All About Villains: 90 Multiple-Choice Trivia Questions And Answers

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Step into the shadows and brace yourself for the ultimate test of your knowledge about the most iconic, nefarious characters to ever grace our TV screens.

You know what we’re talking about! Villains — the bringers of chaos and destruction — come in all shapes, sizes, and genres, and they’ve left an indelible mark on our TV and movie experiences.

In our latest brain-teasing adventure, we’ve compiled a challenging set of questions that will take you on a journey through the villainous realms of superhero movies, Disney classics, sci-fi epics, and fantasy sagas.

Expect the unexpected as we delve into the cunning minds of all your favorite villains! Can you recall the chilling laughter of the Joker, decipher the sinister plans of Lord Voldemort, and navigate the treacherous terrain of intergalactic villains?

You ready to test your TV and movie villains knowledge? Our villains trivia awaits, and the gauntlet has been thrown. Enter if you dare!

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Villains Trivia Questions: Warm-Up Round

Question: Who is the iconic antagonist of L. Frank Baum’s fantasy classic, feared for her green skin and cackling laughter?

  • A) Elphaba
  • B) The Wicked Witch of the East
  • C) The Wicked Witch of the West
  • D) Maleficent

Answer: C) The Wicked Witch of the West

What is the name of the relentless robotic antagonist from James Cameron’s science fiction franchise?

  • A) R2-D2
  • B) C-3PO
  • C) The Terminator or T-800
  • D) WALL-E
Answer: C) The Terminator or T-800

Which Disney villain is obsessed with fur and plots to make a coat out of Dalmatian puppies?

  • A) Maleficent
  • B) Ursula
  • C) Cruella de Vil
  • D) Scar
Answer: C) Cruella de Vil

Which iconic vampire, inspired by Vlad the Impaler, is known for his aristocratic charm and supernatural abilities?

  • A) Nosferatu
  • B) Edward Cullen
  • C) Count Dracula
  • D) Lestat de Lioncourt
Answer: C) Count Dracula

Who is the Dark Lord seeking dominion over Middle-earth through the One Ring?

  • A) Saruman
  • B) Voldemort
  • C) Sauron
  • D) Morgoth
Answer: C) Sauron

Question: Who is the feared villain in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, also known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

  • A) Severus Snape
  • B) Lucius Malfoy
  • C) Lord Voldemort
  • D) Draco Malfoy

Answer: C) Lord Voldemort

Villains Trivia Questions: Superhero Villains

Thanos - Villains Trivia

Question: Who is the primary antagonist of Spider-Man in the Marvel Comics universe?

a) Green Goblin
b) Lex Luthor
c) The Riddler
d) Two-Face

Answer: a) Green Goblin

Question: Black Adam, a powerful antihero in DC Comics, derives his powers from which ancient Egyptian source?

a) The Eye of Horus
b) The Scarab of Ra
c) The Amulet of Anubis
d) The Shazam Wizard

Answer: d) The Shazam Wizard (from saying “Shazam,” the word invokes the powers of the six Egyptian gods: Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen)

Question: Sinestro, a former Green Lantern turned antagonist, leads which group of fear-powered beings in the DC Universe?

a) The Red Lantern Corps
b) The Orange Lantern Corps
c) The Yellow Lantern Corps
d) The Blue Lantern Corps

Answer: c) The Yellow Lantern Corps

Question: Red Skull, a Nazi officer and archnemesis of Captain America, encounters a powerful artifact known as the:

a) Tesseract
b) Aether
c) Orb
d) Mind Stone

Answer: a) Tesseract

Question: The mercenary Slade Wilson is better known by which menacing moniker in the DC Comics world?

a) Deathstroke
b) Deadshot
c) Black Mask
d) Bane

Answer: a) Deathstroke

Darkseid - Superhero Villains Trivia
Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Question: Darkseid, a powerful and tyrannical cosmic entity, is a recurring foe of which superhero and the Justice League?

