV prank claimed that black-and-white broadcasts could be made color by viewing them through what unlikely material?

    Answer: Nylon stockings.

    In 1989, what Seattle landmark was falsely reported to have fallen down, causing panic among the public?

    Answer: The Space Needle.

    In 2005, what product did Google announce on April Fools’ Day that claimed to help achieve “maximum optimization of your soon-to-be-grateful cerebral cortex”?

    Answer: Google Gulp, a fictional beverage.

    Besides Google Gulp, can you name two other fake products mentioned by Google on April Fools’ Day in the same year?

    Answer: Google Romance and Google Voice for Pets.

    In 1994, what did PC Magazine humorously report as a bill making its way through Congress regarding internet use?

    Answer: PC Magazine reported a bill that would prohibit the use of the internet while intoxicated.

    In Scotland, what is the traditional name for April Fools’ Day, and what special tradition is associated with it?

    Answer: In Scotland, April Fools’ Day is known as “Hunt the Gowk Day,” and it involves sending someone on a fruitless errand or tricking them into looking for something that doesn’t exist. The person who falls for the prank is referred to as a “gowk” or a cuckoo.

    April Trivia Questions: April Birthdays

    In this section, we’re wishing the following people a happy birthday month and dishing out some trivia questions about them to celebrate!

    • Robert Downey Jr. – Date of birth: April 4, 1965
    • Emma Watson – Date of birth: April 15, 1990
    • Pharrell Williams – Date of birth: April 5, 1973
    • Jackie Chan – Date of birth: April 7, 1954
    • Michelle Pfeiffer – Date of birth: April 29, 1958
    • Jessica Alba – Date of birth: April 28, 1981
    • Russell Crowe – Date of birth: April 7, 1964
    • Barbra Streisand – Date of birth: April 24, 1942
    • James Franco – Date of birth: April 19, 1978

    Before achieving widespread success as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr. gained early fame for his role in which ’80s teen comedy?

    Answer: As Julian Wells in the 1987 film “Less Than Zero.”

    In addition to his acting career, Robert Downey Jr. has showcased his musical talents. What musical instrument does he play?

    Answer: He is skilled at playing the piano and even contributed vocals to the soundtrack of the 2003 musical film “The Singing Detective.”

    Besides acting, Emma Watson is known for her advocacy work. What gender equality campaign did she launch with the United Nations in 2014?

    Answer: The HeForShe campaign, which encourages men to stand up against gender inequality.

    In the “Harry Potter” film series, Emma Watson plays which character?

    Answer: Hermione Granger.

    Pharrell Williams is known for his unique fashion sense. What type of hat did he famously wear that gained attention at the 2014 Grammy Awards?

    Answer: Pharrell Williams wore a distinctive oversized brown hat known as the “Buffalo hat” or “Smokey the Bear hat” at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

    Pharrell Williams produced a hit song that became a global sensation in 2013. What is the title of this song?

    Answer: “Happy”

    Jackie Chan is renowned for performing his own stunts. In which 1996 action-comedy film did he famously slide down a pole covered in burning lights?

    Answer: “Police Story 3: Super Cop” (also known as “Supercop”).

    Michelle Pfeiffer portrayed the iconic character Catwoman in a Batman film. Which Batman movie featured her memorable performance as Catwoman?

    Answer: Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” (1992).

    Before her acting career took off, Michelle Pfeiffer participated in a unique beauty pageant. What type of beauty pageant was it?

    Answer: It was a local beauty pageant called “Miss Orange County”

    Jessica Alba co-founded a successful consumer goods company known for its non-toxic products. What is the name of this company?

    Answer: The Honest Company. It specializes in producing non-toxic household and baby products.

    In which popular TV series did Jessica Alba gain early recognition for her role as the genetically enhanced super-soldier, Max Guevara?

    Answer: “Dark Angel”

    Russell Crowe won an Academy Award for his role in which film where he portrayed a Roman general seeking justice?

    Answer: Russell Crowe won an Academy Award for his role as Maximus Decimus Meridius in the film “Gladiator” (2000).

