80 NBA Basketball Trivia Questions (With Picture Round!)

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Are you a basketball enthusiast who loves to cheer on your NBA team? Or maybe you love to play the game yourself! Whether you’re a casual fan, a diehard follower, or a legend yourself, our basketball trivia quiz is designed to challenge your hoops IQ!

From iconic players and historic moments to the nitty-gritty of the sport, we’ve assembled a collection of intriguing basketball trivia questions that will put your knowledge to the test.

Make sure not to miss the exciting Picture Round at the end of this post, where you can match faces to the names of basketball legends!

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Basketball Trivia Questions And Answers

Who was the basketball player Michael Jordan defeated in the 1988 dunk contest final with his iconic free throw line dunk?

Answer: Dominique Wilkins

Which team did Kevin Durant join, leading to a dominant period often compared to the effect of Thanos’ snap in the NBA?

Answer: Golden State Warriors

Dwyane Wade’s no-look alley-oop pass to LeBron James during a game against the Bucks in 2010 has become an iconic image. Which team were the Heat playing against that night?

Answer: Milwaukee Bucks

In 2011, Dirk Nowitzki overcame illness to anchor a nine-point fourth-quarter comeback in Game 4 of the Finals. Which team did Dirk Nowitzki play for?

Answer: Dallas Mavericks

In 2012, which undrafted basketball player from Harvard became a global phenomenon while playing for the Knicks?

Answer: Jeremy Lin

How long is an NBA basketball game divided into quarters, excluding overtime?

Answer: 48 minutes.

In basketball, what’s the maximum number of players from one team allowed on the court at the same time?

Answer: 5 players.

The Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, and Charlotte Hornets are teams from which NBA division?

Answer: Southeast Division.

Who famously hit the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World” to win an NCAA championship for North Carolina?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan - Basketball Trivia Questions

In the 1992 Olympics, which team was famously known as the “Dream Team” due to its roster of legendary players?

Answer: USA Basketball.

Which player scored 100 points in a single NBA game in 1962?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

What team did LeBron James lead to their first-ever NBA championship in 2016, coming back from a 3-1 deficit?

Answer: Cleveland Cavaliers.

How many NBA championships did Kobe Bryant win during his career with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Answer: 5 championships.

Which country is credited with creating the sport of basketball?

Answer: The United States.

The FIBA Basketball World Cup is held how often?

Answer: Every four years.

What was the memorable phrase used by LeBron James to announce his decision to join the Miami Heat, forming a superteam with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh?

Answer: “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach”

Born Lew Alcindor, this Hall of Famer and NBA’s all-time leading scorer converted to Islam in 1971 when he was 24 years old. Who is he?

Answer: Kareem Abdul Jabbar

This person, also known as the Big Diesel, is a regular presence in the sports media circuit nowadays, after having dominated the NBA court for years. Who is he?

Answer: Shaquille O’Neal

Jeremy Lin’s remarkable rise to stardom in 2012 saw him outplay notable players like Deron Williams, Kobe Bryant, and Dirk Nowitzki. What nickname is associated with his meteoric rise?

Answer: Linsanity

Which duo were known as “Showtime” in the 1980s Lakers?

Answer: Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Who is widely regarded as the greatest player of all time and wore jersey number 23?

Answer: Michael Jordan

Which player was known as “The Dream” and had exceptional footwork?

Answer: Hakeem Olajuwon

Which player earned the nickname “The Big Fundamental” due to his solid fundamental skills?

Answer: Tim Duncan

Who won five championships with the Lakers and was often called “Black Mamba”?

Answer: Kobe Bryant

Which player is known as “The King” and has played for the Cavaliers and Lakers?

Answer: LeBron James

This player known as “The Big Ticket” won an MVP with the Timberwolves and later won championships with the Celtics?

Answer: Kevin Garnett

Who was known for his explosive playing style and often referred to as “Sir Charles”?

Answer: Charles Barkley

Which legendary center played the majority of his career with the Knicks and was known for his distinctive high-top sneakers?

Answer: Patrick Ewing

What is the name of the basketball event in which college basketball teams from the United States compete to win the championship?

Answer: NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament (March Madness).

The University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball team holds the record for the longest winning streak in college basketball history. How many consecutive games did they win?

Answer: 111 consecutive games.

In the 2004 Olympics, which national basketball team pulled off a stunning upset by defeating the United States in the semifinals and winning the gold medal?

Answer: Argentina.

Which player was the sidekick to Michael Jordan in the Chicago Bulls’ championship runs of the ’90s?

Answer: Scottie Pippen

Known for his high-flying dunks, which player was called “Clyde the Glide”?

Answer: Clyde Drexler

Who was the heart and soul of the Detroit Pistons’ “Bad Boys” and is one of the best point guards in NBA history?

Answer: Isiah Thomas

Which player won three NBA championships with the Miami Heat and is often called “Flash”?

Answer: Dwyane Wade

Who revolutionized the game with his remarkable three-point shooting and led the Warriors to multiple championships?

Answer: Stephen Curry

This player from Greece, also known as “The Greek Freak,” has dominated with his unique skills and versatility.

Answer: Giannis Antetokounmpo

This former basketball legend is a DJ, a deputy sheriff for Broward County, and has a Doctoral degree in Education from Barry University. Who is he?

Answer: Shaquille O’Neal

Toronto Raptors - Basketball Trivia Questions

Fill in the blank to complete the team name: Toronto ______.

Answer: Raptors

Fill in the blank: New York _____.

