65 Camping Trivia Questions For Kids (With Picture Round)

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If you’re looking for an engaging way to introduce your young explorers to the wonders of nature and camping, we are so stoked that you’ve stumbled upon this article.

In this interactive trivia quiz made just for kids, we’ve crafted a series of rounds that are fun and educational, perfect for sparking curiosity about the great outdoors.

From identifying essential camping gear to discovering fascinating animals that roam the wild, and learning about Leave No Trace to discovering the beauty of national parks, we’ve designed questions to help your kids appreciate the beauty and diversity of our natural world.

But wait, we’ve got more fun in store for the kiddos! The best part is at the end of the post, where you’ll find an exciting picture round to put their observation skills and outdoor knowledge to the test.

So, teachers and parents, join us as we attempt to educate and entertain budding trivia masters. Through these rounds of questions, we will aim to inspire the next generation to foster a love for nature, cultivate an appreciation for camping, and, most importantly, have a blast while doing it!

And if you happen to be looking for a camping trivia quiz perfect for adults, we’ve got you covered there too.

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Benefits Of Playing Trivia With Kids

Improved memory

Trivia games require kids to recall facts and information, which can help strengthen their memory skills. When kids play trivia games, they are presented with a wide range of information, from historical dates to scientific concepts, and they must remember these details in order to answer the questions correctly.

For example, a trivia question might ask, “What is the capital of Spain?” This question requires kids to recall the name of a city (Madrid) and associate it with a specific country. Even if they get it wrong this time around, they’ll be more likely to remember it for the future!

Increased knowledge

Trivia games can help kids learn new information about a variety of topics. By playing trivia games, kids can expand their knowledge of history, science, literature, and other subjects — they’ll likely learn about so MORE more things not covered in school!

Improved critical thinking

Trivia games can help kids develop their critical thinking skills by requiring them to analyze information and make connections between different pieces of knowledge.

For example, a trivia question might ask, “What is the smallest planet in our solar system?” This question requires kids to recall information about the planets and use that knowledge to identify the correct answer (Mercury).

Or, they might come across a tricky multiple-choice question and will be required to go through a process of elimination to get to the right answer!

Increased confidence

Trivia can help boost kids’ confidence by providing them with a sense of accomplishment and mastery when they answer questions correctly. When kids successfully answer a trivia question, they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, which can help build their self-esteem.

Enhanced social skills

Trivia can be played with others, which can help kids develop their social skills by encouraging them to work together, communicate effectively, and practice good sportsmanship. When kids play trivia with others, they must learn to take turns, share information, and/or work together to answer questions if played in teams.

Quality time and bonding with parents/friends

This is perhaps our favorite on this list!

Playing trivia with your kids can help you build a stronger bond by providing a fun and engaging way to connect and share experiences. By playing trivia games together, you can learn more about each other’s interests, knowledge, and personality.

For example, you might discover that your child has a passion for science, or that they know more about pop culture than you do!

In addition to building a stronger bond, playing trivia with your kids can also help you create fun memories filled with laughter, excitement, and new learning. You gotta love that!

Camping Trivia Questions For Kids: General Knowledge

Camping Trivia Questions

Q: What term encompasses all living and non-living things that occur naturally on Earth?

Answer: Nature.

Q: What’s the best way to enjoy a s’more—hot or cold?

Answer: Hot, right after roasting the marshmallow for that melty goodness!

Q: What guidelines emphasize the importance of minimizing human impact on the environment during outdoor activities?

Answer: Leave No Trace principles.

Q: What is the traditional outdoor fire used for cooking, warmth, and socializing at campsites?

Answer: A campfire.

Q: What are tales shared around a campfire, often meant to entertain or spook listeners?

Answer: Campfire stories.

Q: When you go camping, what should you use to sleep in and stay warm at night, especially in a tent?

Answer: A sleeping bag.

Q: What handy tool do you need to make sure you can see in the dark while camping or hiking at night?

Answer: A flashlight or headlamp.

Q: What do you wear on your feet to protect them and help you walk comfortably while hiking on uneven ground and trails?

Answer: Hiking boots or shoes.

Q: Who is the person responsible for taking care of a forest, helping campers, and keeping everyone safe in the woods?

