250 Fun Pop Culture Trivia Questions and Answers

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Pop culture trivia questions are a great way to test your knowledge of the latest trends. While the term ‘pop culture’ is a broad term that’s difficult to define, it can refer to anything from fashion and tech to movies and music.

Whether you’re a movie buff, a TV junkie, or just interested in what’s the haps today, these quizzes will challenge you and have you laughing! And depending on your age, may even have you taking a walk down memory lane…

With our pop culture trivia post, it’s best to have one ‘trivia master’ reading the questions, while everyone else is guessing the correct answer.

So tell everyone to put on their thinking caps and see how much they really know about all things pop culture!

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250 Fun Pop Culture Trivia Questions and Answers

What city is considered the birthplace of hip-hop?

Answer: The Bronx, New York.

Which actor gained 70 pounds in 2006 for his Oscar-winning role as Idi Amin in The Last King Of Scotland?

Answer: Forest Whitaker.

Who is known as the king of pop?

Answer: Michael Jackson.

Burning Man - Land of Trivia

In which state’s Black Rock Desert does the annual Burning Man festival draw its eclectic crowds?

Answer: Nevada. 

What 90s boy band member bought Myspace in 2011?

Answer: Justin Timberlake.

What is the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time?

Answer: The Lion King.

Who was Justin Bieber talking about in 2013 when he said on a visit to Amsterdam, “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber”?

Answer: Anne Frank.

What is the name of the coffee shop in the TV sitcom Friends?

Answer: Central Perk.

Which pop star burnt down her home gym with candles?

Answer: Britney Spears.

What is the highest-grossing video game franchise to date?

Answer: Pokemon.

Which Beatles member made Elton John the godfather of his son?

Answer: John Lennon.

What color is the dreaded line that contestants on The Biggest Loser do not want to fall below, as they’ll be voted off the show?

Answer: Yellow.

What slang term for a personal-portrait photo was first used by an Australian in an online blog in 2002?

Answer: Selfie.

What is the annual San Diego pop culture event that sells out almost every year?

Answer: Comic-Con.

What 2000s rock band is led by the singer, songwriter, and guitarist Karen O?

Answer: Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

What are the two highest-grossing films of all time?

Answer: Avatar and Avengers: End Game.

On Friends, what is Ross’ occupation?

Answer: Paleontologist.

What is Rick’s last name in Rick and Morty?

Answer: Sanchez.

In what U.S. state does Breaking Bad take place?

Answer: New Mexico.

What role in The Lord of the Rings trilogy did Sean Connery turn down because he didn’t understand the script?

Answer: Gandalf.

What country is Shakira from?

Answer: Colombia.

Which legendary rapper appeared as a hologram at the Coachella Music Festival in 2012?

Answer: Tupac Shakur (it was during a Snoop Dogg set).

Which of these retailers is the oldest operating?

Answer: Brooks Brothers (opened in 1818).

The massive fire-breathing dragon at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter can be found on top of which “building” at Universal Studios?

Answer: Gringotts Bank.

Harry Potter Trivia Pop Culture - Land Of Trivia

What is Bruno Mars’ real name?

Answer: Peter Gene Hernandez.

What is Rihanna’s real name?

Answer: Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

What is Eminem’s real name?

Answer: Marshall Bruce Mathers III.

Where is Kanye West from?

Answer: Chicago, Illinois.

How many members of the Spice Girls are there?

Answer: 5.

How many BTS members are there in total?

Answer: 7.

In the Land of Ooo, what magical canine is a friend to Finn in the animated TV series Adventure Time?

Answer: Jake.

Which 2014 reality show featured 12 American bachelorettes vying for the hand of a fake British prince they thought was real royalty?

Answer: I Wanna Marry “Harry”.

Who was the first woman to ever be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: Aretha Franklin.

What are all the names of the Backstreet Boys?

Answer: Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, and Kevin Richardson.

What are all the names of the Spice Girls?

Answer: Melanie Chisholm (“Sporty Spice”), Emma Bunton (“Baby Spice”), Melanie Brown (“Scary Spice”), Victoria Beckham (née Adams) (“Posh Spice”), and Geri Halliwell (“Ginger Spice”).

What are all the names of One Direction?

Answer: Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik.

