255 Fun Disney Trivia Questions Perfect For The Whole Family (With Answers)

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Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all Disney lovers!

Are you a huge Disney fan? Think you know everything under the sun about Disney? If so, we invite you to test your brain with our massive list of Disney trivia questions!

These Disney trivia questions and answers are sure to put a smile on your face and get you excited about all things Disney!

With trivia questions ranging from classic films to newer ones, from Disney parks to Walt Disney history, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the categories in this Disney trivia quiz:

  • Disney Movies
  • All About Disneyland
  • All About Walt Disney World
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Music and Quotes

So go on, test your knowledge and see how much you really know about Walt Disney’s legacy and the Happiest Place on Earth!

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Before you dive into all the fun, we invite you to bookmark or save some of these other Disney-related trivia quizzes for later! There is no end to the trivia fun!

Disney Trivia Questions: Disney Movies

What color is Snow White’s hair bow?

Answer: Red.

From what movie did the character Oogie Boogie first appear?

Answer: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Name all of Snow White’s dwarves.

Answer: Happy, Doc, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful, Sleepy, and Sneezy.

How many Toy Story movies are there?

Answer: 4.

Who was the first Disney Princess?

Answer: Snow White.

What is the name of the talkative parrot in Aladdin?

Answer: Iago.

What was the very first Pixar movie?

Answer: Toy Story.

In the 1963 Disney film, The Sword in the Stone, who is Arthur’s mentor?

Answer: Merlin.

What are the names of Mulan’s three friends?

Answer: Yao, Ling, and Chien Po.

Who mentors Hercules to get back to Mount Olympus?

Answer: Philoctetes.

What is the address that Nemo’s dad is going to?

Answer: 42 Wallaby Way.

Which 90’s animated film was Disney’s first-ever DVD?

Answer: Mary Poppins on March 20, 1998.

What is the name of Mulan’s love interest?

Answer: Captain Li Shang.

Can you name at least 2 Disney movies that Tim Burton either directed or produced?

Answer: Dumbo, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Alice In Wonderland, Frankenweenie, James and the Giant Peach, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hansel and Gretel, and Vincent.

Who was the first voice of Mickey Mouse?

Answer: Walt Disney was the first (from 1928-1946).

What are the names of Donald’s three nephews?

Answer: Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Which Toy Story movie first introduces Barbie as a character?

Answer: Toy Story 2.

What is WALL-E’s job?

Answer: He’s a trash collector.

How old is Snow White–21, 16, 14, or 19?

Answer: 14.

In Tangled, who is Rapunzel’s love interest?

Answer: Flynn Rider.

In The Princess and the Frog, where does Tiana live?

Answer: New Orleans.

What kind of animal is Rapunzel’s pet?

Answer: Chameleon.

In The Little Mermaid, what is the name of Eric’s dog?

Answer: Max.

Which continent is the film Tarzan set in?

Answer: Africa.

What’s the name of Jafar’s parrot in Aladdin?

Answer: Iago.

What name does Ursula take when she’s disguised as a human in The Little Mermaid?

Answer: Vannesa.

How many daughters does King Triton have?

Answer: 7.

What is Mulan’s name when she’s under disguise as a man?

Answer: Ping.

What are the names of Cinderella’s step-sisters?

Answer: Drizella and Anastasia.

Who voiced the genie in Aladdin?

Answer: Robin Williams.

Which of these princesses was based on a real person: Belle, Pocahontas, Snow White, or Tiana?

Answer: Pocahontas.

What is the first song played in the Tarzan film?

Answer: Two Worlds by Phil Collins.

What is Aladdin’s first wish?

Answer: To make himself a prince.

What is Aladdin’s last wish?

Answer: To set Genie free.

Who plays Belle in the live-action Beauty And The Beast?

Answer: Emma Watson.

Why was The Beast in Beauty And The Beast cursed?

Answer: Refusing to offer shelter to an old woman.

What book does Belle read to The Beast?

Answer: Romeo and Juliet.

