100 Camping Trivia Questions To Celebrate The Outdoors

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If you’re a camping enthusiast or just someone who can never really get enough of the great outdoors, we have something you will LOVE. This camping trivia quiz!

Get ready to put your outdoor knowledge to the test with our carefully curated trivia questions that cover everything from wildlife encounters to survival gear.

In this outdoor-themed trivia challenge, we’ve crafted multiple rounds that will keep you entertained and guessing. From identifying iconic national parks’ inhabitants to testing your knowledge of survival skills, we’ve got all the fun topics you know and love covered.

And to add an extra twist of fun, don’t miss our picture round at the end—where you’ll need a keen eye for detail to ace the challenge.

And if you happen to be looking for a camping trivia quiz perfect for the kids, we’ve got you covered there too.

Before we get started — we invite you to bookmark or save some of these other trivia quizzes sure to entertain your group while you’re out camping!

Camping Trivia Questions And Answers: General Knowledge

Camping Trivia Questions

Q: If you forget to bring cooking sticks with you to roast marshmallows, what can you find in the wild to use instead?

Answer: Tree branches. If you can, whittle the end of your stick into a point, uncovering the wood beneath the bark and removing the parts that were exposed to the elements. Once you do that, you’ll have a fresh, germ-free spot for your marshmallows to roast away.

Q: What cooking item allows you to pack up food nicely into a packet and throw it directly into the fire to cook?

Answer: Aluminum foil.

Q: True or false: You should put your food away in your tent when you are not eating it.

Answer: False. In fact, you should never put your food inside your tent when camping in the wilderness. The reason for this is to prevent attracting wild animals like bears, raccoons, or rodents to your tent. These animals have a keen sense of smell and may be drawn to the scent of food. Storing food in your tent not only risks the safety of both campers and wildlife but can lead to dangerous encounters.

Q: True or false: If you get thirsty, you can go scoop some water right out of a lake or stream that is near your campsite.

Answer: False. Natural water sources can contain harmful bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants that can make you sick. To stay safe, either bring your own clean drinking water or use a water purification method, such as water filtration or purification tablets, to make water from natural sources safe to drink.

Q: What guidelines emphasize the importance of minimizing human impact on the environment during outdoor activities?

Answer: Leave No Trace principles.

Q: Which outdoor skill involves using a map and compass to navigate through unfamiliar terrain?

Answer: Orienteering.

Q: What is the practice of shedding weight from your backpack to make hiking easier called?

Answer: Ultralight backpacking.

Q: In camping, what is the primary purpose of a ground cloth or footprint placed under your tent?

Answer: To protect the tent floor from abrasion and moisture.

Q: What is the process of seasoning a cast-iron skillet, and why is it important for camping cooking?

Answer: Seasoning involves applying a layer of oil and heating the skillet to create a non-stick surface. It’s important to prevent food from sticking and protect the skillet from rusting during outdoor use.

Q: What is the purpose of a bivy sack in camping?

Answer: A bivy sack provides minimal shelter and is primarily used for emergency situations. It is smaller and more lightweight than a tent.

Q: What is a bear hang, and how is it properly set up to protect food from bears and other wildlife?

Answer: A bear hang is a method of suspending food and scented items high between two trees to keep them out of reach of bears. It involves using a rope, pulley system, and bear-resistant bag.

Q: Which knot is commonly used in camping to secure a load to a vehicle roof rack or tie down a tarp?

Answer: The trucker’s hitch knot.

Q: What type of tent design features a single vertical support pole and is known for its quick and easy setup?

Answer: A pop-up tent or instant tent.

Q: In sleeping bag ratings, what does the “mummy” style refer to, and why is it a popular choice for cold-weather camping?

Answer: A mummy-style sleeping bag is designed to closely fit the body, reducing dead air space and improving warmth retention, making it suitable for cold conditions.

Q: What is the purpose of the “fill power” rating in down sleeping bags, and how does it relate to insulation?

Answer: Fill power measures the loft or fluffiness of down insulation. Higher fill power indicates better insulation properties.