What are all the names of the NSYNC members?

Answer: Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass.

“More bars in more places” was a mid-2000s commercial slogan for what American technology company?

Answer: AT&T

Subway Fast Food Logo - Land Of Trivia

Who was Subway’s main spokesman from 2000 to 2015?

Answer: Jared Fogle. 

What city/country is Drake from?

Answer: Toronto, Canada.

What species is Mr. Krabs’ daughter in Spongebob Squarepants? What is her name?

Answer: She is a whale and her name is Pearl Krabs.

The American version of The Office takes place in what Pennsylvania city?

Answer: Scranton.

What Disney Channel show features the personal life of a teenage girl who sometimes has a cartoon version of herself acting out her private thoughts?

Answer: Lizzie McGuire.

“Air Force Ones” was a 2002 hit single by what St. Louis rapper?

Answer: Nelly.

What was the first music video played on MTV?

Answer: Video Killed The Radio Star.

Who was the drummer for The Beatles?

Answer: Ringo Starr.

Who is Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together” allegedly about?

Answer: Jake Gyllenhaal.

Which superhero is referenced in every episode of Seinfield?

Answer: Superman.

Who is the actor that plays Aquaman?

Answer: Jason Momoa.

How many Harry Potter movies were there in total?

Answer: 8.

Who made the most money during the pandemic?

Answer: Elon Musk. 

What are the names of all the members of Destiny’s Child?

Answer: Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.

KFC Fast Food Trivia

What is KFC’s slogan?

Answer: It’s finger-lickin’ good.

Who plays the Grinch in The Grinch Stole Christmas?

Answer: Jim Carrey.

What was the name of Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee?

Answer: Bubbles.

Who does Peter Dinklage play in Game Of Thrones?

Answer: Tyrion Lannister.

What is the luxury fashion capital of the world?

Answer: Paris, France. 

What autonomous cleaning device, which resembles a large hockey puck, boasts tens of millions of units sold?

Answer: Roomba.

Black Panther starred which famous actor as the Black Panther?

Answer: Chadwick Boseman.

Will.i.am is a member of what band?

Answer: Black Eyed Peas.

What is Jack Nicholson’s famous line from The Shining?

Answer: “Here’s Johnny”.

Which Canadian raised $30 million for the ASPCA by singing her song “Angel” in a gut-wrenching 2007 TV pitch featuring homeless cats and dogs?

Answer: Sarah McLachlan.

Which candy did faux scientists mix with Diet Coke to produce geyser-like reactions in a 2006 video that tallied up 20 million views?

Answer: Mentos. 

Which social media site added annoying auto-playing videos to its newsfeed in 2014?

Answer: Facebook.

What 2011 Blackberry mini-tablet quickly fell prey to more consumer-friendly competitors like Android and iPad?

Answer: BlackBerry PlayBook.

Which Def Jam co-founder launched the cruelty-free Argyleculture clothing line in 2011 that uses no fur, wool, or leather?

Answer: Russell Simmons.

What does the acronym “ROTFL” stand for?

Answer: Roll(ing) on the floor laughing.

What does the acronym “YOLO” stand for?

Answer: You only live once.

What does the acronym “IYKYK” stand for?

Answer: If you know, you know.

What are the names of the lead actors in Twilight?

Answer: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

What is the name of the little boy in the 2007 video whose finger was being bitten by his younger brother Charlie–was it Henry, Harry, or Howard?

Answer: Harry. 

What was Megan Markle’s blog name before she got married to Prince Harry?

Answer: The Tig. 

What GPS brand failed in 2009 with Nuvifone, its only foray into the smartphone market?

Answer: Garmin.

Who is the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story?

Answer: Tim Allen.

What famous Christmas song is Mariah Carey known for?

Answer: All I Want For Christmas Is You.

What was the most popular Instagram hashtag in March 2015–#friends, #love, #beautiful, or #nature?

Answer: #love

What is Hermione Granger’s cat’s name?

Answer: Crookshanks.

Undergrads from which West Coast university created Snapchat in 2011?

Answer: Stanford.

Which tech giant launched Rooms, an app that creates invite-only, personalized chat rooms, in 2014?

Answer: Facebook.

