75 Fun Paris Trivia Questions To Spark Wanderlust

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Ah, Paris! The city of lights, romance, and undeniable charm. Whether you’ve strolled along the Seine River, marveled at the Eiffel Tower’s intricate lattice, or daydreamed about indulging in delicate macarons at a café on a quaint Parisian street, there’s something undeniably enchanting about the French capital.

And what better way to celebrate the magic of Paris than by delving into a world of trivia that uncovers its hidden treasures and iconic landmarks? In this article, we’re bringing you our carefully curated selection of Paris trivia questions that cover everything from its presence in pop culture to its most famous sites.

Get ready to put your knowledge to the test! From movies to museums, from Montmartre to the Marais, we’re about to explore the many facets of the most popular city in the world!

You ready? Let’s dive into the Paris trivia questions that’ll be sure to spark your wanderlust and deepen your appreciation for Paris, France.

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Fun Paris Trivia Questions To Spark Wanderlust

Eiffel Tower Paris - Fun France Trivia Questions

Paris is known as the City of ___.

  • a) Love
  • b) Locks
  • c) Light
  • d) Cuisine

Answer: c) Light.

What is the nickname for the famous cabaret located in the Pigalle district of Paris?

Answer: The Moulin Rouge.

In which artistic neighborhood of Paris can you find the former studios of many renowned artists?

Answer: Montmartre.

True or False: The Louvre Museum is home to over 460,000 pieces of art in its entire collection.

Answer: True.

True or False: The Eiffel Tower was initially meant to be a permanent monument.

Answer: False. Paris’s most iconic building was only meant to be a temporary monument. It was France’s way of demonstrating its superior technology and construction skills. However, when it was constructed in 1889, it was extremely unpopular!

In which arrondissement can you find the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral?

Answer: 4th arrondissement.

Which famous opera house is located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris?

Answer: Palais Garnier.

Which historic prison and former royal palace is now a popular museum in Paris?

Answer: The Conciergerie.

What is the name of the grand arch that stands at the western end of the Champs-Élysées?

Answer: Arc de Triomphe.

The Palace of Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located just outside of Paris. In which direction from the city is it situated?

Answer: Southwest.

Montmartre is known for its artistic history and the stunning Sacré-Cœur Basilica. In which arrondissement is Montmartre located?

Answer: 18th arrondissement.

The Latin Quarter is famous for its vibrant student life. Which iconic university is situated in this area?

Answer: Sorbonne University.

In which upscale neighborhood can you find the famous Champs-Élysées avenue?

Answer: 8th arrondissement.

Which neighborhood is home to the historic Marais district and many art galleries?

Answer: 3rd and 4th arrondissements.

Paris Trivia Questions and Answers

The Eiffel Tower stands in which neighborhood of Paris?

Answer: Champ de Mars, 7th arrondissement.

Which renowned café on the Left Bank has been frequented by artists, writers, and philosophers?

Answer: Café de Flore.

What is the name of the oldest café in Paris, located in the Latin Quarter?

Answer: Café Procope (founded in 1686).

Le Relais de l’Entrecôte is a famous restaurant chain in Paris known for serving what classic dish?

Answer: Steak frites.

In which region of France is Paris located?

Answer: Île-de-France.

Disneyland Paris - Fun France Trivia Questions

In which city would you be able to find the Disneyland Paris theme park in France?

Answer: Marne-la-Vallée, about 32 kilometers (20 miles) east of Paris.

Which river flows through the heart of Paris?

Answer: Seine River.

Which neighboring country of France shares a border with the northeastern part of the country?

Answer: Belgium.

What international airport serves as the primary gateway to Paris?

Answer: Charles de Gaulle Airport (Roissy-Charles de Gaulle).

Which historic palace-turned-museum is known for its glass pyramid entrance?

Answer: The Louvre.

The Louvre Paris, France

What is the name of the famous armless statue, thought to depict the goddess of love, that was discovered in 1820 and lives at Paris’ Louvre Museum?

Answer: Venus de Milo.

The Grand Palais and Petit Palais are two elegant buildings located near which famous avenue?

Answer: Champs-Élysées.

What is the name of the estate on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles where Marie Antoinette had her private retreat?

Answer: The Petit Trianon.

Which historic bridge in Paris is adorned with beautiful statues and connects the Île de la Cité to the Right Bank?

Answer: Pont Neuf.

What famous novel by Victor Hugo helped raise awareness about the deteriorating state of Notre Dame Cathedral?

Answer: “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.”

What architectural style is predominantly associated with the design of Notre Dame Cathedral?

Answer: French Gothic.

Notre Dame Cathedral is located on an island in the Seine River. What is the name of this island?

Answer: Île de la Cité.

The Panthéon, a neoclassical mausoleum, is the final resting place of many notable French figures. In which arrondissement is it located?

Answer: 5th arrondissement.

This historic tearoom near the Louvre is known for its renowned hot chocolate and delectable pastries.

Answer: La Maison Angelina.

____ is a famous patisserie that has been serving exquisite macarons and pastries since 1862. Visit the flagship store on Champs-Élysées.

Answer: Ladurée.

What is the name of the famous falafel restaurant located in the Marais district of Paris?

