112 Spring Trivia Questions To Celebrate The New Season

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As the chilly days of winter bid us farewell, there’s an undeniable sense of anticipation in the air… because SPRING IS NEAR!

To kick off the spirit of this invigorating season, we’ve crafted a delightful journey into the world of the spring season. Get ready to embrace the warmth of the sun, the scent of blooming flowers, and the fun festivities that make spring truly special.

So, why not gather your friends and family, pour a refreshing drink, and dive into the beauty of spring with our springtime trivia quiz? We’re celebrating all of nature’s wonders and springtime traditions!

These questions are designed to spark laughter, ignite memories, and perhaps even unveil a few surprising facts about this enchanting season. Read on, spit out the answers to the questions, and let’s honor this wonderful season!

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Spring Trivia Questions: General Knowledge

Cherry Blossoms

In Japan, what is the traditional event associated with cherry blossoms in March/April, drawing crowds from all over the world?

Answer: Hanami (cherry blossom viewing).

What mathematical symbol is celebrated with sweet desserts every March 14th?

Answer: Pi.

What is the date of International Women’s Day?

Answer: March 8.

What is the main focus of International Women’s Day?

Answer: Recognizing the achievements and contributions of women and advocating for gender equality.

What was the most popular Instagram hashtag in March 2015?

  • a) #friends
  • b) #love
  • c) #beautiful
  • d) #nature

Answer: b) #love

True or false: Washington, D.C., has more cherry blossoms than any other U.S. city.

Answer: False. The U.S. capital is home to some 3,800 cherry trees, but that pales in comparison to Macon, Georgia, which boasts 350,000 Yoshino cherry trees (more than double the town’s population). Macon hosts the International Cherry Blossom Festival in mid-to-late March.

In Japan, women do most of the gifting on Valentine’s Day. On what day do women receive gifts from men?

Answer: White Day, held on March 13.

What event marks the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere?

Answer: Spring Equinox.

During the Spring Equinox, what happens to day and night?

Answer: They are approximately equal in length.

Which collegiate sport finishes up its March Madness tournaments shortly after spring begins?

Answer: Basketball.

In which hemisphere does April begin the meteorological spring?

Answer: Northern Hemisphere.

What is the birthstone for April?

Answer: Diamond.

Which state is home to South Padre Island, which US News & World Report deems one of its top 10 spring break sites in 2015?

Answer: Texas.

Which city was the setting for the 2012 film Spring Breakers, starring James Franco — St. Petersburg, Miami, or Key West?

Answer: St. Petersburg.

Zodiac Signs Astrology - Land Of Trivia

Which zodiac signs are associated with April?

Answer: Aries (March 21 – April 19) and Taurus (April 20 – May 20).

What common saying is associated with the weather in April? “April showers…”

Answer: “April showers bring May flowers.”

Which New York newspaper is credited with having started a new fad when it made Sudoku a featured puzzle in April of 2005?

Answer: New York Post.

In Roman mythology, April is dedicated to which goddess?

Answer: Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

What is the primary color associated with Easter, which often falls in April?

Answer: Pastel colors, especially pink, blue, and yellow.

Which of these is NOT celebrated during the month of April?

  • a) National Trombone Players Day
  • b) St. Stupid Day
  • c) National Sourdough Bread Day
  • d) National Welsh Corgi Day

Answer: d) National Welsh Corgi Day (celebrated in March)

Which of these is NOT celebrated during the month of April?

  • a) Adopt a Ferret Month
  • b) Chocolate Chip Cookie Week
  • c) Laugh at Work Week
  • d) Be Kind to Spiders Week

Answer: b) Chocolate Chip Cookie Week (also celebrated in March)

World Autism Awareness Day, celebrated on April 2, encourages what color to be prominently displayed?

Answer: Blue, as a symbol of autism awareness.

What birds return to San Juan Capistrano, California shortly before spring begins each year?

Answer: Swallows.

When the Northern Hemisphere experiences spring, what season does the Southern Hemisphere experience?

Answer: Fall.