Q: What is the optimal angle for setting up a ridge line for a rainfly or tarp to provide effective rain protection?

Answer: Around 30 to 45 degrees.

Q: What is the ideal way to store food while camping in bear country to prevent bears from accessing it?

Answer: Using bear-resistant food containers or hanging a bear bag from a tree.

Q: What outdoor cooking method involves placing food in a waterproof bag and immersing it in hot water to cook slowly and evenly?

Answer: Sous-vide cooking.

Q: Which type of camping food preservation involves drying food to remove moisture and extend its shelf life?

Answer: Dehydrating.

Q: When foraging for wild mushrooms, what is the golden rule for safety, emphasizing the importance of accurate identification?

Answer: “When in doubt, throw it out.” If you’re unsure whether a mushroom is edible, it’s best not to consume it.

Q: When using a map and compass for navigation, what is the term for the difference between true north and magnetic north?

Answer: Magnetic declination.

Q: What is the most important factor to consider when selecting a campsite for a winter camping trip?

Answer: Protection from the wind and exposure.

Q: What type of sleeping bag insulation is best for cold and wet conditions due to its ability to maintain warmth when wet?

Answer: Down insulation.

Q: What’s the commonly used abbreviation for “Leave No Trace,” the ethical framework for outdoor practices?

Answer: LNT.

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    Camping Trivia Questions And Answers: Treks Around The World

    Alaska - Land Of Trivia

    Q: What is the highest mountain in North America, located in Alaska?

    Answer: Denali (Mount McKinley).

    Q: What mountain range stretches across the western coast of South America, spanning several countries including Colombia and Venezuela?

    Answer: The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

    Q: What trail, known as the “AT,” spans over 2,000 miles along the eastern United States?

    Answer: Appalachian Trail.

    Q: Which mountain range stretches across Europe, encompassing countries like France, Italy, and Switzerland?

    Answer: The Alps.

    Q: What is the name of the iconic long-distance trek through the Andes in South America, spanning Peru, Bolivia, and Chile?

    Answer: The Andes Trail.

    Q: What famous route crosses the Himalayas, connecting Nepal and Tibet, and offers breathtaking views of Mount Everest?

    Answer: The Everest Base Camp Trek.

    Q: This outdoor brand was founded by Yvon Chouinard and is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. What is it?

    Answer: Patagonia.

    Q: Which mountain range in the western United States includes famous peaks like Mount Whitney and Mount Rainier?

    Answer: The Cascade Range.

    Q: What long-distance trail extends from Georgia to Maine, covering over 2,100 miles through diverse landscapes?

    Answer: The Appalachian Trail.

    Q: What is the highest mountain in Africa, located in Tanzania?

    Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro.

    Q: Which challenging trek in Nepal features dramatic suspension bridges and leads to the foot of Mount Kangchenjunga?

    Answer: The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek.

    Camping Trivia Questions And Answers: Outdoor Gear

    Q: What company with the initials ‘DT’ produces versatile and reliable hiking socks, including styles suitable for various outdoor conditions?

    Answer: Darn Tough.

    Q: This outdoor brand, founded by Leon Leonwood Bean, is known for its waterproof boots and outdoor clothing.

    Answer: L.L.Bean.

    Q: Best known for their hammocks, which brand that starts with the letter ‘N’ specializes in producing lightweight and compact camping and hiking gear, with an emphasis on innovation?

    Answer: NEMO Equipment.

    Q: Known for its high-performance hiking and trail running shoes, which brand’s name refers to the thick, cushioned part of a shoe’s sole?

    Answer: Altra.

    Q: Which Canadian outdoor brand is known for its high-performance cold-weather jackets and innovative outdoor clothing and gear?

    Answer: Arc’teryx.

    Q: What brand with a bird as its logo is renowned for its backpacks, especially those designed for hiking and backpacking?

    Answer: Osprey.

    Q: Brands like Marmot, Patagonia, and Mountain Hardwear are recognized for their outdoor clothing. What is the name of their waterproof and breathable fabric technology?

    Answer: GORE-TEX.