    Before his acting career took off, Russell Crowe fronted a rock band. What is the name of the band he was a part of?

    Answer: 30 Odd Foot of Grunts (TOFOG)

    Barbra Streisand is one of the few entertainers to achieve an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards). Which award did she win first?

    Answer: Grammy Award. She won it in 1964 for her album “The Barbra Streisand Album.”

    James Franco played a memorable character in a stoner comedy film series. What is the name of the character he portrayed in the “Pineapple Express” series?

    Answer: Saul Silver.

    James Franco is known for his versatility in various artistic endeavors. In which 2010 film did he receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role?

    Answer: “127 Hours” (2010), where he played the character Aron Ralston.

    April Trivia Questions: All About Easter

    Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

    What event is observed in Christian churches one week before Easter?

    Answer: Palm Sunday.

    Which civilization started the tradition of giving eggs as gifts?

    Answer: Persians.

    In which country would you find people dressed in long robes and pointed hoods (capirote) designed to keep the wearer’s identity secret during public atonement for past sins? This country also has a specific town where skeleton costumes are put on for a ‘dance of death’ on Maundy Thursday.

    Answer: Spain.

    Children from which two countries celebrate Easter by going door to door dressed up as witches, accepting candy and other sugary bribes from each household, and in return, they use willow branches to drive evil spirits away?

    Answer: Finland and Sweden.

    In the Bible, how many days passed between Jesus’ death and resurrection?

    Answer: Three.

    What is the Spanish phrase for ‘Holy Week’?

    Answer: Semana Santa.

    In which country is Easter NOT a national holiday: United Kingdom, Spain, Ghana, or United States?

    Answer: United States.

    Buying and wearing what for Easter is said to bring good luck for the rest of the year?

    Answer: New clothing.

    What is the name of the Charlie Brown Easter special that debuted in 1974?

    Answer: It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! 

    What is the most popular chocolate given out in England during Easter?

    Answer: Cadbury Creme Eggs.

    This event has been celebrated by the presidents of the United States and their families since 1878. What is it?

    Answer: The White House Easter Egg Roll.

    True or False: Easter happens on the same day every year.

    Answer: False. Easter does not fall on the same day each year. The date of Easter Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon (Spring Equinox).

    What two months can Easter fall in?

    Answer: March and April.

    What is the traditional flower of Easter?

    Answer: The Easter lily. Easter lilies are white with trumpet-shaped flowers.

    True or false: Easter Island was discovered on Easter in 1772

    Answer: True.

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      April Trivia Questions: Holidays Around The World

      Cherry Blossoms

      In Japan, what is the traditional event associated with cherry blossoms in March/April, drawing crowds from all over the world?

      Answer: Hanami (cherry blossom viewing).

      What does the term “Hanami” translate to in English?

      Answer: “Hanami” translates to “flower viewing,” specifically referring to cherry blossoms.

      Why are cherry blossoms significant in Japanese culture?

      Answer: Cherry blossoms symbolize the fleeting nature of life and the beauty of the transient moment.

      April 13-15 is Songkran in Thailand. What does this major holiday celebrate?

      Answer: Songkran is the Thai New Year’s festival, marked by water fights and water-related activities to symbolize cleansing and renewal.

      What is the significance of water during the Songkran festival in Thailand?

      Answer: Water symbolizes purification and the washing away of sins, marking the start of the Thai New Year.

      While Mischief Night is most commonly associated with Halloween, what season did it originally take place in?

      Answer: Spring. Commonly celebrated in England, Ireland, and Scotland in centuries past, Mischief Night was once part of the festivities welcoming spring. Originally, May Day Eve (aka April 30) was a night when children bid the winter months goodbye with hijinks and devilment.

      Ching Ming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, takes place April 4-6. Which country is it celebrated in?

      Answer: China

      What is the main purpose of the Ching Ming Festival in China?

      Answer: It’s a time for families to pay respects to their ancestors by cleaning their graves and offering food and other items.

      What does Baisakhi, a mid-April celebration in India, commemorate in Sikh tradition?