a) Superman
b) The Flash
c) Wonder Woman
d) Aquaman

Answer: a) Superman

Question: The arch-nemesis of the Flash, who possesses super speed and is known for his yellow suit, is named:

a) Captain Cold
b) Reverse-Flash
c) Gorilla Grodd
d) Trickster

Answer: b) Reverse-Flash

Question: Hailing from the underwater city of Atlantis, this villain is a formidable adversary to Aquaman. You can find him in primarily a black wetsuit with a bug-eyed helmet that is able to shoot blasting rays from its eyes:

a) Ocean Master
b) Black Manta
c) King Shark
d) The Trench

Answer: b) Black Manta

Question: The greatest adversary of Iron Man, who shares a similar intellect and often dons his ten rings, is known as:

a) The Mandarin
b) Ultron
c) Whiplash
d) The Vulture

Answer: a) The Mandarin

Question: Which Batman villain is a master of fear and utilizes a fear toxin to induce terrifying hallucinations?

a) The Scarecrow
b) Ra’s al Ghul
c) The Mad Hatter
d) Killer Croc

Answer: a) The Scarecrow

Question: Loki, the adoptive brother of Thor, is a mischievous and cunning antagonist in the Marvel universe. What is his title in Norse mythology?

a) God of Thunder
b) God of Mischief
c) God of War
d) God of Wisdom

Answer: b) God of Mischief

Question: Adrian Toomes, a senior citizen with a grudge against Spider-Man, becomes a winged villain known as:

a) The Lizard
b) The Vulture
c) The Shocker
d) The Rhino

Answer: b) The Vulture

Question: This cosmic entity, often depicted as a giant purple figure, is a powerful adversary of the Avengers and seeks to balance the universe by collecting all six Infinity Stones:

a) Red Skull
b) Thanos
c) Ronan the Accuser
d) Ultron

Answer: b) Thanos

Question: The ruler of the underwater city of Atlantis and a hero-turned-villain, who is Aquaman’s half-brother, goes by the name:

a) Ocean Master
b) Black Manta
c) King Shark
d) The Trench

Answer: a) Ocean Master

Marvel and Avengers Trivia Questions - Land of Trivia

Question: The genius scientist, CEO, and military contractor who becomes a villain with a personal vendetta against Iron Man is known as:

a) The Mandarin
b) Whiplash
c) Justin Hammer
d) Yellowjacket

Answer: c) Justin Hammer

Question: Pamela Isley, an eco-terrorist with the ability to control plants, is better known as:

a) Poison Ivy
b) Harley Quinn
c) Enchantress
d) Cheetah

Answer: a) Poison Ivy

Question: Heath Ledger portrayed a captivating and chaotic version of the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.” What was his famous catchphrase?

a) “Why so serious?”
b) “I am the night.”
c) “The shadows betray you because they belong to me.”
d) “Let’s put a smile on that face.”

Answer: a) “Why so serious?”

Question: Magneto is a central antagonist in the X-Men comic series. In the comics, what is Magneto’s real name?

a) Erik Lehnsher
b) Max Eisenhardt
c) Victor Creed
d) Raven Darkholme

Answer: b) Max Eisenhardt

Question: The artificial intelligence program that becomes a major threat in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” is created by:

a) Tony Stark
b) Bruce Banner
c) Hank Pym
d) Thanos

Answer: a) Tony Stark

Question: Which actor portrayed the Penguin, a classic Batman villain, in Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”?

a) Jack Nicholson
b) Christopher Walken
c) Michael Keaton
d) Danny DeVito

Answer: d) Danny DeVito

Question: What is the real name of the villain known as Dr. Octopus?

a) Dr. Oliver Octavian
b) Dr. Oscar Octavian
c) Dr. Otto Octavius
d) Dr. Othello Octavius

Answer: c) Dr. Otto Octavius

Question: In Marvel Comics, what is the alias of the character whose real name is Ava Starr?

a) Ghost
b) Specter
c) Phantom
d) Shadow

Answer: a) Ghost

Question: The primary antagonist in the first Spider-Man film, “Green Goblin,” has what real name?

a) Norman Bates
b) Norman Osborn
c) Norman Reedus
d) Norman Rockwell

Answer: b) Norman Osborn

Question: The adversary in the first Iron Man movie, “Iron-Monger,” is revealed to be which character?

a) Obadiah Stane
b) Justin Hammer
c) Aldrich Killian
d) Ivan Vanko

Answer: a) Obadiah Stane

Question: In Black Panther, Erik Killmonger’s real name is:

a) Eric Killmover
b) Baron Zemo
c) N’Jadaka
d) Namor

Answer: c) N’Jadaka

Question: In Marvel Comics, what is the alias of the skilled assassin and mercenary with a healing factor, often associated with Wolverine?

