70 Fascinating Dog Trivia Questions And Answers

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Have you ever wanted to stump your friends or family members with random dog trivia questions? Or perhaps you all are huge dog lovers and want to test yourselves on how much you know about these furry besties!

Well, now you can with this fun list of dog trivia questions.

Whether you’re a dog lover or just looking for a fun way to pass the time, these questions are sure to entertain both adults and kids alike.

You can expect a whole grab bag of dog trivia questions, ranging from the largest dog breeds to even celebrity dogs! So put on your thinking cap and see how many of these you can answer correctly. Good luck!

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70 Fascinating Dog Trivia Questions And Answers

Fun Dog Trivia Questions - Land Of Trivia

Known for its intelligence, which dog breed has been found capable of understanding more than a thousand words? Is it Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador, or French Bulldog?

Answer: Border Collie.

What is the Japanese word for “dog”?

Answer: Inu.

Which of a dog’s senses is strongest–is it sight, sound, smell, or taste?

Answer: Smell; dogs can smell thousands of times better than humans.

Who has more tastebuds, humans or dogs?

Answer: Humans (dogs have approximately one-sixth of the taste buds humans have).

Recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest dog ever was an Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey who lived to be how old?

Answer: 29 years and 5 months old.

This dog breed has taken the title of most popular dog breed in the USA for 25 consecutive years, and it’s also the most popular breed in the United Kingdom. What type of dog is it?

Answer: Labrador retriever.

Unique Dog Trivia Questions - Land Of Trivia

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    Idyllwild is the first town to elect a dog for mayor. In which state is this town located?

    Answer: California; the mayor’s name is Mayor Max II and he is a golden retriever.

    Which Canadian raised $30 million for the ASPCA by singing her song “Angel” in a gut-wrenching 2007 TV pitch featuring homeless cats and dogs?

    Answer: Sarah McLachlan.

    If you see rapid tail wagging accompanied by tense muscles or dilated pupils, what can this be signaling?

    Answer: Aggression.

    Two characters of Mickey Mouse’s crew of friends are dogs. What are their names?

    Answer: Goofy and Pluto.

    What dog breed is Scooby Doo?

    Answer: Great Dane.

    What dog breed is Toto from The Wizard of Oz–is she a Yorkie, Cairn terrier, Poodle, or Foxhound?

    Answer: Cairn terrier.

    What is the smartest dog breed?

    Answer: Border Collies. 

    What is Snoopy’s dog breed?

    Answer: Beagle.

    What is the more popular term used to describe Dachshunds?

    Answer: Weiner dog.

    A dog sweats through which part of its body?

    Answer: Its paws.

    Which dog breed is considered the heaviest–is it the Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenese, or English Mastiff?

    Answer: According to the American Kennel Club, the world’s heaviest dog breed is the English Mastiff.

    Some pet owners might notice the faint scent of corn chips or popcorn lingering around their dog’s paws. This is called “Frito feet,” but what is it caused by?

    Answer: It happens when sweat and bacteria build up in the paws.

    How many eyelids do dogs have–1,2,3, or 4?

    Answer: They have 3. In addition to a top and bottom lid, they have a “nictitating membrane” in the corner of their eye, primarily used for removing dust and mucus from the eye.

    Which dog breed has the best sense of smell, so accurate that their sense of smell can actually be used as evidence in court?

    Answer: Bloodhound.

    Can you name at least two dog breeds that originated in China?

    Answer: Pug, Shih Tzu, Shar Pei, Chongqing dog, Chinese Crested Dog, Chow Chow, Kunming Wolfdog, Japanese Chin, Pekingese, Xiasi Quan Dog, Tibetan Mastiff, Tibetan Spaniel, Xian Hound.

    What breed of dog does not bark?

    Answer: Basenjis (they don’t bark, but they do make “howl” or “yodel” sounds).

    Who was the first animal inducted into the Animal Hall of Fame in 1969?

    Answer: Lassie.

    What is the favorite dog breed of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II?

    Answer: Corgi.

    Which of the following dog breeds is the smallest–Dachshund, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, or Bichon Frise?

    Answer: Chihuahua.

    The Welsh translation of the name Corgi means what?

    Answer: “Dwarf dog”.

    Which dog breed can run the fastest?

    Answer: Greyhound; they can reach speeds up to 45 miles per hour.

    Can you name the national dog breed of France?

    Answer: Poodle.

    What type of dogs were Balto and Togo, the dogs who led a team of sled dogs to deliver medicine to combat an outbreak of disease in Nome, Alaska?

    Answer: Siberian Husky.

    What is the current theory on why dogs like to spin before pooping?

    Answer: Dogs like to poop facing north or south, and spinning around helps them correctly orient their internal compass.

    There are multiple reasons why a dog could be yawning–one is because they are tired. What is another reason?

    Answer: Dogs yawn to calm themselves down, so repeated yawns could mean they are feeling anxious or stressed out.