      Answer: It commemorates the formation of the Khalsa, the Sikh community, by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699.

      What traditional Punjabi dance is often performed during Baisakhi festivities?

      Answer: The Bhangra dance, which is characterized by energetic and lively movements.

      Anzac Day is celebrated on April 25 in Australia and New Zealand. Who were the Anzacs, and what is their historical significance to Australia and New Zealand?

      Answer: The Anzacs were soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought at Gallipoli during World War I. Their bravery and sacrifice are commemorated on Anzac Day. 25 April is the national day of commemoration of Australia and New Zealand for victims of war and for recognition of the role of their armed forces.

      Can you name one other conflict or war where Anzac forces have served since World War I?

      Answer: Anzac forces have served in various conflicts, including World War II, the Korean War, and more recently, in peacekeeping missions and military operations worldwide.

      Koningsspelen is a big deal in the Netherlands! Who is this day celebrating?

      Answer: Koningsspelen (King’s Day) is a national holiday and celebrates King Willem-Alexander’s birthday with lots of music, dancing, flea markets and fun fairs.

      What color is prominently associated with King’s Day, and why?

      Answer: Orange is the color of celebration as it is the color of the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau.

      What is a unique feature of King’s Day celebrations, especially in terms of public activities?

      Answer: King’s Day is known for its nationwide vrijmarkt (free market) where people can sell second-hand goods, turning the streets into a bustling marketplace. You can enjoy music, flea markets, and spectacular rides at the ubiquitous fun fairs.

      April 18th is a big deal in Zimbabwe. What holiday are they celebrating at this time?

      Answer: Independence Day (from British rule).

      Who were some key leaders in Zimbabwe’s fight for independence?

      Answer: Robert Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo, and others were key leaders in the struggle for independence. Mugabe became the first Prime Minister after independence in 1980.

      In what year did Zimbabwe officially gain independence from British colonial rule?

      Answer: Zimbabwe gained independence on April 18, 1980.

      April Trivia Questions: Springtime Celebration

      Spring Flowers - Springtime Trivia Questions

      Hello, spring! What term is often used to describe the process by which plants and trees start to produce new leaves and flowers in spring?

      Answer: Blossoming or Blooming.

      Which US city is known for its annual cherry blossom festival in the spring?

      Answer: Washington D.C.

      What bird is often associated with the arrival of spring, known for its migratory return?

      Answer: The Swallow.

      Which place holds the record for the highest annual rainfall and is often referred to as the “wettest place on Earth”?

      Answer: Mawsynram, a village in the Indian state of Meghalaya.

      What Pacific island is recognized for its lush rainforests and holds the record for the highest annual rainfall in the United States?

      Answer: Mount Waialeale in Hawaii.

      Which wildflower, often associated with spring, is known for its bright yellow blooms and is a symbol of rejuvenation? Hint: Its scientific name is Narcissus pseudonarcissus.

      Answer: Daffodil.

      What flower is sometimes called “The Ladder to Heaven”?

      Answer: Lily of the Valley.

      What is the state flower of California, known for its vibrant orange color and often seen blooming in the spring?

      Answer: California Poppy.

      Which wildflower, also known as hyacinthoides non-scripta, is known for its distinct blue hue and often carpets woodland areas in early spring?

      Answer: Bluebell.

      What is the common name for the small, delicate white flowers that blanket forest floors in early spring, signaling the arrival of warmer weather?

      Answer: Wood Anemone.

      Which wildflower, often found in meadows and fields, has a name that suggests a link to the sun and is known for its bright yellow petals?

      Answer: Sunflower.

      In which South American country can you find the town of Debundscha, known for its heavy rainfall and the nearby Debundscha Falls?

      Answer: Cameroon, located in Central Africa.

      What oceanic phenomenon, characterized by warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures, can influence weather patterns and contribute to increased rainfall in certain regions?

      Answer: El Niño.

      In the Northern Hemisphere, what is the first day of Spring also known as?

      Answer: The Vernal Equinox.

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        How did you score on these April trivia questions? We hope you learned something new and enjoyed celebrating the month of April with us!

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