What are the names of Ursula’s eels in The Little Mermaid?

Answer: Flotsam and Jetsam.

Who is Lady Tremaine and what Disney movie is she from?

Answer: Lady Tremaine is Cinderella’s wicked stepmother in Cinderella.

In Alice In Wonderland, who tells the story of the Walrus and the Carpenter?

Answer: Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

What sea creatures get eaten in the story of the Walrus and the Carpenter?

Answer: Oysters.

What color is Goofy’s hat?

Answer: It is usually green with a black line.

What is the town that Aladdin lives in called?

Answer: Agrabah.

In Aladdin, what is the name of the cave that the magic lamp was hidden in?

Answer: The Cave Of Wonders.

Which character sings “Be Our Guest” in Beauty And The Beast?

Answer: Lumiere.

Who plays Ariel in the 2023 live-action version of The Little Mermaid?

Answer: Halle Bailey.

What is the main character’s name in A Bug’s Life?

Answer: Flik.

What are the names of Mei’s best friends in Turning Red?

Answer: Miriam, Priya, and Abby.

What is the name of the boy band in the movie Turning Red?

Answer: 4Town.

What character from The Little Mermaid makes a cameo in Aladdin?

Answer: Sebastian–he appears when Genie is looking through a spell book to find out how to make Aladdin a prince.

What’s the family name of the British children in Peter Pan?

Answer: Darling.

What’s Andy’s last name in Toy Story?

Answer: Davis.

Who is Woody’s love interest in Toy Story?

Answer: Bo Beep.

In Mulan, what does Grandmother Fa give Mulan for good luck?

Answer: A cricket.

Where did Aladdin and Jasmine first meet?

Answer: The marketplace/bazaar.

Before introducing Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney created a successful animated character named Oswald. What type of animal is Oswald?

Answer: Rabbit.

In what country did the film 101 Dalmatians take place?

Answer: London.

Villain - The Little Mermaid - Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

When Ursula took Ariel’s voice, where did she store it?

Answer: In a necklace.

What three things did the genie say he CAN’T do?

Answer: 1. Bring people back from the dead. 2. Make two people fall in love. 3. Kill someone.

What is the name of Goofy’s son in the movie A Goofy Movie?

Answer: Max.

What is Goofy’s profession in the movie A Goofy Movie?

Answer: A photographer.

What does the rabbit continue to repeat throughout the movie, Alice in Wonderland?

Answer: “Oh dear, I’m late for a very important date!”

What does Abu try to steal in the market scene before Aladdin meets Jasmine?

Answer: A melon.

What is the name of the character who wants to marry Belle in Beauty and the Beast?

Answer: Gaston.

What does the Evil Queen say to the mirror in Snow White?

Answer: “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

What is the name of the fictional city where Big Hero 6 takes place?

Answer: San Fransokyo.

What was the name of the shop that Luigi & Guido owned in Cars?

Answer: Luigi’s Casa Della Tires.

What is the name of Lady Tremaine’s cat in Cinderella?

Answer: Lucifer.

Which movie is this famous line from: “Ohana means family…family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

Answer: Nani (Lilo’s sister) in Lilo and Stitch.

Who is the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story?

Answer: Tim Allen.

Which three Disney characters were used in Disney’s animated re-creation of The Three Musketeers?

Answer: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, & Goofy.

What is Tim Burton’s famous Christmas movie from 1993?

Answer: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Which of these Disney movies was released first: Pocahontas, Tarzan, The Lion King, or Toy Story?

Answer: The Lion King (1994).

Which of these Disney movies was released first: Cinderella, Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, or Sleeping Beauty?

Answer: Dumbo (1941).

What is Jack-Jack’s real name in The Incredibles?

Answer: John Jackson.

Although technically set in the fictional land of Arendelle, the art directors of the movie Frozen got their inspiration from what country?

Answer: Norway.

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    Why do monsters scare the children in Monsters, Inc.?

    Answer: To generate electricity for Monstropolis.