a) Bullseye
b) Sabretooth
c) Deadpool
d) Taskmaster

Answer: c) Deadpool

Question: The villain known for manipulating probability and luck, often causing chaos for the X-Men, is:

a) Domino
b) Scarlet Witch
c) Mystique
d) Lady Deathstrike

Answer: a) Domino

Question: Which Marvel villain, with the ability to control minds and manipulate memories, is the daughter of Magneto and a key member of the Brotherhood of Mutants?

a) Jean Grey
b) Emma Frost
c) Wanda Maximoff
d) Lorna Dane

Answer: c) Wanda Maximoff

Question: What is the alias of the cosmic entity that devours entire planets and serves as a powerful adversary to the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four?

a) Galactus
b) Ego the Living Planet
c) The Collector
d) The Grandmaster

Answer: a) Galactus

Question: A symbiotic alien life form that bonds with Eddie Brock to become a formidable adversary of Spider-Man is known as:

a) Sandman
b) Venom
c) Lizard
d) Hobgoblin

Answer: b) Venom

Venom - Superhero Villains Trivia (1)
Courtesy of Marvel

Question: What is the alias of the crime lord Wilson Fisk in Marvel Comics?

a) Kingpin
b) Crime King
c) The Penguin
d) The Mastermind

Answer: a) Kingpin

Question: In DC Comics, which superhero is the arch-nemesis of Lex Luthor?

a) Superman
b) Batman
c) Wonder Woman
d) The Flash

Answer: a) Superman

Question: The villain known for his signature laugh and chaotic demeanor, often facing Batman, is:

a) The Penguin
b) The Riddler
c) The Joker
d) Two-Face

Answer: c) The Joker

Question: In the X-Men film series, Magneto possesses the ability to control:

a) Fire
b) Metal
c) Ice
d) Telepathy

Answer: b) Metal

Question: Who is the villain in Marvel Comics known for using a glider and pumpkin bombs, with a Halloween-inspired appearance?

a) The Green Goblin
b) The Sandman
c) Venom
d) Electro

Answer: a) The Green Goblin

Question: The notorious Batman villain Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot is better known by what alias?

a) The Penguin
b) The Falcon
c) The Sparrow
d) The Scarecrow

Answer: a) The Penguin

Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Question: Edward Nigma is the real name of which iconic Batman villain?

a) The Riddler
b) The Joker
c) The Scarecrow
d) Two-Face

Answer: a) The Riddler

Question: Deever and Dumfrey Tweed are the real names of which Batman villains who often work together?

a) Tweedledum and Tweedledee
b) The Ventriloquist and Scarface
c) The Mad Hatter and March Hare
d) The Court of Owls

Answer: a) Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Question: The mutant Mystique, known for her ability to shapeshift, is a prominent adversary in the X-Men movies. Who played Mystique in the original X-Men trilogy?

a) Jennifer Lawrence
b) Halle Berry
c) Famke Janssen
d) Rebecca Romijn

Answer: d) Rebecca Romijn

Question: In “Avengers: Infinity War,” the primary antagonist, Thanos, is on a quest to collect all six Infinity Stones. Which stone is embedded in Vision’s forehead?

a) Time Stone
b) Power Stone
c) Mind Stone
d) Reality Stone

Answer: c) Mind Stone

Question: Liam Neeson portrayed Ra’s al Ghul in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. What is Ra’s al Ghul’s real name?

a) Henri Ducard
b) Dr. Otto Octavius
c) Wilson Fisk
d) Michael Peterson

Answer: a) Henri Ducard

Question: Ultron, a sentient artificial intelligence, is a primary antagonist in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Who provided the voice for Ultron in the film?

a) James Spader
b) Robert Downey Jr.
c) Paul Bettany
d) Mark Ruffalo

Answer: a) James Spader

Question: Who is the villain responsible for breaking Batman’s back in the “Knightfall” storyline?

a) The Riddler
b) Bane
c) Two-Face
d) Scarecrow

Answer: b) Bane

Question: Which DC Comics villain, also known as “The Main Man,” is an intergalactic bounty hunter with a penchant for violence and mayhem?

