The Ultimate Europe Trivia Quiz: 125 Trivia Questions All About Europe

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If you’re someone who just can’t get enough of places like Berlin, Vienna, Naples, Paris, London, Barcelona, and more — we’ve got something super fun for you today! A trivia quiz dedicated to the incredible continent of Europe!

So are you ready to put your Europe knowledge to the test? From the Eiffel Tower to Oktoberfest, Europe is full of vibrant landmarks, traditions, and history that make it one of the most fascinating places on earth.

In this ultimate Europe trivia quiz, you’ll encounter a multitude of questions that will take you on a journey through European cities, traditions, and history. You’ll test your knowledge on everything from famous landmarks to European pop culture, and everything in between.

So whether you’re a seasoned traveler or simply a lover of all things Europe, get ready to dive into our exciting Europe trivia questions and see just how much you really know about this incredible continent!

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Europe Trivia Questions: Countries and Landmarks

Sistine Chapel - 100 Fun Italy Trivia Questions

In which church in Rome could you find its ceiling painted with imagery that depicts scenes from the Book of Genesis, including the famous image of God reaching out to touch Adam’s finger?

Answer: The Sistine Chapel

In which city is the Louvre Museum located?

Answer: Paris, France

Which river runs through Vienna, Austria?

Answer: Danube

Which European country does not have any mosquitos?

Answer: Iceland.

What is the largest church in Europe?

Answer: St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Rome.

Which country in Europe has the most castles?

Answer: Czech Republic (930+ castles).

Which European country is often referred to as the “Emerald Isle”?

Answer: Ireland.

What is the name of the famous Italian tower that is known for its lean?

Answer: Leaning Tower of Pisa

Fenchurch Building - Europe Trivia Questions

What famous building in the world is known as The Walkie Talkie?

Answer: The Fenchurch Building

What is the name of the famous canal in Venice, Italy that is known for its gondolas?

Answer: Grand Canal

What is the name of the famous cathedral in Moscow, Russia that is known for its colorful onion domes?

Answer: St. Basil’s Cathedral

True or false: Rome has more water fountains than any other city in the world.

Answer: True

Where is Schönbrunn Palace located?

Answer: Vienna, Austria

In what European country is Gdańsk located?

Answer: Poland.

In which country can you ski your way through Mickey D’s and order whatever you’d like?

Answer: Sweden. Lindvallen, a ski resort about 200 miles from Stockholm, has its very own golden arches ski-thru window where you can order anything from the regular menu.

Casa Milà in Barcelona, Spain was architected by who?

Answer: Antoni Gaudi.

What famous building in the world is known as The Cheesegrater?

Answer: Leadenhall Building (London, England).

Which two continents would connect across the Strait of Gibraltar if a bridge were to be built?

Answer: Europe and Africa.

The summit of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak, is located in which country?

Answer: France.

Neuschwanstein Castle - Disney Trivia

Where is Europe is the Neuschwanstein Castle located?

Answer: Bavaria, Germany

What is the name of the famous attraction in London, England that houses the Crown Jewels?

Answer: Tower of London

What is the name of the museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands that is home to works by Rembrandt and Vermeer?

Answer: Rijksmuseum

Which German city and capital of Bavaria was the home of the original Oktoberfest?

Answer: Munich.

Which country does NOT span the two continents of Europe and Asia — Turkey, Russia, or Bulgaria?

Answer: Bulgaria.

Where is Amalienborg Palace located?

Answer: Copenhagen, Denmark

Where is Buda Castle located?

Answer: Budapest, Hungary

Reykjavik is the capital of what country?

Answer: Iceland.

Which nation was the most visited in 2011, with 79.5 million tourists, many viewing its capital city’s Left Bank?

Answer: France.

What is the name of the famous cathedral in Barcelona, Spain that is known for its unique architecture by Antoni Gaudí?

Answer: Sagrada Familia

Where is Wawel Castle located?

Answer: Krakow, Poland

This is one of the largest national parks in Europe and accounts for 13% of Iceland. A massive glacier covers the majority of the park and offers incredible ice climbing, hiking and snowmobiling. What is this national park?

Answer: Vatnajokull National Park.

Where is Belém Tower and Pasteis de Belém located?

Answer: Lisbon, Portugal

Where is the Neues Museum located?

Answer: Berlin, Germany

Where is Cotroceni Palace, a neoclassical palace that serves as the official residence of the president of the country, located?

Answer: Bucharest, Romania

What is the most visited tourist attraction in the world?

Answer: Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Paris - Fun France Trivia Questions

What is the name of the famous museum in Vienna, Austria that is home to works by Gustav Klimt?

Answer: Belvedere Museum

What is the name of the famous museum in Madrid, Spain that is home to works by Francisco Goya?

Answer: Prado Museum

What is the name of the famous cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia that is known for its golden domes?

Answer: St. Isaac’s Cathedral

What is the name of the famous palace in Vienna, Austria that was the summer residence of the Habsburgs?

Answer: Schönbrunn Palace

Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in which European country?

Answer: Croatia.