    Who is the fashion designer in The Incredibles?

    Answer: Edna Mode.

    Which original Disney character made an appearance as a stuffed animal in the film Frozen?

    Answer: Mickey Mouse.

    What is the name of the chef that inspires Remy in Ratatouille?

    Answer: Gusteau.

    Olaf’s Frozen Adventure was a 22-minute-long holiday-themed short film that was paired with what 2017 Oscar-winning Pixar movie?

    Answer: Coco.

    In The Little Mermaid, what name did Ariel’s friends give the fork in her collection of human objects?

    Answer: A “dinglehopper”.

    What name did Ariel and Prince Eric give their daughter?

    Answer: Melody.

    In all four Toy Story films, comedian Don Rickles provided the voice for what classic toy first introduced in 1952?

    Answer: Mr. Potato Head.

    Flynn Rider and Gothel are both characters in what Disney movie?

    Answer: Tangled.

    Which of these classic Disney characters is the only one to have a child — Scrooge McDuck, Goofy, Mickey, or Daisy?

    Answer: Goofy.

    What is the name of Buzz Lightyear’s enemy in Toy Story 2?

    Answer: Zurg.

    Which Disney animated feature celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2017?

    Answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    How many brothers does Wendy Darling have in Peter Pan?

    Answer: Two.

    Disney’s official princesses include two redheads–who are they?

    Answer: Ariel from The Little Mermaid and Merida from Brave.

    Kristoff, Hans, and Oaken are all characters in what Disney movie?

    Answer: Frozen.

    At the very beginning of Toy Story, which toy is the designated bad guy in the robbery scene?

    Answer: Mr. Potato Head.

    Toy Story - Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

    During the bank heist at the beginning of Toy Story, which toy comes in to save the day?

    Answer: Woody.

    How many fingers does Mickey Mouse have?

    Answer: Four (three fingers and a thumb).

    Which of these Disney movies was released first: Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, or Pinocchio?

    Answer: Pinocchio (1940).

    What Disney animated film was loosely based on a novel by Charles Dickens–Peter Pan, Oliver & Company, or The Beauty and The Beast?

    Answer: Oliver & Company.

    What are the names of Hades’ minions in Hercules?

    Answer: Pain and Panic.

    What object does Dumbo use to fly?

    Answer: A feather.

    In which Disney movie is Chernabog the villain?

    Answer: Fantasia.

    Which of these is not the name of a Disney princess’ animal friend–Gus, Pascal, Remy, or Mushu?

    Answer: Remy.

    “A Girl Worth Fighting For” is a song from which Disney movie?

    Answer: Mulan.

    “You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!” is a song from what Disney movie?

    Answer: Peter Pan.

    In the movie Frozen, which other Disney Princess attended Elsa’s coronation day in Arendelle?

    Answer: Rapunzel.

    How old is Crush in Finding Nemo?

    Answer: 150 years old.

    Who was the villain of the movie A Bug’s Life?

    Answer: Hopper, the grasshopper.

    What is the name of the toy store in Toy Story 2?

    Answer: Al’s Toy Barn.

    What food franchise is seen in many Pixar movies like Toy Story?

    Answer: Pizza Planet–almost every Pixar film has the Pizza Planet truck!

    Which Disney Princess sings “Once Upon a Dream”?

    Answer: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

    Which Disney Princess did Lily James portray in a 2015 live action-remake?

    Answer: Cinderella.

    Emperor Kuzco turns into what animal in The Emperor’s New Groove?

    Answer: Llama.

    Which Disney Princess had a father that was an inventor?

    Answer: Belle.

    Which Disney princess movie was the first to show war?

    Answer: Mulan.

    Which Disney princess has a visible tattoo–Moana, Pocahontas, Tiana, or Jasmine?

    Answer: Pocahontas.

    Shere Khan was the name of a tiger in which Disney movie?

    Answer: The Jungle Book.

    Which Disney character sings “Kiss the Girl”?

    Answer: Sebastian.