    Camping Trivia Questions And Answers: National Parks

    Half Dome Yosemite National Park California

    Q: Which national park in California is known for its towering granite cliffs, waterfalls, and giant sequoias?

    Answer: Yosemite National Park.

    Q: In which state can you find the Grand Canyon, a massive natural wonder carved by the Colorado River?

    Answer: Arizona.

    Q: Which iconic national park features geysers, hot springs, and diverse wildlife, including bison, moose, and wolves?

    Answer: Yellowstone National Park.

    Q: This iconic trail within a U.S. national park leads you through a deep gorge carved by the Virgin River. Can you name the park and the trail?

    Answer: Zion National Park, The Narrows.

    Q: You can witness the incredible “Mist Trail” in which U.S. national park?

    Answer: Yosemite National Park.

    Mist Trail Yosemite National Park

    Q: This unique sandstone formation, known as “The Wave,” is a famous hike within which U.S. national monument located in Arizona and Utah?

    Answer: Vermilion Cliffs National Monument (Coyote Buttes).

    Q: In which African national park can you find the striking Victoria Falls, one of the largest and most famous waterfalls in the world?

    Answer: Victoria Falls National Park (Zimbabwe/Zambia).

    Q: The “Inca Trail” is a world-famous trek that leads to which ancient city located within a Peruvian national park?

    Answer: Machu Picchu (Machu Picchu Historic Sanctuary).

    Q: You can explore the impressive limestone formations of “The Pinnacles” in which Australian national park known for its unique wildlife?

    Answer: Nambung National Park.

    Q: This U.S. national park features the challenging “Angel’s Landing” hike, offering breathtaking views of the canyons below. What’s the park’s name?

    Answer: Zion National Park.

    Q: The “Great Ocean Walk” in Australia takes you along coastal cliffs, including the famous Twelve Apostles, located in which national park?

    Answer: Port Campbell National Park.

    Q: In which U.S. national park can you take a hike to witness the breathtaking beauty of “The Subway,” a unique, curved slot canyon?

    Answer: Zion National Park.

    Q: This Canadian national park, known for its dramatic fjords, features the “Skyline Trail,” offering stunning vistas. What’s the park’s name?

    Answer: Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

    Q: Which U.S. national park, famous for its red rock formations, includes the “Delicate Arch” trail, where you can see this iconic natural arch up close?

    Answer: Arches National Park.

    Q: The “W Circuit” is a famous trek within a Chilean national park known for its glaciers and turquoise lakes. What’s the park’s name?

    Answer: Torres del Paine National Park.

    Q: Which national park in Montana is known for its massive glaciers and pristine alpine lakes?

    Answer: Glacier National Park.

    Q: Name the Californian national park with surreal rock formations such as its “Jumbo Rocks”, starry skies, and unique desert flora.

    Answer: Joshua Tree National Park.

    Q: Which national park straddles the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, offering lush forests and views of misty-looking mountains?

    Answer: Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

    Q: Located in Washington state, this park boasts various ecosystems including temperate rainforests, rugged coastline, and alpine meadows.

    Answer: Olympic National Park.

    Q: In what Canadian national park can you find Moraine Lake with its turquoise waters and surrounding Valley of the Ten Peaks?

    Answer: Banff National Park.

    Moraine Lake - Banff National Park Canada

    Camping Trivia Questions And Answers: Survival Skills

    Q: What basic shelter-building technique involves leaning large branches against a sturdy central support?

    Answer: Lean-to shelter.

    Q: What small, handheld device emits a loud sound to signal for help in emergency situations?

    Answer: Whistle.

    Q: What versatile item, often made from paracord, is valuable for creating shelter, tying objects, and more?

    Answer: Survival rope.

    Q: Which portable, foldable tool is used to cut through various materials and is an essential for survival kits?

    Answer: Swiss-army knife.

    Q: What compact and lightweight shelter option is often used in emergency situations to retain body heat?

    Answer: Emergency blanket.

    Q: In a wilderness survival situation, what common method can be used to create fire by rapidly spinning a stick against a wooden base?

    Answer: Fire by friction (fire bow drill).