Apps and Technology - Land of Trivia

Which 2013 dating app was so selective that it matches you only with shared Facebook friends–Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, or Blendr?

Answer: Hinge.

What company has used Santa Claus in its advertisements every year since 1931?

Answer: Coca-Cola.

What music and film guru’s $200 million gift to UCLA in 2002 was so generous that they named their medical school after him?

Answer: David Geffen.

What is Grumpy Cat’s real name?

Answer: Tardar Sauce.

What is Tim Burton’s famous Christmas movie from 1993?

Answer: The Nightmare Before Christmas.

What 3-word phrase made a crying Chris Crocker an internet sensation in 2007 when he was defending a pop star’s heavily criticized MTV performance?

Answer: “Leave Britney Alone”

What is Elvis Presley’s most well-known favorite food?

Answer: A peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich.

The video for what 2012 song by Koren pop star PSY, which features horse-riding-inspired dance moves, achieved 2 billion views online?

Answer: Gangnam Style.

Which Canadian pop star was discovered when his mom posted videos of him singing R&B songs at the age of 12 on YouTube?

Answer: Justin Bieber.

What was Barack Obama’s three-word campaign slogan, which was turned into a music video viewed more than 20 million times?

Answer: “Yes We Can”, spearheaded by Black Eyed Peas’ singer, will.i.am.

Who is the main actress starred in Blue Jasmine?

Answer: Cate Blanchett.

Which former Seinfeld star shed 30 pounds and showed off his success in a 2010 Jenny Craig ad in which he performed a Broadway-style song and dance number?

Answer: Jason Alexander.

What kind of dancing fruit sang “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time” to a Buckwheat Boyz tune in a hit video of 2002?

Answer: A banana.

What unisex blanket with sleeves became a hit phenomenon in 2008?

Answer: The Snuggie.

Snapchat App Logo - Land Of Trivia

What app is identified by a little ghost mascot, drawn up by its CEO in 2011?

Answer: Snapchat.

What color is the letter Y in the eBay logo?

Answer: Green.

With which billionaire could you have had lunch with in 2010, if you had outbid the guy who dropped $2.6 million on eBay for the lunch date?

Answer: Warren Buffett.

Which video app made 16-year-old Nash Grier a star in 2013 with his short movies about the trials of high school life?

Answer: Vine.

What kind of dog is Miss P, who snagged Best In Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2015, just the second of her breed to do so?

Answer: Beagle.

Who is the former heavyweight champ who has a pet tiger?

Answer: Mike Tyson.

Which singer, famous for wearing her Daisy Dukes, was a spokesperson for Weight Watchers in 2014?

Answer: Jessica Simpson.

Which ’60s British rockstar inspired the name of a fossilized swamp creature with super-sized lips?

Answer: Mick Jagger (the scientific name is Jaggermeryx naida).

What oval-shaped foot file removes dead skin and calluses, traps shavings inside, and leaves your feet feeling smooth?

Answer: PedEgg.

Which Friends celebrity got her first tattoo at age 42, in honor of her late dog Norman?

Answer: Jennifer Aniston.

What breed of dog is Champion, the three-legged dog that joined the TV show Parks and Recreation in 2012?

Answer: Pit bull.

What actress celebrated her Cambodian citizenship in 2004 by getting a large Bengal tiger tattooed on her back?

Answer: Angelina Jolie.

What innovative airline’s CEO announced that it would be launching the first glass-bottomed airplane in 2013 as an April Fool’s joke?

Answer: Virgin.

What was the most popular form on cosmetic surgery performed in the USA in 2013?

Answer: Liposuction; over 360,000 procedures were performed. 

What song sung by teen Rebecca Black got so much bad press and negative comments online that she became an internet sensation?

Answer: “Friday”.

What flower, associated with Buddhism, has the same name as a 2009 Prince album and a 2011 Radiohead song?

Answer: Lotus flower.

Which actor had a beloved 300-pound pot-bellied pig named Max?

Answer: George Clooney.

In which Nordic country did the wildly popular smartphone game Angry Birds originate?

Answer: Finland.

What music legend celebrated his new Instagram account by inviting his fans to his 2014 wedding to partner David Furnish?

Answer: Elton John.

Which singer played in his hometown of Honolulu in 2004 on his “Moonshine Jungle” tour?

