All About Cheese: 78 Cheese Trivia Questions and Answers

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Cheese is a beloved food around the world and has been enjoyed for centuries. Whether you are a novice or an expert, there is always something new to learn about cheese.

If you’re looking to brush up on your cheese knowledge or just curious to learn more, these cheese trivia questions and answers are sure to quench your thirst for cheese facts.

From the history of cheese to the science behind its production, we’ve got it all covered! So put on your thinking cap and get ready for a fun and educational journey into the amazing world of cheese.

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All About Cheese: 78 Fun Cheese Trivia Questions and Answers

What do cheeses require less of when made in cooler climates?

Answer: Salt.

What types of wine are ideally suited to soft cheeses, especially goat ones?

Answer: Dry, fresh red wines.

A lover of cheese is called a what?

Answer: Turophile. 

What country is brie cheese originally from?

Answer: France, from the area of Meaux and Melun, 35 miles east of Paris.

How are the holes in cheeses, such as Swiss cheese, formed?

Answer: The holes are the result of carbon dioxide made by bacteria in the cheese, forming little air pockets as the cheese hardens.

Why should you wrap blue cheese all over when storing it?

Answer: Mold spores from the cheese spread readily not only to other cheeses but also to everything nearby it.

In which European country is there archaeological evidence of cheesemaking dating from 5500 BCE?

Answer: Poland. 

How many pounds of milk does it take to make just one pound of cheese?

Answer: 10 pounds of milk.

Which country is most associated with feta cheese?

Answer: Greece.

Most cheese is made with just three ingredients. What are they?

Answer: Milk, salt, and a coagulant (such as vinegar, rennet, or bacteria).

Parmesan - Cheese Trivia Questions and Answers

If you find a cheese with the name ‘Parmigiano-Reggiano’ stenciled on the rind, where specifically did this cheese come from?

Answer: It means that the cheese was produced in Italy in one of the following areas: Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Mantua, Modena, or Parma. Under Italian law, only cheese produced in these provinces may be labeled “Parmigiano-Reggiano”.

True or False: Cornish yarg is wrapped in nettles.

Answer: True.

According to a 2005 British Cheese Board study, cheese consumption before bedtime causes what?

Answer: Good sleep.

What cheese is used to make a tartiflette?

Answer: Reblochon.

Which type of cheese is lower in lactose: hard cheeses like parmesan or soft cheeses like brie?

Answer: Hard cheeses are a lot lower in lactose.

On the 4,000-year-old wall paintings of which African country have images of cheesemaking been found?

Answer: Egypt.

Where is manchego cheese from?

Answer: Spain. 

Which US state is famous for its cheese production?

Answer: Wisconsin. Wisconsin cheesemakers have won more awards than any other state or nation in the world, and Wisconsin produces more flavors, styles, and varieties of cheese than anywhere else.

True or false: American cheese is considered real cheese.

Answer: False. Most American cheese is made by blending cheddar and Colby cheeses with other ingredients, like extra whey, milk proteins, vitamins, coloring, and emulsifying agents. Only slices that contain more than 51 percent real cheese can be legally classified as American cheese. Anything containing less than 51 percent, like Velveeta, must be labeled as “process cheese food.”

Which character from Homer’s Odyssey makes cheese?

Answer: Cyclops.

The people of what country are the largest consumers of cheese worldwide?

Answer: Greece.

In which European country was the first cheese factory established?

Answer: The first cheese factory was established in Switzerland in 1815.

According to the British Cheese Board, how many varieties of cheese exist in the UK?

Answer: Around 700.

Roquefort is a blue cheese from which country?

Answer: France.

Which is cheese NOT a good source of: carbohydrates, protein, calcium, or phosphorus?

Answer: Carbohydrates. Most cheeses are surprisingly low in carbs or even carbohydrate-free.

What is the main feature of casu marzu cheese?

Answer: Live insect larvae.

With which European country is casu marzu cheese most associated?

Answer: Switzerland.

Fresh cheeses without additional preservatives will not spoil in a matter of days. True or False?

Answer: False.

In the United States, what month is most closely related to celebrating cheese?

Answer: June. The month of June is National Dairy Month and the last week of June is National Cheese Week.

Which popular Italian cheese is often made from domesticated water buffalo milk?

Answer: Mozzarella.

Which of these is NOT part of the traditional cheese-making process: steaming, maturing, fermenting?

Answer: Steaming.

Which cream cheese brand has the same name as a US city?

Answer: Philadelphia.

Valdeon blue cheese is also known as what?

Answer: Picos Blue.

Which type of cheese is used to make the filling of a typical cannoli?

Answer: Ricotta.

According to The Proverbs of John Heywood of 1546, the moon is made from what color of cheese?

Answer: Green.