Answer: A forest ranger.

Q: What term refers to animals that live in a natural habitat without human intervention?

Answer: Wildlife.

Animal Trivia - Land Of Trivia

Q: What does the Leave No Trace principle “Dispose of Waste Properly” mean when you’re in nature?

Answer: It means packing out all trash, including food scraps and litter.

Q: What does “Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces” mean in Leave No Trace?

Answer: It means staying on established trails and campsites to protect plants and soil.

Q: What suspended fabric bed provides a comfortable place to rest, read a book, or relax at a campsite?

Answer: A hammock.

Q: What water activity involves propelling a narrow watercraft using a paddle?

Answer: Canoeing.

Q: What outdoor activity involves catching aquatic animals, often for sport or food?

Answer: Fishing.

Q: Who is the famous bear known for his motto, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires”?

Answer: Smokey Bear.

Q: What classic campfire treat consists of roasted marshmallows and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers?

Answer: S’mores.

Campfire Smores

Q: If you forget to bring cooking sticks with you to roast marshmallows, what can you find in the wild to use instead?

Answer: Tree branches. If you can, whittle the end of your stick into a point, uncovering the wood beneath the bark and removing the parts that were exposed to the elements. Once you do that, you’ll have a fresh, germ-free spot for your marshmallows to roast away.

Q: What cooking item allows you to pack up food nicely into a packet and throw it directly into the fire to cook?

Answer: Aluminum foil.

Q: True or false: You should put your food away in your tent when you are not eating it.

Answer: False. In fact, you should never put your food inside your tent when camping in the wilderness. The reason for this is to prevent attracting wild animals like bears, raccoons, or rodents to your tent. These animals have a keen sense of smell and may be drawn to the scent of food. Storing food in your tent not only risks the safety of both campers and wildlife but can lead to dangerous encounters.

Q: True or false: If you get thirsty, you can go scoop some water right out of a lake or stream that is near your campsite.

Answer: False. Natural water sources can contain harmful bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants that can make you sick. To stay safe, either bring your own clean drinking water or use a water purification method, such as water filtration or purification tablets, to make water from natural sources safe to drink.

Q: How do you typically melt the chocolate in a s’more?

Answer: By placing a warm, roasted marshmallow on top of the chocolate.

Q: What is the highest rank a Boy Scout can achieve?

Answer: Eagle Scout.

Q: What outdoor-focused organization empowers girls with leadership skills, outdoor experiences, and community service opportunities?

Answer: Girl Scouts of the USA.

Q: What famous cookies come in yummy flavors like Thin Mints and Samoas?

Answer: Girl Scout Cookies.

Q: In the Boy Scouts, what three-fingered salute is used as a sign of respect and friendship?

Answer: The Scout sign.

Q: What does “Respect Wildlife” mean according to Leave No Trace?

Answer: It means keeping a safe distance from animals and not feeding them, so they stay healthy and wild.

Q: Leave No Trace asks us to “Minimize Campfire Impact.” What does this mean for campers?

Answer: It means using a camp stove for cooking instead of making a fire, to protect the environment and prevent wildfires from burning down forests and trees.

Q: For safety reasons, what should you always wear if you go out in a canoe or a kayak while camping?

Answer: A life jacket.

Q: True or false: If you come across mushrooms while you are out for a walk while camping, you can pick them and take them back to your campsite to cook and eat.

Answer: False. When you’re out in the woods, some mushrooms can look really similar to the ones you might find in a store, but they can be very different. Some wild mushrooms are not safe to eat; they can make you very sick. That’s why it’s super important to never pick and eat wild mushrooms unless you have an expert with you who knows which ones are safe.

Q: What is usually the first animal sound that you will hear in the morning when you wake up from camping outdoors?

Answer: Birds chirping.

Q: Smokey Bear has been a symbol of wildfire prevention for many years. What U.S. government agency is Smokey associated with?

Answer: The U.S. Forest Service, along with the Ad Council and the National Association of State Foresters.

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    Camping Trivia Questions For Kids: Animals

    Q: Which large 4-legged mammal is known for its hump on its back and can be found in North American national parks?

    Answer: Bison.

    Q: What iconic bird of prey, also the mascot of the USA, can often be spotted soaring high above the mountains in many national parks?