Answer: Bruno Mars.

What best-selling female vocalist, with 200 million record sales, headlined in Las Vegas for two months in 2015?

Answer: Mariah Carey.

On what TV series starring Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace does Red regularly and creatively threaten to kick Eric’s butt?

Answer: That ’70s Show.

Which rocker did Fergie honor by naming her son after the lead singer of her favorite band?

Answer: Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses.

What comic, writer, and producer left Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show to host his own The Nightly Show?

Answer: Larry Wilmore.

Which Late Night host was the solo anchor on the SNL Weekend Update from 2008 to 2013?

Answer: Seth Meyers.

What rock band was made up of Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and John Bonham?

Answer: Led Zepplin.

What is the stage name of Ben Haggerty, who teamed up with Ryan Lewis to sing “Thrift Shop”?

Answer: Macklemore.

Reportedly captured in a 2011 video of Lake Okanagan, Ogopogo is Canada’s version of what mysterious UK creature?

Answer: The Loch Ness Monster.

Which island was Nicki Minaj born?

Answer: Trinidad.

Who was the first winner of American Idol?

Answer: Kelly Clarkson.

What is Adele’s last name–Ames, Adkins, Edwards, or Watson?

Answer: Adkins.

Who does the Guinness World Records consider the best-selling female singer of all time?

Answer: Madonna is believed to have sold the most records among any female music artist in history.

Shawn Carter goes by what stage name?

Answer: Jay Z.

Which Game of Thrones character was beheaded in 2011, after falsely confessing to treason in order to save his children’s lives?

Answer: Eddard “Ned” Stark.

In what HBO series does 2% of the world’s population suddenly and inexplicably vanish?

Answer: The Leftovers (2014).

Who became the oldest host of SNL in 2010, at age 88?

Answer: Betty White.

Which HBO historical drama scored 23 Emmy nominations and a record-breaking 13 wins in 2008?

Answer: John Adams.

What 2012 Emmy host opened the show by cowering in a women’s bathroom stall–Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien, or Jimmy Fallon?

Answer: Jimmy Kimmel.

What drama from 2013 features characters with the nicknames Crazy Eyes, Big Boo, Taysteem and Pennsatucky?

Answer: Orange Is The New Black.

What game show is on TV if you hear Steve Harvey say, “Survey says”?

Answer: Family Feud.

Which network in 2005 first aired Cash Cab, a quiz show that takes place in a NYC taxi cab with Ben Bailey as the driver and host?

Answer: Discovery.

Which blonde singer launched a line called L.A.M.B., an acronym for her solo album Love. Angel. Music. Baby.?

Answer: Gwen Stefani.

What Seth Rogen / James Franco TV series, named one of the 100 greatest ever by Time magazine, was canceled in 2000 after just 1 season?

Answer: Freaks and Geeks.

What visitor from Krypton shares his birth name with Nicolas Cage’s son, born in 2005?

Answer: Kal-el.

What is the Man vs. Wild adventurer’s name?

Answer: Bear Grylls.

Which country singer launched a worldwide comeback tour in 2014 after spending 13 years in retirement?

Answer: Garth Brooks.

What award-winning TV series about the Bluth family was canceled in 2006 but revived by Netflix with new episodes in 2013?

Answer: Arrested Development.

Which rapper was nicknamed by his mom, who thought he looked like the beagle of “that round-headed kid”, Charlie Brown?

Answer: Snoop Dogg.

What pop star, nicknamed Smiley as a kid, decided to make it her legal name in 2008?

Answer: Miley Cyrus (she changed it from Destiny Hope Cyrus).

Which pop icon shared a kiss with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera during a performance at the 2003 awards show?

Answer: Madonna.

What drama depicts the teenage years of Ryan Atwood, a tough kid taken in by the wealthy Cohens of Orange County, California?

Answer: The OC.

What is the UK counterpart of American Idol that first aired a year earlier in 2001?

Answer: Pop Idol.

Which pop star, a former Lakers cheerleader, rekindled her career in 2002 when she became a talent show judge?

Answer: Paula Abdul (on American Idol).

In Stranger Things, what is the game that Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas are obsessed with playing?

Answer: Dungeons & Dragons.