a) Darkseid
b) Lobo
c) Brainiac
d) Mongul

Answer: b) Lobo

Question: In the “Infinity Gauntlet” comic series, which character ultimately defeats Thanos by turning him into stone?

a) Iron Man
b) Captain America
c) Silver Surfer
d) Adam Warlock

Answer: d) Adam Warlock

Question: This Spider-Man villain possesses a mechanical suit that enhances his strength and features a set of mechanical wings. Who is he?

a) The Vulture
b) The Shocker
c) The Scorpion
d) The Rhino

Answer: a) The Vulture

Question: In the “Flashpoint” storyline, which character becomes a brutal and authoritarian Batman after Bruce Wayne is killed instead of his parents?

a) Thomas Wayne
b) Dick Grayson
c) Tim Drake
d) Damian Wayne

Answer: a) Thomas Wayne

Question: Before becoming the Red Skull, Johann Schmidt was a member of which paramilitary organization led by Adolf Hitler during World War II?

a) Hydra
b) The Hand
c) AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics)
d) The Waffen-SS

Answer: a) Hydra

Villains Trivia Questions: Disney Villains

Villain - The Little Mermaid - Disney Trivia Questions and Answers

Question: In “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” who is the wicked queen who transforms into an old hag to harm Snow White?

a) Maleficent
b) Cruella de Vil
c) Ursula
d) The Evil Queen

Answer: d) The Evil Queen

Question: What is the name of the sea witch in “The Little Mermaid” who tries to take over the underwater kingdom of Atlantica?

a) Cruella de Vil
b) Ursula
c) Maleficent
d) Lady Tremaine

Answer: b) Ursula

Question: In “Sleeping Beauty,” who curses Princess Aurora to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep?

a) Ursula
b) Maleficent
c) The Evil Queen
d) Lady Tremaine

Answer: b) Maleficent

Question: Which Disney villain is known for kidnapping puppies to make a fur coat in “101 Dalmatians”?

a) Captain Hook
b) Jafar
c) Maleficent
d) Cruella de Vil

Answer: d) Cruella de Vil

Question: In “Cinderella,” who is the wicked stepmother who mistreats Cinderella?

a) Lady Tremaine
b) Mother Gothel
c) Queen of Hearts
d) The Evil Queen

Answer: a) Lady Tremaine

Question: What is the name of the villainous lion in “The Lion King” who kills Mufasa and tries to take over the Pride Lands?

a) Scar
b) Jafar
c) Rafiki
d) Zazu

Answer: a) Scar

Question: In “Beauty and the Beast,” who is the arrogant and self-centered hunter who becomes the primary antagonist?

a) Gaston
b) Cogsworth
c) LeFou
d) Maurice

Answer: a) Gaston

Question: What is the name of the evil sorcerer in “Aladdin” who seeks to use the power of a magical lamp to rule the world?

a) Scar
b) Rafiki
c) Jafar
d) Iago

Answer: c) Jafar

Question: In “The Princess and the Frog,” who is the voodoo witch doctor with a penchant for dark magic?

a) Dr. Facilier
b) Gaston
c) Hades
d) Naveen

Answer: a) Dr. Facilier

Question: In “Moana,” who is the giant crab that collects shiny objects and antagonizes Moana?

a) Tui
b) Tamatoa
c) Maui
d) Hei Hei

Answer: b) Tamatoa

Question: What is the name of the sinister sorceress who kidnaps Princess Eilonwy in “The Black Cauldron”?

a) Yzma
b) Madam Mim
c) The Horned King
d) Lady Tremaine

Answer: c) The Horned King

Question: In “Mulan,” who is the ruthless leader of the Huns with a falcon named Hayabusa?

a) Shan Yu
b) Shang
c) Chien Po
d) Ping

Answer: a) Shan Yu

Question: What is the name of the cunning fox who serves as the main antagonist in “Robin Hood”?

a) Prince John
b) Sir Hiss
c) Captain Hook
d) Skippy

Answer: a) Prince John

Question: In “Toy Story,” what is the name of the neighbor boy who mistreats toys and serves as an antagonist to Woody and Buzz Lightyear?

a) Sid
b) Randall
c) Emily
d) Phillip

Answer: a) Sid

Question: In “Monsters, Inc.,” who is the scheming chameleon-like monster that serves as the primary antagonist?

