65 Frozen Trivia Questions For True Frozen Fans (+ Free Printable)

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Do you think you know everything about the smash-hit Disney movie, Frozen? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know!

These Frozen trivia questions will test your knowledge of Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and all of your other favorite characters!

Are you ready to see how well you remember the characters, the plot, and the songs from the movie? Let’s get into it!

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Disney Frozen Trivia Questions and Answers

Frozen Trivia Questions and Answers

Who does Anna meet when she’s dancing in the streets and falls into a boat right before Elsa’s coronation?

Answer: Prince Hans.

What type of animal is Sven?

Answer: A reindeer, with the heart of a Labrador!

Although technically set in the fictional land of Arendelle, the art directors of the movie Frozen got their inspiration from what country?

Answer: Norway.

Who voices the character of Anna?

Answer: Kristen Bell.

After Anna gets hurt as a child, who do Elsa and Anna’s parents go for help?

Answer: To the Rock Trolls.

Which original Disney character made an appearance as a stuffed animal in the film Frozen?

Answer: Mickey Mouse.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was a 22-minute-long holiday-themed short film that was paired with what 2017 Oscar-winning Pixar movie?

Answer: Coco.

In the movie Frozen, which other Disney Princess attended Elsa’s coronation day in Arendelle?

Answer: Rapunzel.

How many older brothers does Prince Hans have?

Answer: 12.

What is the name of the enormous icy snowman born from Elsa’s powers?

Answer: Marshmallow.

How do Elsa and Anna’s parents die?

Answer: Their ship was sunk at sea.

Can you finish the lyrics of “Love Is An Open Door”: “I mean it’s crazy (What?). We finish each others’ _____!”

Answer: Sandwiches.

What is the name of the snowman in Frozen?

Answer: Olaf.

Why are Elsa and Anna technically not considered Disney princesses?

Answer: Because Elsa becomes a queen in Frozen and Anna becomes a queen in Frozen II.

Can you name the two Disney leading lady characters who have magical powers?

Answer: Elsa and Rapunzel.

When Elsa is happy, what color is her castle? How about when she is scared?

Answer: When she is happy, the castle is blue; it turns red when she is scared.

Can you finish the lyrics? “Let it go, let it go – Turn away and slam the door – I don’t care what they’re going to say ________”.

Answer: Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway.

During what season does Elsa turn Arendelle frozen?

Answer: Summer (in July).

Where did Elsa build her ice castle?

Answer: North Mountain.

Can you finish the lyrics? “Reindeer are better than ____”.

Answer: People.

Can you finish the lyrics? “Arendelle’s in deep, deep, deep, deep ____”.

Answer: Snow.

How many times does Anna get zapped by Elsa’s ice powers?

Answer: Two times (once as a kid and once when she visits Elsa’s castle for the first time).

Who plays the voice of Elsa?

Answer: Idina Menzel.

When Kristoff and Anna are heading up to North Mountain, what do they get attacked by?

Answer: Wolves.

Who raised Kristoff when he was a kid?

Answer: The Rock Trolls.

Who runs a trading post and sauna up in the mountains?

Answer: Oaken.

Who is the head of the Rock Troll family who healed Anna when she was a kid?

Answer: Grand Pabbie.

What is the first thing Anna does when she sees Olaf speaking for the first time?

Answer: She kicks his head off.

Which female Disney character is the only one who has a duet with a villain of the story?

Answer: Anna from Frozen (duets with Hans). 

Who plays the voice of Olaf?

Answer: Josh Gad.

What does Olaf think he will do at the beach in the burning sun and sand?

Answer: He thinks he will be getting a tan.

Who does Anna fall in love with at first sight?

Answer: Prince Hans.

What is the name of the mean Duke that’s really not a fan of Queen Elsa?

Answer: The Duke of Weselton.

What color is Elsa’s eyeshadow?

Answer: Purple.

Where is Prince Hans from?

Answer: The Southern Isles.

Who are the Rock Trolls referring to when they sing “he’s a bit of a fixer-upper”?

Answer: Kristoff.

What is Kristoff’s profession?

Answer: He harvests ice.

Per Grand Pabbie, what is the only thing that can thaw a frozen heart?

Answer: True love.

Whose love revives Anna at the end of ‘Frozen’?

Answer: Elsa.

Who says, “Some people are worth melting for”?

Answer: Olaf.

How does Elsa end up thawing Arendelle?

Answer: She realizes that love is what thaws.

What is Kristoff gifted at the end of Frozen?

Answer: A new sleigh.

What is the body of water that surrounds Arendelle called?

Answer: Fjord. A fjord is a long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between high cliffs, similar to those found in Norway and Iceland, typically formed by the submergence of a glaciated valley.

Frozen 2 Trivia Questions and Answers

Frozen 2 Trivia Questions and Answers - Land of Trivia

What year was Frozen II released?

Answer: 2019.

How many years later does Frozen II take place after the events of Frozen?

Answer: 3 years.

What is the name of the game that Anna and Elsa were playing at the start of the movie?

Answer: Enchanted Forest.

Why do Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff have to journey to the enchanted forest?

Answer: To save their kingdom from a curse involving the elemental spirits of water, wind, fire, and earth.

What name does Olaf randomly say as he walks through the enchanted forest?

Answer: Samantha.

What does Grand Pabbie tell Anna and Elsa when he arrives in Arendelle with the rest of the trolls?

Answer: Pabbie informs Anna and Elsa that they must set things right by discovering the truth about the kingdom’s past, or he foresees no future for Arendelle.

When the group gets to the entrance of the enchanted forest, they first encounter Gale, the wind spirit, which appears in the form of what?

Answer: A tornado that swept everyone into its vortex.

What are the elemental spirits of earth called?

Answer: The Earth Giants.

Besides air, fire, water, and earth, Elsa learned of a fifth element that would save the Northuldrans. Who did Elsa learn was the fifth element?

Answer: Herself.

What is the name of the reindeer lover in the enchanted forest?

Answer: Ryder.

What is the name of the river Elsa journeys to?

Answer: Ahtohallan.

What was the word that Elsa couldn’t act out when they were playing charades?

Answer: “Ice”.

Finish the lyrics from the song “All is Found”: “Where the north wind meets…”

Answer: The sea.

Who does Elsa become friends with in the Enchanted Forest and what happens when they first interact?

Answer: The little fire spirit lizard. Elsa’s ice cools him off and extinguishes the fire.

What does Elsa find when she reaches Ahtohallan?

Answer: She sees the memories that the river carries, including the truth about what happened with King Runeard and Northuldra.

What needs to happen in order to save the people of Arendelle and Northuldra?

Answer: The dam must be broken for peace to be restored and for the forest and kingdom to be saved.

Frozen II introduces a new character who is a salamander. What’s its name?

Answer: Bruni.

What is the name of the guard who is trapped in the Enchanted Forest?

Answer: Lieutenant Destin Mattias.

What’s the name of the water spirit?

Answer: Nokk.

Who is the main villain of Frozen II?

Answer: King Runeard, the ruler of Arendelle and the father of King Agnarr.

Who becomes Queen of Arendelle at the end of Frozen II?

Answer: Anna.

Who directed Frozen II?

Answer: Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

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