What is Drake’s real name?

Answer: Aubrey Graham.

Which Irish band frontman, known for his social justice causes, launched ONE in 2004, which raises millions toward ending extreme poverty?

Answer: Bono.

What super ability does police officer Matt Parkman have on the TV series Heroes?

Answer: He can read people’s minds.

Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa, and Po are the four members of what British TV group?

Answer: Teletubbies.

What star of Creed and Black Panther did People magazine choose as its Sexiest Man Alive for 2020?

Answer: Michael B Jordan.

What versatile musician of Chinese descent, considered the greatest living cello player, was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 2011?

Answer: Yo-Yo Ma.

What four-word bit of advice from “the most interesting man in the world” helped sell Dos Equis beer in 2007?

Answer: “Stay thirsty, my friends”.

Which credit card company helped establish the day after Black Friday as Small Business Saturday in a 2010 ad?

Answer: American Express.

Which British actor took home the 2011 Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of a stutter-plagued monarch in The King’s Speech?

Answer: Colin Firth.

What Nashville-based trio, who have won seven Grammys since their 2006 debut, released their fifth studio album, 747, in 2014?

Answer: Lady Antebellum.

Which veteran singer, best known for his hits “The Gambler” and “Lucille” was finally inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2012?

Answer: Kenny Rogers.

In 2004, who tied the know with Jason Allan Alexander in the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas, only to dissolve the marriage 55 hours later?

Answer: Britney Spears.

Who accepted the Razzie for Worst Actress in 2010, one day before accepting the Oscar for Best Actress for a different film?

Answer: Sandra Bullock (Razzie was for All About Steve, Oscar was for The Blind Side).

Which model, discovered at a Sao Paulo McDonald’s in 1994 at age 14, made $47 million in 2014 at age 34?

Answer: Gisele Bundchen.

Who sang the Etta James hit “At Last” for Barack and Michelle Obama’s first dance at the Inaugural Ball on January 20, 2009?

Answer: Beyonce.

Which pop singer danced with an albino Burmese python at the VMA awards show in 2001, which outraged PETA?

Answer: Britney Spears.

In 2007, which airline kept passengers stuck on the runway for 11 straight hours, refusing to allow them to deplane?

Answer: JetBlue.

Which singer, who wants you to call her, maybe, saw her catchy song become Billboard’s top song of the summer in 2012?

Answer: Carly Rae Jepsen.

Which pop star’s mom, an Evangelical preacher, once dated Jimi Hendrix in her counterculture days?

Answer: Katy Perry.

Which actor hit the red carpet at a 2014 Berlin movie premiere with a paper bag on his head that said “I am not famous anymore”?

Answer: Shia LaBeouf.

Which couple got engaged in November 2010 in a rustic cabin in Kenya, with his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring?

Answer: Prince William and Kate Middleton.

What season one American Idol winner named her daughter River Rose in 2014?

Answer: Kelly Clarkson.

Which French fashion legend, who popularized the women’s pantsuit in the 1970s, retired from the industry in 2002?

Answer: Yves Saint Laurent.

Which Broadway musical closed in 2000 after a run of over 17 years and almost 7,500 performances?

Answer: Cats.

Which well-known Hollywood actor claims he turned down an opportunity to be a member of the Backstreet Boys?

Answer: Ryan Gosling.

Which PBS kids’ show host sang “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” every morning for 32 years until he retired in 2000?

Answer: Mr. Rogers.

Which grunge band’s album called Nevermind and had a naked swimming baby on the cover, turned 20 in 2011?

Answer: Nirvana.

Named after the Greek goddess of victory, which athletic shoe company saw its founder, Phil Knight, step down as CEO in 2004?

Answer: Nike.

Which rapper produced several tracks on 50 Cent’s 2003 album, Get Rich or Die Tryin?

Answer: Dr. Dre.

Which 21-year-old actress was chosen “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine in 2006, becoming the youngest-ever winner?

Answer: Scarlett Johansson.

Which TV hospital show mistakenly displayed a backward chest X-ray in its opening scenes for the first five years of its run?

Answer: Scrubs.

What singer asked her husband on their 2003 reality TV show about Chicken of the Sea, “Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?”

Answer: Jessica Simpson.