Answer: Knicks

Fill in the blank: Milwaukee _____.

Answer: Bucks

Fill in the blank: Dallas ______.

Answer: Mavericks

Fill in the blank: Portland _____.

Answer: Trail Blazers

Fill in the blank: Atlanta _____.

Answer: Hawks.

Who currently holds the record for the most 3-pointers in their NBA playoff career?

Answer: Stephen Curry.

In 1999, the Chicago Bulls traded established superstar Scottie Pippen to which other team?

Answer: Houston Rockets.

Which former NBA coach, known as the Zen Master, won 11 championships, more than any other coach in the history of professional sports?

Answer: Phil Jackson.

One of the best basketball players in NBA history, who left the sport in 1994 to try his hand at professional baseball?

Answer: Michael Jordan.

Which basketball team made Pope Francis I an honorary team member in 2015 to celebrate their 90th anniversary on the court?

Answer: Harlem Globetrotters.

When Dwayne Wade briefly left the Miami Heat starting in 2016, which was the first NBA team he signed to?

Answer: Chicago Bulls.

Rapper Drake is often seen courtside at which basketball team’s games?

Answer: Toronto Raptors.

Stephen Curry’s father played professional basketball for what team towards the end of his career?

Answer: Toronto Raptors.

Which 1990s NBA player went on to become mayor of a California city?

Answer: Kevin Johnson.

Which losing team did billionaire Mark Cuban buy for 285 million in 2000, and eventually lead to an NBA championship in 2011? 

Answer: Dallas Mavericks.

Who is the famous NBA player that was a guest star in John Wick 3?

Answer: Boban Marjanovic.

What successful NBA coach wrote a book called Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success?

Answer: Phil Jackson, the title of the book is referring to the 11 championship wins he led his teams to.

On which team was Michael Jordan playing when he finally retired in 2003?

Answer: Washington Wizards.

Which Wildcats coach was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015, the same year he won his third College Coach of the Year award?

Answer: John Calipari. 

In what 2015 Amy Schumer film does LeBron James play an exaggerated version of himself as Bill Hader’s best friend?

Answer: Trainwreck.

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    Basketball Trivia Questions: Multiple Choice Round

    Who is credited with inventing basketball in 1891?

    a) Alexander Cartwright
    b) Walter Camp
    c) James Naismith
    d) William Webb Ellis

    Answer: c) James Naismith

    What were the first “hoops” used in early basketball games?

    a) Metal rings
    b) Wooden boards
    c) Peach baskets
    d) Plastic rings

    Answer: c) Peach baskets

    In which year did basketball become an official Olympic event at the Summer Games?

    a) 1924
    b) 1936
    c) 1948
    d) 1956

    Answer: b) 1936

    Which two leagues merged to become today’s National Basketball Association (NBA)?

    a) National Basketball League (NBL) and American Basketball Association (ABA)
    b) Basketball Association of America (BAA) and International Basketball Federation (FIBA)
    c) National Basketball League (NBL) and Basketball Association of America (BAA)
    d) American Basketball Association (ABA) and International Olympic Committee (IOC)

    Answer: c) National Basketball League (NBL) and Basketball Association of America (BAA)

    On which date did Wilt Chamberlain score 100 points in a single game?

    a) March 2, 1962
    b) April 15, 1973
    c) November 10, 1980
    d) January 30, 2000

    Answer: a) March 2, 1962

    Which league introduced the three-pointer to the NBA?

    a) National Basketball Association (NBA)
    b) International Olympic Committee (IOC)
    c) American Basketball Association (ABA)
    d) European Basketball League (EBL)

    Answer: c) American Basketball Association (ABA)

    Who founded the Harlem Globetrotters in 1926?

    a) Michael Jordan
    b) Mannie Jackson
    c) Abe Saperstein
    d) Magic Johnson

    Answer: c) Abe Saperstein

    Which of the following individuals is considered to be the shortest male inductee of the Basketball Hall of Fame?

    a) Muggsy Bogues
    b) Earl Boykins
    c) Monte Towes
    d) Abe Saperstein

    Answer: d) Abe Saperstein

    What type of wood is used to make NBA floors, with a thickness of 3/4ths of an inch?

    a) Red Oak
    b) Cherry Wood
    c) Maple
    d) Mahogany

    Answer: c) Maple

    Which NBA arena has a floor made of red oak, deviating from the typical maple floors?

    a) Madison Square Garden
    b) Staples Center
    c) TD Garden
    d) United Center

    Answer: c) TD Garden (in Boston)

    How many basketballs are provided for each team for pre-game warmups as per NBA rules?

    a) 5
    b) 7
    c) 9
    d) 12

    Answer: c) 9

    On average, how far does an NBA player run per game in miles?
    a) 1 mile
    b) 2 miles
    c) 2.5 miles
    d) 3 miles

    Answer: c) 2.5 miles

    According to a study, what was the most common injury in the NBA, based on 17 years of medical records data?

    a) Chondromalacia of the knees
    b) Shoulder dislocation
    c) Lateral ankle sprain
    d) Concussions

    Answer: c) Lateral ankle sprain

    Basketball Trivia Questions: Picture Round

    Basketball Trivia Questions - Picture Round

    Basketball Trivia – Picture Round Answers

    1. Karl Malone
    2. Muggsy Bogues
    3. Kevin Durant
    4. Mike Bibby
    5. Hakeem Olajuwon
    6. Baron Davis
    7. Steve Kerr
    8. Jrue Holiday

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