30 Best Soccer Trivia Questions and Answers

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Do you love soccer? Do you think you know everything there is to know about this beautiful game? Test your knowledge with these fun soccer trivia questions and answers!

Whether you’re a diehard soccer fan or just looking to learn a little more about the sport, testing your knowledge with some trivia is always a fun way to do it!

Here are a few of our favorite trivia questions along with their answers, ranging from easy to difficult, about everyone’s favorite game–soccer!

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30 Soccer Trivia Questions and Answers

Soccer Football Trivia Questions and Answers

A soccer game is broken up into what–halves, thirds, quarters, or ninths?

Answer: Halves.

Which country did soccer legend Lionel Messi come from?

Answer: Argentina.

In which upbeat, coming-of-age 2002 British film does a character named Jess defy her parents to follow her dream of becoming a soccer player?

Answer: Bend It Like Beckham.

Which team has the most losses in the World Cup, clocking in at 27 losses?

Answer: Mexico.

What award is presented to the most outstanding goalkeeper at each FIFA World Cup finals?

Answer: Golden Glove Award.

While 32 teams will qualify for the 2022 tournament, the number will jump to what in 2026?

Answer: 48.

Helping Brazil beat Sweden 5–2, at 17 years old, who is the youngest person to play and win in a World Cup final?

Answer: Pelé.

How many minutes is half of a soccer game?

Answer: Each half lasts 45 minutes.

How many players are allowed on the field for a team at one time?

Answer: 11 players.

The first Asian team to compete in the World Cup in 1938 was from which country?

Answer: Indonesia.

The 2002 FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Australia and which other team ended with a 31-0 win for the Aussies? This is the largest margin of victory in an international soccer match.

Answer: American Samoa.

Which European team did David Beckham leave in 2007 after signing a 5-year $250 million deal to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy?

Answer: Real Madrid.

Which soccer-themed movie features this plot: Elijah Wood who plays Matt, is forced to go to England to live with his sister. When introduced to her husband, he is also introduced to the world of soccer and more specifically, soccer hooliganism.

Answer: Green Street Hooligans (2005).

This 2010 film tells the story of two Colombians–one a football player, the other a drug baron. The documentary depicts how Andres Escobar and Pablo Escobar’s lives crossed paths and changed the country and sport forever. What is this film?

Answer: The Two Escobars.

Which country won the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil with a 1-0 victory over Argentina in the final?

Answer: Germany.

This soccer star opened up a museum in Portugal in 2014 to display his trophies, photos, wax likeness, and other gear. Who is he?

Answer: Christiano Ronaldo.

Soccer Trivia Questions and Answers

In what country did the 2018 World Cup take place?

Answer: Russia.

If the goalkeeper holds the ball for more than 6 seconds, the opponent is awarded what?

Answer: An indirect free kick.

What color card means a player is cautioned?

Answer: Yellow.

Premier League club Liverpool is also known by which nickname?

Answer: The Reds.

Which one of England’s Premier League teams is known as The Gunners?

Answer: Arsenal.

What determines who starts with the ball?

Answer: A coin flip.

Which country hosted the 2022 World Cup and is building a $45 billion city named Lusail, with marines, resorts, golf courses, a theme park, and an all-giraffe zoo?

Answer: Qatar.

What glam, retired soccer player had his own H&M underwear line?

Answer: David Beckham.

In 2014, which soccer player received the Golden Ball award, an award given to the most outstanding player in the World Cup finals?

Answer: Lionel Messi.

Which soccer player has the most followers on Instagram?

Answer: As of 2023, it is Cristiano Ronaldo, with 485 million followers.

What are the two lines that run the length of the field called?

Answer: Touch lines.

The most goals ever scored by one player in a World Cup match is an impressive five, by which player from Russia?

Answer: Oleg Salenko.

Which two countries allegedly went to war, partially over a soccer match?

Answer: El Salvador and Honduras.

Who won the first two FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year Awards?

Answer: Mia Hamm.

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We hope these soccer trivia questions and answers got you even more excited about the game. With so much to learn about the sport, it’s no wonder that soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world.

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