Thanksgiving Autumn Harvest - Thanksgiving Fall Trivia Questions

Spring is also a time when lots of baby animals are born! What is the name for a baby cow?

Answer: Calf.

What is a baby deer called?

Answer: Fawn.

What is the name for a baby duck?

Answer: Duckling.

What do we call a baby horse?

Answer: Foal.

Besides Aquamarine, what is the alternative birthstone for March?

Answer: Bloodstone.

Can you describe what color a bloodstone is?

Answer: It’s a dark-green gemstone flecked with vivid red spots of iron oxide.

Which US president founded the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961?

Answer: President John F. Kennedy

Which place holds the record for the highest annual rainfall and is often referred to as the “wettest place on Earth”?

Answer: Mawsynram, a village in the Indian state of Meghalaya.

What Pacific island is recognized for its lush rainforests and holds the record for the highest annual rainfall in the United States?

Answer: Mount Waialeale in Hawaii.

In the animated film Rio, what kind of bird is Blu, and what festival does he experience in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro during spring?

Answer: Blu is a macaw, and he experiences Carnival.

Springtime usually means spring cleaning! In the KonMari method popularized by Marie Kondo, what is the essential criterion for deciding whether to keep or discard an item?

Answer: Does it “spark joy”?

On the show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, what specific categories does Marie recommend decluttering first during the tidying process?

Answer: Clothing, books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items), and sentimental items (in that order).

Which popular TV show features a team of organizational experts (Clea and Johanna) transforming cluttered spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing areas?

Answer: The Home Edit.

In various parts of the world, including North America, spring marks the emergence of what insects with distinctively loud and rhythmic sounds?

Answer: Cicadas.

What is the term for the annual migration of some salmon species during the spring months, where they return to the freshwater streams of their birth to lay eggs?

Answer: Salmon Spawning.

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    Spring Trivia Questions: Holidays Around The World

    This US city has been celebrating St. Patrick by dumping green dye into their river since 1962. Which city is this?

    Answer: Chicago, IL.

    What two traditional foods have become a St. Patrick’s Day staple for Irish Americans?

    Answer: Corned beef and cabbage.

    What alcoholic beverage is the most widely consumed beverage on St. Patrick’s Day?

    Answer: Beer (specifically Guinness!).

    What type of beer is Guinness?

    Answer: Irish dry stout.

    Can you describe what a shamrock is?

    Answer: Shamrocks are three-leaf clovers.

    What landmark building’s fountain, located on the South Lawn, has spouted green water every year since 2009 for St. Patrick’s Day?

    Answer: The White House.

    What is the English translation of the words “mardi gras”?

    Answer: “Mardi Gras” translates directly to “Fat Tuesday.”

    What trio of colors are associated with Mardi Gras?

    Answer: Purple, green, and gold. These are said to have been chosen in 1892 when the Rex Parade theme “Symbolism of Colors” gave the colors their meanings.

    What does the gold color represent?

    Answer: Power.

    One of the biggest Mardi Gras celebrations in the U.S. takes place in which city?

    Answer: New Orleans.

    During Carnival season in New Orleans, what can you often find hanging on trees?

    Answer: Beads.

    April 13-15 is Songkran in Thailand. What does this major holiday celebrate?

    Answer: Songkran is the Thai New Year’s festival, marked by water fights and water-related activities to symbolize cleansing and renewal.

    What is the significance of water during the Songkran festival in Thailand?

    Answer: Water symbolizes purification and the washing away of sins, marking the start of the Thai New Year.

    While Mischief Night is most commonly associated with Halloween, what season did it originally take place in?

    Answer: Spring. Commonly celebrated in England, Ireland, and Scotland in centuries past, Mischief Night was once part of the festivities welcoming spring. Originally, May Day Eve (aka April 30) was a night when children bid the winter months goodbye with hijinks and devilment.

    Ching Ming Festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, takes place April 4-6. Which country is it celebrated in?

    Answer: China

    What is the main purpose of the Ching Ming Festival in China?