Answer: L’As du Fallafel.

Which hill in Paris is home to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica, providing a panoramic view of the city?

Answer: Montmartre.

The Sacré-Cœur Basilica is known for its distinct architectural style. What style is it characterized by?

Answer: Romano-Byzantine.

Who was the chief engineer responsible for designing the Eiffel Tower?

Answer: Gustave Eiffel.

Eiffel Tower France

The Eiffel Tower was originally built as a temporary exhibit for which major event?

Answer: The 1889 World’s Fair (Exposition Universelle) held in Paris to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.

What unique artwork exists in the Catacombs, created by arranging human bones into decorative patterns?

Answer: Macabre Decor.

What was the original purpose of the Catacombs of Paris when they were created?

Answer: To serve as an underground quarry for limestone used in building projects.

Who was the famous French monarch associated with the construction of the Palace of Versailles?

Answer: King Louis XIV.

The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles is famous for being the location of which historical event?

Answer: The signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, ending World War I.

How many stop signs are there in the entire city of Paris?

Answer: One. Despite being one of the most populous European capitals, Paris only has one stop sign, which is located at the end of a construction company’s drive in the 16th arrondissement. Throughout the rest of the city – and we mean all of it – the right gets priority.

What historically significant remnants can you find at the corner of Roquette and La Croix-Faubin Street in Paris?

Answer: Concrete spots where a former guillotine was located.

What unique feature does the Obelisk in the Place de la Concorde square have?

Answer: It functions as a sundial.

True or False: Pont Neuf is the oldest standing bridge in Paris and was named “New Bridge” when it was built.

Answer: True.

True or false: You can still hang a lock on the ‘love-locks bridge’ (Pont des Arts) today.

Answer: False. Visitors used to attach locks as symbols of love, but it was removed due to structural concerns.

Which historical event in 1789 marked the beginning of the French Revolution and was a pivotal moment in Paris’s history?

Answer: The Storming of the Bastille.

The Hundred Years’ War, a series of conflicts between England and France, had an important event known as the “Coronation” take place in 1429. Who was crowned during this event?

Answer: Joan of Arc led the coronation of Charles VII at the Reims Cathedral.

In Paris, what is the significance of the miniature Statue of Liberty facing the larger counterpart?

Answer: It symbolizes the friendship between France and the US.

What is the name of the French brand that is famous for its luxury scarves and silk accessories, often featuring equestrian motifs and the iconic H logo?

Answer: Hermès.

What is the name of the French brand that is famous for its red-soled shoes and high heels, featuring a signature red color and often seen on celebrities?

Answer: Christian Louboutin.

If you wanted to order a classic French onion soup, what would you ask for?

Answer: Soupe à l’oignon.

What French term is used to describe a small appetizer or snack served before a meal?

Answer: Amuse-bouche.

What is the French word for “cheese”?

Answer: Fromage.

If you’re looking for a bakery that specializes in bread, pastries, and other baked goods, what term would you use?

Answer: Boulangerie.

Paris Trivia Questions and Answers

Which French term refers to a type of restaurant that offers a fixed-price menu with a selection of dishes for each course?

Answer: Prix fixe.

What French word means “butterfly” and is used to describe a pastry that is light, flaky, and resembles a butterfly shape?

Answer: Papillon.

If you’re craving something sweet and delicate, what type of shop would you visit for treats like macarons and éclairs?

Answer: Pâtisserie.

What French word is used to describe a wine steward or an expert in wine and food pairings?

Answer: Sommelier.

What is the French word for “delicatessen,” a shop that sells prepared foods and high-quality ingredients?

Answer: Épicerie fine.

What is the French term for a light, refreshing sorbet or fruit-flavored ice dessert?

Answer: Sorbet.

What is the name for a French-style omelette that is rolled and typically filled with various ingredients?

Answer: Roulade.

In the film “Midnight in Paris,” directed by Woody Allen, a writer finds himself transported to which era of Paris’s history every night?

Answer: 1920s.

Which Disney animated film features a song titled “Les Poissons” set in a kitchen in Paris?

Answer: “The Little Mermaid.”

The film “Before Sunset” takes place in real-time over the course of an afternoon in Paris. Who are the two main characters?

Answer: Jesse and Céline.

New Orleans was originally founded by the French. What country took possession of it via the Treaty of Paris in 1763?

Answer: Spain

“We’ll always have Paris” is a memorable quote from what classic 1943 film?

Answer: “Casablanca”

In what animated movie is a rat named Remy aspiring to become a chef in a famous restaurant located in Paris?

Answer: “Ratatouille”

The TV show “Versailles” portrays the reign of which historical French monarch and the construction of the Palace of Versailles?

Answer: Louis XIV.

The song “April in Paris” was popularized by which renowned jazz singer?

Answer: Ella Fitzgerald.

Who sang the original version of the hit song “La Vie en Rose,” a classic that captures the romantic essence of Paris?

Answer: Édith Piaf.

What year did Disneyland Paris (formerly Euro Disney) officially open its gates to the public?

Answer: 1992 (April 12, 1992).

What is the name of the fairy tale castle located at the heart of Disneyland Paris?

Answer: Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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