    Q: What important skill involves finding and identifying edible plants, insects, and other food sources in the wild?

    Answer: Foraging.

    Q: To attract rescuers or signal for help, what international code involves creating a series of three dots, followed by three dashes, and then three more dots?

    Answer: SOS (Morse code).

    Camping Trivia Questions And Answers: Movies/TV In The Wild

    Q: This 2023 Netflix TV series places 16 players, split into four teams, in the Alaskan wilderness, where they must survive off the land with meager supplies. What is the show called?

    Answer: Outlast

    Q: Based on a true story, this film follows a young man who abandons his possessions to live in the Alaskan wilderness.

    Answer: Into the Wild

    Q: In this movie based on a book of the same name, Reese Witherspoon portrays a woman who hikes over 1,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail to heal from personal loss.

    Answer: Wild

    Q: Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this intense survival drama set in the 19th century American frontier.

    Answer: The Revenant

    Q: Wes Anderson directed this quirky coming-of-age film about two young lovers who run away together and camp on an island.

    Answer: Moonrise Kingdom

    Q: Robert Redford and Nick Nolte team up for this comedy-drama about two aging men attempting to hike the Appalachian Trail.

    Answer: A Walk in the Woods

    Q: This thriller follows a group of friends whose canoeing trip in the Georgia wilderness takes a dangerous turn.

    Answer: Deliverance

    Q: John Candy and Dan Aykroyd star in this comedy about a family’s misadventures during a vacation in the great outdoors.

    Answer: The Great Outdoors

    Q: This documentary chronicles the life and controversial work of bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell, who lived unarmed among grizzly bears in Alaska.

    Answer: Grizzly Man

    Q: Which reality TV show strands contestants in remote locations where they must survive using their outdoor skills?

    Answer: Survivor

    Campfire Smores

    Camping Trivia Questions And Answers: Animals

    Q: Which large yet gentle mammal is known for its dark fur and hump on its back and can be found in North American national parks?

    Answer: Bison.

    Q: In Native American legends, what bird is often considered a symbol of wisdom and is said to bring good luck?

    Answer: The owl.

    Q: What iconic bird of prey, also the mascot of the USA, can often be spotted soaring high above the mountains in many national parks?

    Answer: Bald eagle.

    Bald Eagle

    Q: What large and powerful species has subspecies that start with “sun”, “sloth” and “black”?

    Answer: Bear.

    Q: Which species of deer, known for its strikingly large and flattened antlers, is native to North America?

    Answer: Moose.

    Q: What small and agile mammal, often mistaken for a large rodent, is known for its climbing and tree-dwelling abilities?

    Answer: Marmot.

    Q: What furry mammal, equipped with webbed feet and a flat tail, is commonly seen swimming in North American water bodies and building dams with tree branches?

    Answer: Beaver.

    Q: This North American wildcat is elusive and has distinctive tufted ears and a spotted coat. What is it?

    Answer: Bobcat.

    Q: This sleek predator is known for its speed and agility, and its presence in national parks helps control rodent populations. What is it?

    Answer: Fox.

    Q: What species of wild sheep, with distinctive curved horns, can be found in rugged mountainous terrain of national parks?

    Answer: Bighorn sheep.

    Q: What small carnivore, often associated with mischief, is known for its opposable thumbs and ringed tail?

    Answer: Raccoon.

    Q: This iconic North American canid species, known for its howls, is a symbol of wilderness and often seen in packs.

    Answer: Wolf.

    Q: What bird species, with a recognizable hooting call of 8–9 notes that sounds like “who cooks for you, who cooks for you all,” inhabits wooded areas of national parks?

    Answer: Barred owl.

    Barred Owl - Camping Trivia Questions

    Camping Trivia Questions And Answers: Picture Round

    Camping Trivia - Picture Round

    Camping Trivia Picture Round: Answers

    1. North Face logo
    2. Cotopaxi logo
    3. Half Dome, Yosemite National Park
    4. Bryce Canyon National Park
    5. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park
    6. Joshua Tree National Park
    7. Machu Picchu
    8. Bear canister

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