    Answer: It’s a time for families to pay respects to their ancestors by cleaning their graves and offering food and other items.

    In the United States, what major holiday is celebrated on the first Monday of May to honor those who have died while serving in the military?

    Answer: Memorial Day.

    What significant Mexican holiday is celebrated on May 5th, commemorating the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla?

    Answer: Cinco de Mayo.

    Which Hindu festival, known as the “Festival of Colors,” usually falls in March, marking the arrival of spring?

    Answer: Holi.

    How is Holi commonly celebrated?

    Answer: With the throwing of colored powders and water. It’s a ton of fun!

    What event is commemorated on the Ides of March?

    Answer: The assassination of Julius Caesar.

    When is Employee Appreciation Day celebrated?

    Answer: The first Friday in March.

    In March 1889, the completion of this wrought-iron architectural structure was completed in time for the World Fair. What was the landmark?

    Answer: The Eiffel Tower.

    Read Across America Day falls on March 2, which is ALSO which famous author’s birthday?

    Answer: Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

    Dr Seuss Trivia Questions and Answers

    In the Christian calendar, what is the major feast celebrated on the 40th day of Easter, which often falls in May?

    Answer: Ascension Day.

    What Irish festival, celebrated on May 1st, marks the beginning of the warmer season and is associated with the lighting of bonfires?

    Answer: Bealtaine.

    In South Korea, what national holiday celebrated on May 5th honors a certain member of the family unit?

    Answer: Children’s Day.

    In Russia, what holiday is celebrated on May 9th to honor the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II?

    Answer: Victory Day.

    What Canadian public holiday is celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25th and marks the unofficial start of summer?

    Answer: Victoria Day.

    What Islamic holy month often begins in the spring months, and is a period of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community for Muslims worldwide?

    Answer: Ramadan.

    In the United States, what cultural observance takes place in May to recognize and appreciate the contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans?

    Answer: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

    What European music competition is held annually in May, featuring representatives from various countries competing for the title?

    Answer: Eurovision Song Contest.

    In Brazil, the celebration known as “Dia da Independência” is observed on May 7th, marking the country’s independence from what country?

    Answer: Portugal.

    Spring Trivia Questions: All About Flowers

    What is the official flower for the month of April?

    Answer: Sweet Pea and Daisy.

    Which US city is known for its annual cherry blossom festival in the spring?

    Answer: Washington D.C.

    Which wildflower, often associated with spring, is known for its bright yellow blooms and is a symbol of rejuvenation? Hint: Its scientific name is Narcissus pseudonarcissus.

    Answer: Daffodil.

    What flower is sometimes called “The Ladder to Heaven”?

    Answer: Lily of the Valley.

    What is the state flower of California, known for its vibrant orange color and often seen blooming in the spring?

    Answer: California Poppy.

    What small, delicate flowers, often in shades of blue and purple, blanket the ground in April and are one of the first signs of spring?

    Answer: Forget-Me-Nots.

    In May, what tall and colorful flowers, known for their spiky blooms, attract butterflies and come in various hues such as purple, pink, and white?

    Answer: Lupins.

    Echinacea coneflower - Spring Flowers (1)

    What is another name for Coneflowers?

    Answer: Echinacea.

    Which wildflower, also known as hyacinthoides non-scripta, is known for its distinct blue hue and often carpets woodland areas in early spring?

    Answer: Bluebell.

    What is the common name for the small, delicate white flowers that blanket forest floors in early spring, signaling the arrival of warmer weather?

    Answer: Wood Anemone.

    Which wildflower, often found in meadows and fields, has a name that suggests a link to the sun and is known for its bright yellow petals?

    Answer: Sunflower.

    What natural phenomenon, characterized by an unusually high density of blooming flowers, transforms landscapes into vibrant tapestries of color, particularly in places like California’s deserts?

    Answer: Wildflower Superblooms.

    Spring Trivia Questions: Easter

    Easter Trivia Questions and Answers

    What event is observed in Christian churches one week before Easter?