    Answer: Bald eagle.

    Bald Eagle

    Q: What large and powerful species can be found in North America, with subspecies like “grizzlies” and “black”?

    Answer: Bear.

    Q: Which species of deer, known for its strikingly large and flattened antlers, is native to North America?

    Answer: Moose.

    Q: What small and agile mammal, often mistaken for a large rodent, is known for its climbing and tree-dwelling abilities?

    Answer: Marmot.

    Q: What furry mammal, equipped with webbed feet and a flat tail, is commonly seen swimming in North American water bodies and building dams with tree branches?

    Answer: Beaver.

    Q: This North American wildcat is elusive and has distinctive tufted ears and a spotted coat. What is it?

    Answer: Bobcat.

    Q: This sleek predator is known for its speed and agility, and its presence in national parks helps control rodent populations. What is it?

    Answer: Fox.

    Q: What small and curious mammal, often seen scurrying around campsites, is known for its distinct black and white stripes and stinky gas?

    Answer: Striped skunk.

    Q: What species of wild sheep, with distinctive curved horns, can be found in rugged mountainous terrain of national parks?

    Answer: Bighorn sheep.

    Q: What small carnivore, often associated with mischief and stealing food at campsites, is known for its masked face and ringed tail?

    Answer: Raccoon.

    Q: This iconic North American canid species, known for its haunting howls, is a symbol of wilderness and often seen in packs.

    Answer: Wolf.

    Q: What bird species, with a recognizable hooting call of 8–9 notes that sounds like “who cooks for you, who cooks for you all,” inhabits wooded areas of national parks?

    Answer: Barred owl.

    Barred Owl - Camping Trivia Questions

    Camping Trivia Questions For Kids: Outdoor Folklore

    Q: Which mythical creature, often associated with the wilderness, is said to be large, furry, and elusive, with big footprints?

    Answer: Bigfoot.

    Q: What legendary sea monster, said to inhabit a Scottish loch, is known for its mysterious appearances?

    Answer: The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie).

    Q: In outdoor tales, what friendly creature is believed to help lost hikers by leading them back to safety?

    Answer: A trail gnome.

    Q: According to folklore, what small, mischievous forest-dwelling beings are known for playing tricks on humans?

    Answer: Woodland fairies.

    Q: In Native American legends, what bird is often considered a symbol of wisdom and is said to bring good luck?

    Answer: The owl.

    Camping Trivia Questions For Kids: Guess The National Park

    Arches National Park

    Q: I’m a national park located in the western United States, known for my stunning red rock formations and famous Delicate Arch. What national park am I?

    Answer: Arches National Park (Utah).

    Q: Kids love me for my geysers that shoot hot water into the sky, like Old Faithful. I’m the oldest national park in the United States. Which park am I?

    Answer: Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, Montana, Idaho).

    Q: I’m a tropical national park located in Hawaii. You can find volcanos here! Can you guess my name?

    Answer: Haleakalā National Park (Hawaii).

    Q: If you want to see black bears, elk, and explore the Smoky Mountains, you should visit me. What’s my name?

    Answer: Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Tennessee).

    Q: I’m a national park that carries the same name as another national park in Canada, famous for my bright turquoise lakes and towering glaciers. Can you guess where I am?

    Answer: Glacier National Park (Montana).

    Death Valley National Park - National Park Trivia

    Q: My name might make you think of something scary, but I’m actually a national park in California/Nevada known for my colorful desert landscape, unique rock formations, and extra hot summer weather. What national park am I?

    Answer: Death Valley National Park.

    Q: I’m a California national park famous for my towering granite cliffs, waterfalls, and giant sequoias. President Theodore Roosevelt helped protect me. What national park do I belong to?

    Answer: Yosemite National Park (California).

    Half Dome Yosemite National Park California

    Camping Trivia Questions For Kids: Picture Round

    Camping Trivia For Kids - Picture Round

    Picture Round Answers:

    1. Campfire
    2. Camping chairs
    3. Tents
    4. Waterfall
    5. Rock climbing
    6. Mountain biking
    7. Grand Canyon National Park
    8. S’mores

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      And with that, we hope you had fun with our camping trivia questions for kids!

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