    Saint Bernard - Dog Trivia Questions

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    What type of dog is a Saint Bernard? A war dog, hunting dog, rescue dog, or lap dog?

    Answer: Saint Bernards were bred to be rescue dogs (of the Swiss Alps).

    What type of dog is an Airedale Terrier? A show dog, hunting dog, rescue dog, or lap dog?

    Answer: It was bred to be a hunting dog.

    What makes Newfoundland dogs such good swimmers?

    Answer: Their webbed feet.

    Who really saved Nome, Alaska–was it Balto or Togo?

    Answer: Though Balto often gets the credit for saving the town of Nome, it was Togo, a Siberian Husky, who led the rest of the sled dogs across the most dangerous leg of the journey. 

    True or false: Dalmatians are born with their spots.

    Answer: False; they are born completely white and develop their spots as they get older.

    What is the best way to approach a dog, is it from behind, straight on, or from the side?

    Answer: From the side.

    Why do dogs sniff each other’s butts?

    Answer: To learn about each other (a dog’s butt is home to glands that produce pheromones, which contain information about everything from the sex of the dog to its health and diet.)

    A Goldendoodle is a cross between what two dog breeds?

    Answer: Poodle and Golden Retriever.

    Best Dog Trivia Questions - Land Of Trivia

    A Cavapoo is a cross between what two dog breeds?

    Answer: Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

    A Chiweenie is a cross between what two dog breeds?

    Answer: Chihuahua and Dachshund.

    A Pomsky is a cross between what two dog breeds?

    Answer: Siberian Husky and Pomeranian.

    In 2008, Walt Disney Pictures released a movie all about chihuahuas. What was the title of this movie?

    Answer: Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

    This animated movie is about a dog who plays a heroic dog in a hit TV show and has some trouble recognizing that he doesn’t really have superpowers, even when he is accidentally shipped from Hollywood to New York City.

    Answer: Bolt (2008).

    What type of dog is Lady from Lady and the Tramp?

    Answer: American Cocker Spaniel.

    What body part on a dog can be used for identification, almost like a human fingerprint?

    Answer: Their nose.

    Which breed of dog is the most popular breed used globally today as guide dogs?

    Answer: Labrador Retriever.

    What kind of dog is Miss P, who snagged Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2015, just the second of her breed to do so?

    Answer: Beagle.

    What type of dog is Beethoven from the 1992 family-favorite movie?

    Answer: Beethoven was a Saint Bernard, a type of mountain dog.

    Elle Woods from Legally Blonde had a dog; what type of dog was it and what was its name?

    Answer: A Chihuahua named Bruiser.

    Frank in Men In Black might be an alien on the inside, but on the outside, he’s just an adorable pup with a love for Gloria Gaynor songs. What type of dog is he?

    Answer: Pug.

    Which Friends celebrity got her first tattoo at age 42, in honor of her late dog Norman?

    Answer: Jennifer Aniston.

    What breed of dog is Champion, the three-legged dog that joined the TV show Parks and Recreation in 2012?

    Answer: A pitbull.

    Which rapper was nicknamed by his mom, who thought he looked like the beagle of “that round-headed kid”, Charlie Brown?

    Answer: Snoop Dogg.

    This breed of dog was initially kept as companion pets to Chinese royalty and was ingrained in Chinese folklore. What breed are we talking about here?

    Answer: Pekingese.

    What ancient civilization revered dogs and considered them sacred in their mythology?

    Answer: Ancient Egyptians.

    Which dog breed was developed in the Australian Outback to herd cattle?

    Answer: Australian Cattle Dog.

    Which dog breed’s original purpose was for hunting badgers?

    Answer: Dachshund.

    What was the name of the first living creature to orbit the Earth in space and return safely?

    Answer: Laika, a Soviet space dog.

    Which dog was the loyal companion of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and became famous for his role in World War II?

    Answer: Fala, a Scottish Terrier.

    Which breed is the result of crossing a Beagle and a Pug?

    Answer: Puggle.

    Which breed is known for its distinctive blue-black tongue and was bred to guard livestock?

    Answer: Chow Chow.

    What is the medical term for a dog’s cold, wet nose?

    Answer: Rhinarium.

    Which small breed is prone to breathing difficulties due to its short muzzle?

    Answer: French Bulldog.

    What is the common name of the fifth digit that some dogs have on their front limb?

    Answer: Dewclaw, or accessory digit.

    When a dog exposes its belly, what does it generally communicate?

    Answer: Submission or trust.

    What was the name of the dog that accompanied Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition?

    Answer: Seaman, a Newfoundland dog.

    Which gland near the base of a dog’s tail produces a unique scent used for territorial marking?

    Answer: Anal gland.

    What significant role did dogs play in World War I?

    Answer: Dogs were used as messengers, sentries, and even in search and rescue operations during the war.

    What role did dogs play in ancient Roman society?

    Answer: Dogs were often used as guards, hunting companions, and even in military campaigns.

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      And with that, you’ve reached the end of our dog trivia questions. How’d you do?

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