    “When She Loved Me” is a song featured in a sad scene in Toy Story 2. What musical artist sang this song?

    Answer: Sarah McLachlan.

    Why does Cruella want to steal puppies in 101 Dalmatians?

    Answer: To make a coat.

    Who does the voice-over for Dory from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory?

    Answer: Ellen Degeneres.

    What are the two main characters’ names in High School Musical?

    Answer: Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez.

    In Tangled, what is Flynn Rider’s real first name?

    Answer: Eugene.

    What were Mickey Mouse’s first spoken words ever?

    Answer: Hot dog!

    Mowgli was raised by what animals in The Jungle Book?

    Answer: Wolves.

    In Turning Red, which animal does Mei turn into?

    Answer: A red panda.

    “Be Our Guest” is a song from which Disney movie?

    Answer: Beauty and the Beast.

    Russell belongs to which scouting organization in Up?

    Answer: The Wilderness Explorers.

    Who does the voice-over for Mushu in Mulan?

    Answer: Eddie Murphy.

    There is one movie where the main character doesn’t speak–can you guess the movie?

    Answer: Dumbo.

    Carl Fredricksen in Up had a wife, what was her name?

    Answer: Ellie Fredricksen.

    In the movie Hercules, where on Earth does Hercules meet with his father for the first time?

    Answer: In the temple of Zeus.

    Who is Miguel’s musical idol in Coco?

    Answer: Ernesto de la Cruz.

    In Lilo and Stitch, what number experiment was Stitch?

    Answer: Experiment 626.

    What time does the royal ball start in Cinderella?

    Answer: 8 pm.

    Who is the Disney princess that has no actual royal ties?

    Answer: Mulan.

    In The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride, who is Simba and Nala’s daughter?

    Answer: Kiara.

    Which actress portrayed Cruella in the 2021 movie, Cruella?

    Answer: Emma Stone.

    What is the name of The Hunchback of Notre Dame?

    Answer: Quasimodo.

    Which 2021 Disney Movie is set in Colombia?

    Answer: Encanto.

    “Silenzio Bruno!” is a famous tagline of which movie?

    Answer: Luca.

    What was the name of Jessie’s original owner in Toy Story 2?

    Answer: Emily.

    Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness guide whose emotions in Inside Out?

    Answer: Riley.

    Which vegetable ends up becoming Cinderella’s carriage?

    Answer: A pumpkin.

    Name the Disney movie where this song’s lyrics come from: “Look for the bare necessities, The simple bare necessities”.

    Answer: The Jungle Book.

    Name the Disney movie where this song’s lyrics come from: “Things I almost remember, And a song someone sings, Once upon a December.”

    Answer: Anastasia.

    Name the Disney movie where this song’s lyrics comes from: “Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, It’s home from work we go”

    Answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

    “Look at me, I will never pass for a perfect bride, or a perfect daughter” — what Disney movie is this from, and what is the song called?

    Answer: Mulan, Reflection.

    How many children do Mr. and Mrs. Incredible have in The Incredibles?

    Answer: Three.

    What is the super long word that’s featured in Mary Poppins?

    Answer: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

    Who was Prince Hans supposed to marry in Frozen?

    Answer: Princess Anna.

    Who is the main villain in Alice in Wonderland?

    Answer: The Queen of Hearts.

    Lotso is an old, pink stuffed teddy bear that smells like what?

    Answer: Strawberries.

    Who plays the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland?

    Answer: Johnny Depp.

    Which amusement park does V.A. Vandevere own in Dumbo?

    Answer: Dreamland.

    In which Disney movie is Yzma the villain?

    Answer: The Emperor’s New Groove.

    Which Disney movie does this quote come from: “Giving up is for rookies”.

    Answer: Hercules.

    Which Disney movie takes place in the mythical setting of Neverland?

    Answer: Peter Pan.

    Which Disney movie does this quote come from: “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

    Answer: The Lion King.