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in what country?

Answer: Greece.

Which Italian city is known for being the birthplace of pesto, as well as for its street food, including focaccia and farinata (chickpea flatbread)?

Answer: Genoa

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    Europe Trivia Questions: Food, Traditions, and Holidays

    Oktoberfest - Germany - Europe Trivia Questions and Answers

    What is the name of the German festival that takes place in September and celebrates all things beer and includes parades and music?

    Answer: Oktoberfest

    Which Italian region is famous for its pizza and pasta dishes?

    Answer: Naples

    What is the traditional Scottish dress that features a tartan skirt and a bodice called?

    Answer: Kilt

    In what country do more than half of people believe in elves?

    Answer: Iceland.

    Which European country celebrates “Friend’s Day” rather than Valentine’s Day?

    Answer: Finland.

    Which traditional Spanish dance involves clapping and stomping?

    Answer: Flamenco

    In 2015, which European city hosted the first Lollapalooza concert outside of the USA–Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, or Budapest?

    Answer: Berlin.

    In what European country is Baselworld, the annual watch and jewelry fair, held for one week every March?

    Answer: Switzerland.

    What is the name of the traditional French pastry made with layers of puff pastry and cream filling?

    Answer: Mille-feuille

    Which traditional Greek dish consists of stuffed grape leaves?

    Answer: Dolmades

    Which country’s national animal is a unicorn?

    Answer: Scotland.

    Which country ranks first in cereal consumption per capita?

    Answer: Ireland.

    From which country do French fries originate?

    Answer: Belgium.

    Liege waffle - Belgium

    Which traditional Belgian waffle is typically served with whipped cream and fruit?

    Answer: Liege waffle

    The first Valentine’s Day celebration occurred in which Western European city?

    Answer: Paris.

    Which traditional Irish dance involves quick and precise footwork?

    Answer: Riverdance.

    Pancake Day is another name for Mardi Gras that comes from England. Why is it named this?

    Answer: It was common tradition to use up all the eggs, milk, and butter in the kitchen prior to Ash Wednesday. These ingredients were often used to make pancakes.

    What is the name of the Hungarian stew that is made with vegetables, paprika, and meat?

    Answer: Goulash

    Which traditional Danish pastry is typically filled with custard or fruit?

    Answer: Danish

    Which traditional Finnish activity involves sitting in a hot room and then jumping into cold water?

    Answer: Sauna

    The king cake is believed to have originated in which country during the 12th century?

    Answer: France.

    What is the name of the Austrian dessert that consists of a chocolate cake with a liquid chocolate center?

    Answer: Sachertorte

    What is the name of the Romanian dish that consists of grilled minced meat rolls?

    Answer: Mici

    What is the name of the traditional Swiss dish that consists of melted cheese and bread?

    Answer: Fondue

    Wine - Food Trivia Questions And Answers

    If you’re drinking a Chianti wine, that means your wine is from which country?

    Answer: Italy.

    In Medieval Europe, people thought witches turned themselves into this animal to fly around. What is this animal?

    Answer: Owls.

    Europe Trivia Questions: TV/Movies, Music, and Pop Culture

    What innovative Italian fashion house designed a transparent raincoat that turned opaque when it got wet for its 2002 collection?

    Answer: Prada.

    Which French DJ and producer released the hit single “One More Time” in 2000?

    Answer: Daft Punk

    Which Dutch DJ and producer released the hit single “Adagio for Strings” in 2005?

    Answer: Tiësto

    In which European city did Celine and Jesse meet in “Before Sunset”? 

    Answer: Vienna

    Which actor portrays Gil in Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”? 

    Answer: Owen Wilson

    Which French fashion legend, who popularized the women’s pantsuit in the 1970s, retired from the industry in 2002?

    Answer: Yves Saint Laurent

    What is the name of the French brand that is famous for its luxury scarves and silk accessories, often featuring equestrian motifs and the iconic H logo?

    Answer: Hermès

    Which city dominates Italy’s automotive industry?

    Answer: Turin.

    Lamborghini, the well-known automotive brand, began by making what types of vehicles?

    Answer: Tractors.

    What cup size, meaning “thirty” in Italian, was introduced by Starbucks in 2011 for 31-ounce cold beverages?

    Answer: Trenta.

    Which Oscar-nominated 2000 film stars Juliette Binoche as a mysterious woman who opens up a confectionery shop in a small town in France?

    Answer: Chocolat

    In which 2012 movie does plantation owner Calvin Candie, who doesn’t know a word of French, insist on being called “Monsieur”?

    Answer: Django Unchained

    Which 2017 movie, set in Italy, tells the story of a young man named Elio who falls in love with an older guy named Oliver?

    Answer: Call Me by Your Name

    Which 2018 movie, set in Russia, tells the story of a ballerina who is recruited by a secret intelligence agency?

    Answer: Red Sparrow

    What is the name of the Swedish pop group that had a hit with the song “Dancing Queen” in 1976?

    Answer: ABBA

    ABBA - Fun Europe Trivia Questions

    Which British rock band was formed in 1962 and included members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Charlie Watts?