What American rapper and singer launched to stardom when his single “Trap Queen” rose to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100?

Answer: Fetty Wap.

What Texas blue-rock band, known for their beards and fur-lined guitars, made the 2004 list of Hall of Famers?

Answer: ZZ Top.

Which music-sharing service said goodbye for good to its logo of a cat-wearing headphones when it was sold in 2011?

Answer: Napster.

What is the term, named after an animal, means pretending to be a different person online?

Answer: Catfish.

Essential to the 1980s Valley girl vocabulary, “grody” is synonymous with what word or phrase? Delicious, disgusting, expensive, or high in calories?

Answer: Disgusting.

What sort of person would be described as the bee’s knees?

Answer: Someone that’s highly admired.

Kids in the 1970s were labeled space cadets if they were what?

Answer: Forgetful.

A term originating from the game Among Us, “sus” is short for what?

Answer: Suspicious.

What mythical monster supposedly inhabits the Himalayas?

Answer: Abominable Snowman.

Christmas Winter Snowman - Land Of Trivia

If you’re born on Christmas Day, what’s your star sign?

Answer: Capricorn.

Joe Biden’s youngest son was making the news throughout October, what’s his name?

Answer: Hunter Biden.

Don Draper is the main character from which television series?

Answer: Mad Men.

Which US state was the setting for the series Magnum PI?

Answer: Hawaii.

Who plays regional manager Michael Scott in the US version of The Office?

Answer: Steve Carrell.

What is Barack Obama’s middle name?

Answer: Hussein.

Who was the host of the Travel Channel’s culinary adventure show No Reservations?

Answer: Anthony Bourdain.

Who was named “People” magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2016?

Answer: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Who was named “People” magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2021?

Answer: Paul Rudd.

What was the pet’s name on The Flintstones?

Answer: Dino.

In which fictional town does the show Stranger Things take place? (Bonus points for knowing the state, too!)

Answer: Hawkins, Indiana.

What type of Pokemon is Bulbasaur?

Answer: A dual-type Grass / Poison Pokemon.

Zodiac Signs Astrology - Land Of Trivia

What are the three fire signs of the zodiac?

Answer: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

If your zodiac sign has the water element, what are some of your traits?

Answer: Imaginative, sensitive, empathetic, emotional, nurturing, sentimental.

Which creepy television series on FX starred Lady Gaga as a bloodsucking hotel owner?

Answer: American Horror Story.

Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgård, is a vampire in what HBO vampire show?

Answer: True Blood.

Which electronic music DJ produced the 2013 hit song, “Clarity”?

Answer: Zedd.

Who is the artist that first wrote and sang “Sweet Caroline”, a karaoke favorite?

Answer: Neil Diamond.

Which rapper at the 2012 Grammy’s wore a red-hooded Versace cape, looking quite “cardinal-like” with a date who was dressed as the pope?

Answer: Nicki Minaj; she was promoting her new single “Roman Holiday”.

Who is the lead singer of Aerosmith?

Answer: Steven Tyler.

Who is Nick Jonas married to?

Answer: Priyanka Chopra.

In which country was singer Madonna born?

Answer: USA.

Who is the lead singer of Linkin Park?

Answer: Mike Shinoda.

Which television show is based primarily on characters from the X-Men comic books?

Answer: Legion.

In the TV show The Simpsons, what is the name of Ned Flanders’ two children?

Answer: Rodd and Todd.

What weapon was so powerful that Epic Games pulled it from Fortnite after only four days in December 2018?

Answer: Infinity Blade.

“Bootylicious” has become an accepted word in the Oxford Dictionary thanks to a song by which musical group?

Answer: Destiny’s Child.

Mario first originated as a character in which classic video game?

Answer: Donkey Kong.

_____ was Woodstock’s highest-paid performer, earning $18,000 in 1969.

Answer: Jimi Hendrix.

What annual eating contest sponsored by Nathan’s is held every Fourth of July at Coney Island in New York?

Answer: Hot dog eating contest.

Which group did Chris Rock call the “quintessential California band” when he inducted them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012?

Answer: Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What is the name of the Beverly Hills bakery founded in 2005 by Candace Nelson, a judge on TV’s Cupcake Wars?

Answer: Sprinkles.