    Which Disney movie does this quote come from: “Curiouser and curiouser!”

    Answer: Alice In Wonderland.

    Which Disney movie does this quote come from: “Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”

    Answer: Ratatouille.

    Which Disney character has often been called a “street rat”?

    Answer: Aladdin.

    Which 2016 Disney movie did Lin-Manuel Miranda write songs for?

    Answer: Moana.

    The Little Mermaid won two Academy Awards for Best Song. Which song was it for?

    Answer: “Under The Sea”.

    What was the first toy to be advertised on television?

    Answer: Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story.

    What are the names of the two friendly mice in Cinderella?

    Answer: Jaq and Gus.

    Which actor voiced Joe in the 2020 Disney-Pixar animated movie Soul?

    Answer: Jamie Foxx.

    In Soul, what was Joe’s profession?

    Answer: He was a middle-school band teacher.

    Who played the Genie in the 2019 live-action Aladdin movie?

    Answer: Will Smith.

    In Up, what job did Carl Fredricksen hold before he retired?

    Answer: Balloon salesman.

    In Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, why does Elizabeth fall off the cliff?

    Answer: She faints because her corset is too tight.

    At the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, who does Elizabeth Swann find floating in the ocean?

    Answer: Will Turner.

    What are the names of the superhero parents in “The Incredibles”?

    Answer: Mr. Incredible (Bob) and Elastigirl (Helen).

    What is the name of the superhero daughter in “The Incredibles,” who has the ability to become invisible?

    Answer: Violet.

    WALLE - Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

    WALL-E saves various objects from among the mounds of trash on Earth and arranges them in his shelter. What object does he find that makes him confused about where to place in his collection?

    Answer: A spork.

    What is the musical that WALL-E watches repeatedly?

    Answer: Hello, Dolly.

    In the 2003 movie Holes, what is the secret ingredient in the warden’s special nail polish?

    Answer: Rattlesnake venom.

    Which of these Disney Villains did NOT die at the end of their first movie? Gaston, Maleficent, Cruella, or Gothel?

    Answer: Cruella.

    What type of dog is Lady from Lady and the Tramp?

    Answer: Cocker Spaniel.

    What movie is about a 13-year-old girl who turns into a giant red panda whenever she gets too excited?

    Answer: “Turning Red”.

    In “Moana,” what is the name of the demigod who joins Moana on her journey?

    Answer: Maui.

    What is the name of Moana’s pet rooster in “Moana”?

    Answer: Heihei.

    Which oceanic figure gives Moana the heart of Te Fiti in “Moana”?

    Answer: Her grandmother Tala.

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      Disney Trivia Questions: Walt Disney World

      Epocot - Disney World Trivia Questions and Answers

      EPCOT stands for what?

      Answer: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

      How many theme parks are in Walt Disney World? Can you name them all?

      Answer: Four (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios).

      Which is the biggest theme park at Disney World?

      Answer: Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

      At Disney World, the general vibe of this spot’s interior closely resembles the Mos Eisley Cantina in the Star Wars films. What is the name of this place?

      Answer: Oga’s Cantina.

      There is a secret club in the park where only special guests can enter to escape the crowds, drink fancy cocktails, and eat five-star cuisine. What is this club called?

      Answer: Club 33; it’s the most exclusive Disney dining in the world.

      In which Disney park can you find the famous night blossom drink?

      Answer: Pandora in Animal Kingdom.

      There is only one place to spend the night within Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, where is it?

      Answer: Inside Cinderella’s Castle; you have to go up an elevator to access the suite itself–if you’re lucky enough to get an invitation to stay there.

      Cinderellas Castle - Disney World Trivia Questions

      ______ is a nighttime spectacular in EPCOT that debuted in October 2021 for Walt Disney World’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Can you name this nighttime show?

      Answer: HarmonioUS–the show combines floating screens, fountains, lasers, lights, fireworks, and Disney music.

      When Disney World first opened, how much were tickets? Was it $1, $3.50, $15.50, or $30?