    Answer: The Rolling Stones

    Which European country is featured in Outlander?

    Answer: Scotland, UK

    Which wildly popular 8-season HBO Show was filmed in Belfast?

    Answer: Game of Thrones

    What is the name of the Irish rock band that had a hit with the song “With or Without You” in 1987?

    Answer: U2

    Which British rock band was formed in 1970 and included members Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor?

    Answer: Queen

    What is the name of the Italian fashion brand known for its bold use of color and its iconic D&G logo?

    Answer: Dolce & Gabbana

    What is the name of the Italian fashion brand known for its stylish and functional outerwear, particularly its iconic puffer jackets that cost thousands of dollars?

    Answer: Moncler

    Which 2013 movie, set in France, tells the story of a young girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina?

    Answer: Leap!

    Who directed the 2017 movie Dunkirk, which tells the story of the evacuation of British soldiers from France during World War II?

    Answer: Christopher Nolan

    Which 2016 movie, set in France, tells the story of a woman who becomes involved with a man who has a rare genetic condition?

    Answer: The Innocents

    Who directed the 2014 movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is set in a fictional European country?

    Answer: Wes Anderson

    What is the name of the British singer who had a hit with the song “Hello” in 2015?

    Answer: Adele

    Which Dutch DJ and producer released the hit single “Toulouse” in 2012?

    Answer: Nicky Romero

    What is the name of the French DJ and producer who released the hit single “Titanium”? Which singer is featured in this song?

    Answer: David Guetta with Sia featured.

    Europe Trivia Questions: History and Famous Figures

    Beer - Land of Trivia

    True or False: Germans were the first to brew beer.

    Answer: False; the first concrete evidence of barley beer comes from the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia (modern Iraq and Syria).

    In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of ___, the goddess of love and beauty.

    Answer: Venus.

    Who was the first queen of France?

    Answer: Anne of Kiev

    In both ancient Greece and the European Middle Ages, a practice known as tyromancy was popular, which meant you would be using what food for divination purposes?

    Answer: Using cheese to predict the future.

    The disease that ravaged and killed a third of Europe’s population in the 14th century is known as what?

    Answer: The Black Plague or Bubonic Plague.

    Who was the first king of the Netherlands?

    Answer: William I

    In what year did the United Kingdom vote to leave the European Union?

    Answer: 2016

    Which country joined the European Union in 2004, along with nine other countries from Central and Eastern Europe?

    Answer: Poland

    Who was the first emperor of Rome?

    Answer: Augustus

    Who was the first prime minister of the United Kingdom?

    Answer: Robert Walpole

    Who was the first king of England from the House of Tudor?

    Answer: Henry VII

    Eyjafjallajökull - Iceland Europe

    What was the name of the Icelandic volcano that erupted in 2010, causing widespread travel disruptions across Europe?

    Answer: Eyjafjallajökull

    In what year did Greece experience a debt crisis that led to a bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund?

    Answer: 2010

    Which country hosted the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament, which was won by Portugal?

    Answer: France

    What was the name of the terrorist attack that took place in Paris in November 2015, killing 130 people?

    Answer: The November 2015 Paris attacks

    Where is Mozart’s Birthplace located?

    Answer: Salzburg, Austria

    What was the name of the political movement that emerged in Spain in 2011, calling for greater democracy and social justice?

    Answer: The Indignados (or 15-M Movement)

    In what year did Sweden become the first country to introduce a national digital currency, the e-krona?

    Answer: 2020

    Rue Claude Monet Giverny France

    Which French artist painted the Water Lilies?

    Answer: Claude Monet

    Who was the first czar of Russia?

    Answer: Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible)

    Who was the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire?

    Answer: Charlemagne

    Who was the first woman to become prime minister of the United Kingdom?

    Answer: Margaret Thatcher

    Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution?

    Answer: Vladimir Lenin

    Which European country banned most beers for most of the 20th century?

    Answer: Iceland. Like many places, Iceland experimented with prohibition, banning wine, liquor, and beer in 1915. The law was mostly repealed in 1933, but kept beer limited to 2.25% alcohol; full-strength brews weren’t allowed until March 1, 1989!

    Which European team did David Beckham leave in 2007 after signing a 5-year $250 million deal to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy?

    Answer: Real Madrid

    Though it originated in China, which fruit was named for Persia, where Europeans first encountered it?

    Answer: Peach

    Who founded the first film production company in France, which created more than 400 films from 1896 to 1913 — was it Pierre Étaix, August Lumiere, or Georges Méliès?

    Answer: Georges Méliès

    What was the name of the last Queen of France?

    Answer: Marie Antoinette

    “Luncheon of the Boating Party” (1881), “Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette” (1876), and “The Umbrellas” (1881-1885) were all paintings by which French painter?

    Answer: Pierre-Auguste Renoir

    What European city became the first to allow LGBTQ people to marry legally when it permitted four same-sex couples to wed in its City Hall in 2001?

    Answer: Amsterdam

    Which year was the Euro adopted?

    Answer: 2002

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