    Answer: Palm Sunday.

    Which civilization started the tradition of giving eggs as gifts?

    Answer: Persians.

    In which country would you find people dressed in long robes and pointed hoods (capirote) designed to keep the wearer’s identity secret during public atonement for past sins? This country also has a specific town where skeleton costumes are put on for a ‘dance of death’ on Maundy Thursday.

    Answer: Spain.

    Children from which two countries celebrate Easter by going door to door dressed up as witches, accepting candy and other sugary bribes from each household, and in return, they use willow branches to drive evil spirits away?

    Answer: Finland and Sweden.

    In the Bible, how many days passed between Jesus’ death and resurrection?

    Answer: Three.

    What is the Spanish phrase for ‘Holy Week’?

    Answer: Semana Santa.

    In which country is Easter NOT a national holiday: United Kingdom, Spain, Ghana, or United States?

    Answer: United States.

    Buying and wearing what for Easter is said to bring good luck for the rest of the year?

    Answer: New clothing.

    What is the name of the Charlie Brown Easter special that debuted in 1974?

    Answer: It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! 

    What is the most popular chocolate given out in England during Easter?

    Answer: Cadbury Creme Eggs.

    This event has been celebrated by the presidents of the United States and their families since 1878. What is it?

    Answer: The White House Easter Egg Roll.

    True or False: Easter happens on the same day every year.

    Answer: False. Easter does not fall on the same day each year. The date of Easter Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon (Spring Equinox).

    What two months can Easter fall in?

    Answer: March and April.

    What is the traditional flower of Easter?

    Answer: The Easter lily. Easter lilies are white with trumpet-shaped flowers.

    True or false: Easter Island was discovered on Easter in 1772

    Answer: True.

    Spring Trivia Questions: Earth Day

    Ocean - Earth Day Trivia Questions

    When was the first Earth Day celebrated?

    Answer: April 22, 1970.

    What is the international symbol of Earth Day that represents environmental awareness?

    Answer: The Earth Day flag, featuring a picture of the Earth.

    Earth Day originated as a response to which environmental disaster?

    Answer: The Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969.

    The term “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is often associated with Earth Day. Which of these actions has the most significant impact on reducing waste?

    Answer: Reduce.

    What is the official name for Earth Day given by the United Nations in 2009?

    Answer: International Mother Earth Day

    True or false: Earth Day has its own theme song.

    Answer: True, you can find it here. It has been translated in dozens of languages, including all official United Nations languages.

    What is the significance of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation?

    Answer: It supports over 35 innovative conservation projects around the world that protect fragile ecosystems and key species. Through grantmaking, public campaigns, and media projects, the actor has worked to bring attention and funding to the protection of biodiversity, ocean and forest conservation, and climate change.

    What type of material is commonly used in sustainable toothbrushes as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic?

    Answer: Bamboo.

    What renewable material is commonly used in the production of sustainable cleaning brushes and scrubbers?

    Answer: Coconut fibers.

    In sustainable packaging, what term is used for materials that can be easily broken down and returned to the environment?

    Answer: Biodegradable.

    What is the purpose of a compostable trash bag, a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic trash bags?

    Answer: It breaks down naturally in composting systems, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.

    Large-scale commercial fishing can harm whales through the depletion of fish in the ecosystem and they often become victims of by-catch when they become entangled in the gear and nets of commercial fishing, leading to suffocation and prolonged injuries. What can we do as consumers to help?

    Answer: By purchasing sustainable seafood, we can help prevent further harm to whales. To identify seafood that’s been sourced sustainably, look for labels from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) on the packaging.

    Palm oil is in so many things — instant noodles, packaged bread, chocolate, detergent, shampoo. Large-scale illegal and unsustainable production of palm oil has led to problems like haze and deforestation in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, the world’s largest producers of palm oil. Which endangered animal is this detrimentally impacting?

    Answer: Orangutans. Their populations have dropped significantly due to habitat loss. The Bornean orangutan, native to the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, has lost more than half of its population — 150,000 — since 1999.

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