      Answer: $3.50 (now tickets are well over $100)!

      In what land and park would you be able to find the Avatar Flight of Passage ride?

      Answer: Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

      Savi’s Workshop is where you can do what?

      Answer: Build your own lightsaber.

      Where can guests purchase a Holocron?

      Answer: Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

      What month will you typically begin to see pumpkin and Halloween decorations go up at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park?

      Answer: August.

      Disneyland employees aren’t allowed to use what 3-word phrase?

      Answer: “I don’t know.”

      How many Disney parks are there in Asia, the most of any continent?

      Answer: 3.

      Disney Trivia Questions: Disneyland

      What year did Disneyland in Anaheim, CA open?

      Answer: 1955.

      How many days was Disneyland closed due to the pandemic — was it 63, 115, 242, or 412?

      Answer: 412 days.

      What are the three ‘mountains’ within Disneyland and Magic Kingdom?

      Answer: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

      The castle in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Florida belongs to which princess? What about the castle within California’s Disneyland?

      Answer: The castle in Walt Disney World is Cinderella’s castle. The Disneyland Castle in California belongs to Sleeping Beauty.

      Disneyland - Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

      Which planet do guests visit in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

      Answer: Batuu.

      What land is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad located in?

      Answer: Frontierland.

      Among the park’s popular rides, “Star Tours” is located in which land?

      Answer: Tomorrowland.

      Inside Disneyland, what land is The Golden Horseshoe restaurant/saloon located in?

      Answer: Frontierland.

      Psychic medium Madame Leota is a fixture of which Disney park ride?

      Answer: Haunted Mansion.

      Which Bavarian castle did Walt Disney sculpt the one in Disneyland after?

      Answer: Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

      Neuschwanstein Castle - Disney Trivia

      At Disneyland, which Disney Princess owns the castle featured in the center of the park?

      Answer: Sleeping Beauty.

      Walt Disney had an apartment within the Disneyland theme park–it is above which building on Main Street?

      Answer: Fire station.

      Within Disneyland, in which area or land does Mickey Mouse live?

      Answer: Toontown.

      When walking down Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure Park, you come across Carthay Circle Restaurant. What is the significance of the Carthay Circle Theatre in Disney history?

      Answer: It was the theater where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (the first full-length animated feature) premiered.

      What is the name of the singing bust quintet, made up of Rolo Rumkin, Uncle Theodore, Cousin Algernon, Ned Nub, and Phineas Pock?

      Answer: The Phantom Five.

      What is the name of the restaurant located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland?

      Answer: Blue Bayou.

      Star Wars - Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

      Which Disney ride features a room commonly known as the ‘Stormtrooper Room’, where you’ll find rows and rows of Stormtroopers standing there?

      Answer: Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

      The Haunted Mansion is in what land at Disneyland park?

      Answer: New Orleans Square.

      Christmas events at Disneyland start in what month?

      Answer: November.

      Which ride is at every single Disney park?

      Answer: Dumbo The Flying Elephant. This ride appears at Anaheim’s Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and Tokyo Disneyland.

      At Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, which job is NOT a role guests take on to steer the ship–engineer, gunner, pilot, or battler?

      Answer: Battler.

      Which type of chip was actually invented at Disneyland?

      Answer: Doritos; a restaurant named Casa de Fritos made use of stale tortillas by turning them into cheesy flavored chips. The recipe was eventually bought by Frito-Lay.

      Before Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! became a ride, what was the name of the ride before?

      Answer: Tower of Terror.

      Tower Of Terror - Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

      What is the name of the Ant-Man and The Wasp-themed eatery serving massive meals, tiny treats, and shareable bites at the Avengers Campus in Disneyland?

      Answer: Pym’s Test Kitchen.

      In which land can you get a Mint Julep beverage in Disneyland?

      Answer: New Orleans Square (at The Mint Julep Bar).

      At what show would you be able to see a Marvel superhero do some tumbling, leap from one rooftop to the other, swing around, and climb down a wall to greet his fans?