Feta cheese can come from goat’s or sheep’s milk. True or False?

Answer: True.

Monterey Jack cheese is from which state?

Answer: California.

How would you describe the texture of mascarpone?

Answer: Buttery, creamy, smooth and spreadable.

How would you describe the texture of gorgonzola?

Answer: Crumbly and firm.

Roquefort is made with ewe, cow, or goat’s milk?

Answer: Ewe.

What is distinctive about how Edam cheese looks?

Answer: It has a red rind.

Which French brand is known in France as ‘La Vache qui Rit’?

Answer: The Laughing Cow.

You cannot freeze hard cheese. True or False?

Answer: False.

Which of these animals’ milk is NOT used to make cheese: buffalo, reindeer, pig?

Answer: Pig.

In Italian, what does ‘ricotta’ mean?

Answer: Recooked.

Which is the most consumed cheese in the world?

Answer: Mozzarella.

Mozzarella cheese is the biggest-selling cheese variety in the U.S., but what is the second best-selling?

Answer: Cheddar.

Which of these is a soft cheese: Tunworth, Beaufort, Pecorino Sardo?

Answer: Tunworth.

What are the features of a “washed” cheese: white with no rind, sticky and pungent, blue mold?

Answer: Sticky.

This small round-shaped French cheese comes in a red waxy coating. What is it called?

Answer: Babybel.

What type of cheese is typically found on the Canadian dish, poutine?

Answer: Cheese curds.

Which of the following is a type of blue cheese: Blue Heaven, Blue Sunday, or Blue Monday?

Answer: Blue Monday.

Is Brillat-Savarin a hard cheese, double cream, or triple cream cheese?

Answer: Triple cream.

Cheese Trivia Questions and Answers - Land Of Trivia

What cheese would you have in a Greek salad?

Answer: Feta.

What is traditionally drunk with Langres?

Answer: Champagne.

Abbaye de Belloc is a cheese from which country in the world?

Answer: France.

Grana Padano is a cheese from which country in the world?

Answer: Italy.

You should not eat the rind of Camembert. True or False?

Answer: False.

Munster is a cheese that originates from which country?

Answer: France. Made on either side of the Vosges mountains, in Alsace, it’s called Munster while in Lorraine it’s known as Gerome.

In which region of Italy is Gorgonzola mostly made?

Answer: Lombardy.

Which of these cheeses is NOT made in England: Stinking Bishop, Wigmore, or Gubbeen?

Answer: Gubbeen.

Which of these cheeses is NOT made in France: Raclette, Abondance, Reblochon, or Camembert?

Answer: Raclette (a Swiss-type of cheese).

What are cheese curds?

Answer: Coagulated milk proteins.

What is distinctive about Emmental cheese?

Answer: Its holes.

Which cheese is traditionally made from buffalo’s milk?

Answer: Mozzarella.

What is the Hindi word for ‘cheese’?

Answer: Paneer.

What is the Italian word for ‘cheese’?

Answer: Formaggio.

What is Halloumi usually preserved in?

Answer: Brine solution.

Which of the following British cheeses has PDO (Protected Designation of origin) status: Dorset Blue Vinny, Celtic Promise, Ragstone?

Answer: Dorset Blue Vinny.

In which country did cheesecake originate?

Answer: Greece.

Which cheese was the 2011 Supreme Champion at the International Cheese Awards?

Answer: Ford Farm Cave-Aged Cheddar.

Evidence of cheese-making has been found as far back as what?

Answer: 6000 BCE.

What cheese is the Netherlands famous for making?

Answer: Gouda.

The word “cheese” comes from the Latin word caseus. True or False?

Answer: True.

In what year was cheese rationed during World War II in Britain?

Answer: 1941.

This French cheese from Burgundy typically takes the cake for being the stinkiest type of cheese. What is its name?

Answer: Epoisse de Bourgogne.

What type of cheese is usually used to top Tex Mex style tacos, which is a salty, crumbly cheese that slightly resembles Parmesan in flavor?

Answer: Cotija.

Cheese Quiz - Cheese Trivia Questions and Answers

Casu marzu is a Sardinian delicacy. What organisms are responsible for giving this cheese its special flavor and aroma?

Answer: Maggots.

Stilton is produced in which three counties of England?

Answer: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire.

What did French philosopher Diderot call the “King of Cheeses”?

Answer: Roquefort.

What does “the big cheese” usually signify?

Answer: An important person.

And that about wraps up this cheesy trivia post -–we hope you enjoyed today’s cheese trivia questions and answers!

Taking trivia quizzes can be a fun way to spend some quality time with your friends and family. We encourage you to continue to explore the world of food and to share your knowledge with others.

Who knows, you may even find yourself teaching someone else a thing or two about cheese!

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