a) Sully
b) Randall Boggs
c) Hopper
d) Stinky Pete

Answer: b) Randall Boggs

Question: In “Finding Nemo,” who is the dentist’s niece, notorious for shaking the fish bag and causing chaos for the tank inhabitants?

a) Darla
b) Sid
c) Boo
d) Violet

Answer: a) Darla

Question: What is the name of the charismatic yet deceptive prospector doll in “Toy Story 2”?

a) Stinky Pete
b) Al McWhiggin
c) Hopper
d) Ken

Answer: a) Stinky Pete

Question: In the first “Cars” movie, what is the name of the arrogant green race car who serves as Lightning McQueen’s rival?

a) Chick Hicks
b) Jackson Storm
c) Mater
d) Doc Hudson

Answer: a) Chick Hicks

Question: In “Ratatouille,” what is the name of the ambitious chef who serves as the primary antagonist to Remy’s culinary aspirations?

a) Skinner
b) Chef Gusteau
c) Anton Ego
d) Linguini

Answer: a) Skinner

Question: Who is the flashy and charismatic superhero in “The Incredibles” who turns out to be the villain Syndrome?

a) Mirage
b) Dash
c) Buddy Pine
d) Frozone

Answer: c) Buddy Pine

Question: What is the name of the villainous toy who serves as the main antagonist in “Toy Story 3” and rules over Sunnyside Daycare?

a) Hopper
b) Stinky Pete
c) Lotso
d) Syndrome

Answer: c) Lotso

Question: In “Maleficent,” who is the human king who betrays and harms Maleficent, leading to her transformation into the iconic villain?

a) King Stefan
b) King Hubert
c) King Phillip
d) King Arthur

Answer: a) King Stefan

In Emperor’s New Groove, ___ is the power-hungry advisor to Emperor Kuzco, and her attempts to seize the throne lead to comical yet villainous situations.

a) Stefan
b) Kronk
c) Chicha
d) Yzma

Answer: d) Yzma

Question: In “Toy Story 2,” Buzz Lightyear faces off against the arch-nemesis who is revealed to be his father. What is the name of this villain?

a) Emperor Zurg
b) Darth Maul
c) Prospector Pete
d) Sid

Answer: a) Emperor Zurg

Question: Who is the tyrannical ruler in “Alice in Wonderland” known for her impulsive decrees, particularly her love for ordering executions?

a) Maleficent
b) Ursula
c) The Evil Queen
d) Queen of Hearts

Answer: d) Queen of Hearts

Villains Trivia Questions: Sci-Fi Movie Villains

Question: In “Star Wars,” who is the Sith Lord and master of the dark side of the Force, serving as the primary antagonist in the original trilogy?

a) Count Dooku
b) Darth Vader
c) Emperor Palpatine
d) Darth Maul

Answer: c) Emperor Palpatine

Question: In “Blade Runner,” who is the corporate tycoon and creator of the replicants?

a) Roy Batty
b) Eldon Tyrell
c) Pris
d) Rachael

Answer: b) Eldon Tyrell

Question: Who is the artificial intelligence system in “The Matrix” that becomes the main adversary, seeking to eliminate humans?

a) White Rabbit
b) Morpheus
c) Agent Smith
d) The Oracle

Answer: c) Agent Smith

Question: In “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” who is the genetically engineered tyrant seeking revenge on Captain Kirk?

a) General Chang
b) Khan Noonien Singh
c) Q
d) Gul Dukat

Answer: b) Khan Noonien Singh

Question: In “War of the Worlds,” what extraterrestrial race invades Earth with their advanced tripods?

a) Martians
b) Venusians
c) Jovians
d) Plutonians

Answer: a) Martians

Question: Who is the malevolent computer system in “2001: A Space Odyssey” that controls the spaceship Discovery One?

a) Skynet
b) HAL 9000
d) AM

Answer: b) HAL 9000

Question: In “Ender’s Game,” who is the alien queen leading the Formic invasion of Earth?

a) Mazer Rackham
b) The Hive Queen
c) Goddess Graff
d) Ender Wiggin

Answer: b) The Hive Queen

Question: Who is the cyborg assassin sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor in “The Terminator”?

a) T-1000
b) T-X
c) T-800
d) T-3000

Answer: c) T-800

Question: Who is the artificial intelligence in “I, Robot” that becomes self-aware and poses a threat to humanity?