      Answer: The Amazing Spider-Man!

      The spires on top of Sleeping Beauty’s castle are covered in a 22-karat gold finish. Which other Disneyland attraction also features gold leaf finishes?

      Answer: It’s a Small World.

      California Adventure - Disneyland Trivia Questions

      What is the name of the Ferris wheel ride in Disney California Adventure?

      Answer: Pixar Pal-A-Round.

      At Toy Story Midway Mania!, which animatronic Toy Story character sits outside, greeting you with jokes and jabs?

      Answer: Mr. Potato Head.

      Disney Trivia: Disney Channel

      During what year did the streaming service Disney+ come out?

      Answer: November 2019.

      What Disney Channel original series took place in a luxurious hotel and became one of their biggest hits ever?

      Answer: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

      The twins featured in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody are played by what actors?

      Answer: Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

      What was the name of the Disney Channel original series that aired between 2000 and 2003 and starred Shia LaBeouf and Christy Carlson Romano?

      Answer: Even Stevens.

      What was the wildly popular reality series that debuted in 1998, taking place at summer camp and featuring all the real-life drama teenagers face every day?

      Answer: Bug Juice.

      Raven in That’s So Raven has a little brother. What is his name in the show?

      Answer: Cory Baxter.

      Before she went by Miley Cyrus, Miley was best known for playing what character on Disney Channel?

      Answer: Hannah Montana.

      In which Disney Channel Original Movie does a boy named Cody Griffin grow scales and fin, gets the ability to communicate with fish, and breathe underwater as he approaches adolescence?

      Answer: The Thirteenth Year.

      Smart House is a Disney Channel Original Movie where a teenager wins a fully-automated dream house in a competition. What is the virtual assistant / computer’s name?

      Answer: PAT (which stood for Personal Applied Technology).

      Disney Trivia Questions: Disney Music and Quotes

      What popular kid movie is the song “Color of the Wind” from?

      Answer: “Pocahontas”

      Which fishy character in “Finding Nemo” said the phrase “fish are friends, not food”?

      Answer: Bruce the shark.

      “A Whole New World” is a popular song from which Disney movie?

      Answer: Aladdin.

      “Circle of Life” is a popular song from which Disney movie?

      Answer: The Lion King.

      “Be Our Guest” is a popular song from which Disney movie?

      Answer: Beauty and the Beast.

      “Bare Necessities” is a popular song from which Disney movie?

      Answer: The Jungle Book.

      Can you name the song AND the movie that these lyrics come from? “I would go most anywhere to feel like I belong.”

      Answer: Hercules: “I Can Go the Distance”

      Can you name the song AND the movie that these lyrics come from? “Tranquil as a forest, but on fire within.”

      Answer: Mulan: “I’ll Make a Man out of You.”

      Can you name the song AND the movie that these lyrics come from? “If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.”

      Answer: Pocahontas: “Colors of the Wind”

      Can you name the song AND the movie that these lyrics come from? “These guys don’t appreciate I’m broke.”

      Answer: Aladdin: “One Jump Ahead”

      Can you name the song AND the movie that these lyrics come from? “That perfect girl is gone.”

      Answer: Frozen: “Let it Go”

      “How Far I’ll Go” is a popular song from which movie released in 2016?

      Answer: Moana

      “Un Poco Loco” is a popular song from which movie released in 2017?

      Answer: Coco

      “Some people are worth melting for.” is a famous quote from which movie?

      Answer: Frozen

      “Adventure is out there!” is a famous quote from which movie?

      Answer: Up

      “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” is a famous quote from which movie?

      Answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

      “The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.” is a famous song lyric from which movie?

      Answer: The Little Mermaid

      “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.” is a famous song lyric from which movie?

      Answer: Cinderella

      “I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance.” is a famous song lyric from which movie?

      Answer: Hercules

      And that about wraps up our Disney trivia quiz!

      If you had fun and learned something new about the wonderful world of Disney, send this article to your friends to test their knowledge!

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