Which actor, whose name means “cool breezes over the mountains” in Hawaiian, was born in Beirut, Lebanon and stars in The Lake House (2006)?

Answer: Keanu Reeves.

Which rapper mogul boosted sales for Ciroc, the French vodka brand, selling a million cases in 2011 as its brand ambassador?

Answer: Diddy.

What part of Miami did cardiologist Arthur Agatston honor when he named his low-carb diet after it in his bestselling 2003 book?

Answer: South Beach.

What is the name of the K-pop group that has members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook?

Answer: BTS

Who did Madonna plant an onstage kiss on during the 2015 Coachella Festival in Indio, California?

Answer: Drake.

Which Iron Chef, who asked for an Easy-Bake oven at the age of 5, brought his famed New York City eatery Mesa Grill to Vegas in 2004?

Answer: Bobby Flay.

What Hollywood A-lister and activist launched Casamigos Tequila in 2013 and named it after his vacation home in Mexico?

Answer: George Clooney.

Carlsbad Caverns - Land of Trivia

Which limestone-rich New Mexico cave features an 8-acre chamber called the Big Room, where visitors take a 1-mile walk around its perimeter?

Answer: Carlsbad Caverns.

Which US city hosts its annual Halloween music festival, Voodoo Fest?

Answer: New Orleans.

What flame-shaped trophy is given to celebs who are chosen online by the general public?

Answer: The People’s Choice Award.

What is the better-known name of pop star Alecia Moore, who married a motocross racer in 2006 in Costa Rica?

Answer: Pink.

Which store, known for its giant furniture warehouses, sold an estimated 150 million Swedish meatballs in 2013?

Answer: IKEA.

Goat - Land Of Trivia

What does ‘GOAT’ stand for?

Answer: Greatest of all time.

Who stars in the 2006 comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby as a NASCAR racer trying to regain his lost glory?

Answer: Will Farrell.

Which New Jersey city is the original home of Carlo’s Bake Shop, where TV’s Cake Boss Buddy Valastro layers on his cakey magic?

Answer: Hoboken.

What is the name of the show where you can follow former bachelors and bachelorettes as they explore new relationships in a secluded, dreamy paradise?

Answer: Bachelor in Paradise.

Golf Wang is the fashion brand of which rapper?

Answer: Tyler The Creator.

In which country did K-pop originate?

Answer: South Korea.

In Will Smith’s hit song “Miami”, what lyrics are they singing in Spanish in the chorus?

Answer: “Bienvenidos a Miami” (which translates to ‘welcome to Miami’)

What is the real name of rapper Lil Wayne?

Answer: Dwayne Carter.

Eminem released the song “Lose Yourself” for what movie?

Answer: 8 Mile.

Who plays the enthusiastic and optimistic Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation?

Answer: Amy Poehler.

At what age did Shirley Temple earn a special juvenile Academy Award?

Answer: She earned a special juvenile Academy Award at age seven.

What was Shirley Temple’s second career after she retired from acting?

Answer: Shirley Temple had a successful second career as a diplomat.

Which royal residence is prominently featured in The Crown as the backdrop for British monarchs’ lives?

Answer: Buckingham Palace.

Ice Cube stars in a series of movies alongside Kevin Hart. What is the name of the movie(s)?

AnswerRide Along (and Ride Along 2).

In the dystopian world of The Handmaid’s Tale, what is the name of the theocratic and oppressive regime’s capital city?

Answer: Gilead.

Can you name all the members of BLACKPINK?

Answer: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

What is the name of the iconic little girl that danced in Missy Elliott’s music videos? What else is she known for?

Answer: Alyson Stoner, known for starring in ‘Cheaper By The Dozen,’ ‘Camp Rock’ and ‘Step Up.’

What does the Gen Z term “Stan” mean?

Answer: Fans who are highly engaged and supportive of their favorite celebrities, or to be an overly enthusiastic fan of someone or something.

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    So… how’d you do? These pop culture trivia questions and answers are a great way to test your knowledge about the world today — and have some fun while you’re at it.

    If you enjoyed this trivia post on your own, why not wrangle a group of friends together, grab some snacks, and see who knows the most about the topic of pop culture? Or, send this article directly to them and see how they do!

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