b) Sonny
c) QT-3.14
d) R. Daneel Olivaw

Answer: a) VIKI

Question: In “Independence Day,” what extraterrestrial race attempts to conquer Earth, leading to a global conflict?

a) The Zorgs
b) The Greys
c) The Harvesters
d) The Visitors

Answer: c) The Harvesters

Question: In “Minority Report,” who is the director of the PreCrime division and a potential antagonist in the film?

a) John Anderton
b) Lamar Burgess
c) Agatha
d) Danny Witwer

Answer: b) Lamar Burgess

Question: Who is the enigmatic extraterrestrial being in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” that communicates with humans through musical tones?

a) E.T.
b) The Abyssal One
c) The Grays
d) The Visitors

Answer: c) The Grays

Villains Trivia Questions: Fantasy Movie Villains

Harry Potter Trivia Pop Culture - Land Of Trivia

Question: In “The Lord of the Rings,” who is the dark lord seeking to control Middle-earth with the One Ring?

a) Saruman
b) Sauron
c) Morgoth
d) Mordor

Answer: b) Sauron

Question: In “Harry Potter,” who is the dark wizard obsessed with achieving immortality and defeating Harry Potter?

a) Bellatrix Lestrange
b) Severus Snape
c) Lord Voldemort
d) Lucius Malfoy

Answer: c) Lord Voldemort

Question: In the dark and twisted tale of “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” what drives Sweeney Todd to become a vengeful and murderous barber?

a) Betrayal and injustice
b) Greed for gold
c) Love and compassion
d) Desire for power

Answer: a) Betrayal and injustice

Question: In “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” who is the antagonist ruling over Narnia with eternal winter?

a) Queen Jadis
b) Morgana
c) Morgause
d) The White Witch

Answer: d) The White Witch

Question: In “The NeverEnding Story,” who is the dark force threatening to consume the land of Fantasia?

a) The Nothing
b) The Evil Queen
c) The Black Witch
d) The Black Hole

Answer: a) The Nothing

Question: Who is the malevolent sorcerer in “The Sword in the Stone” who opposes Arthur’s destiny to become king?

a) Maleficent
b) Jafar
c) Madam Mim
d) Merlin

Answer: c) Madam Mim

Question: In “The Hobbit,” which dragon serves as the primary antagonist, guarding the Lonely Mountain?

a) Smaug
b) Ancalagon
c) Glaurung
d) Drogon

Answer: a) Smaug

Question: In “Stardust,” what is the name of the witch seeking to capture a fallen star to regain her youth and power?

a) Lamia
b) Morgana
c) Nimue
d) Eris

Answer: a) Lamia

Question: In “The Princess Bride,” who is the six-fingered man responsible for killing Inigo Montoya’s father?

a) Prince Humperdinck
b) Count Rugen
c) Vizzini
d) Fezzik

Answer: b) Count Rugen

Question: In then 1988 film “Willow”, who is the evil queen transforming into various forms to stop the prophecy of a chosen child?

a) Bavmorda
b) Sorsha
c) Elora Danan
d) Fin Raziel

Answer: a) Bavmorda

Question: In “The Dark Crystal,” who is the vulture-like Skeksis emperor seeking to drain the essence of Gelflings?

a) Chamberlain
b) The Scientist
c) SkekSo
d) The General

Answer: c) SkekSo

Question: Who is the malevolent wizard in “The Flight of Dragons” (1982) who seeks to cover the world in darkness?

a) Ommadon
b) Vermithrax
c) Bryagh
d) Smrgol

Answer: a) Ommadon

Question: In the “Harry Potter” series, which of these characters would be considered the least villainous?

a) Bellatrix Lestrange
b) Severus Snape
c) Death Eaters
d) Lucius Malfoy

Answer: b) Severus Snape

Question: Who is the villainous ruler in “Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)” who seeks to use the power of the crystal for world domination?

a) Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke
b) Molière
c) Vinny Santorini
d) Milo Thatch

Answer: a) Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke

Question: Who is the main antagonist in “The Great Mouse Detective” (1986), a rat who schemes to overthrow the queen and take control of Mousedom?

a) Ratigan
b) Fidget
c) Basil
d) Dawson

Answer: a) Ratigan

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