70 Fun Multiple Choice Trivia Questions For Seniors

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Are you ready to take a delightful trip down memory lane? Today’s trivia adventure is tailor-made just for you. Get ready to test your knowledge and spark some nostalgia as we dive into a wonderful array of topics that defined an era!

From the golden age of music to iconic movies, from the fascinating world of technology to historical milestones that shaped the world – our multiple-choice trivia questions will challenge and entertain you.

If you’ve gathered up all your friends and family members, tell everyone to put on their thinking caps, because the categories we’re about to explore are bound to put a smile on your faces.

Let’s jump in and relive the moments that made your generation truly unforgettable! Good luck to you all!

And if the questions here leave you craving for more, you can find lots more fun trivia for seniors here!

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Multiple Choice Trivia Questions: Warm-Up Round

Who was the lead singer of The Beatles?

  • a) John Lennon
  • b) Paul McCartney
  • c) George Harrison
  • d) Ringo Starr

Answer: a) John Lennon.

What 1977 space-themed movie became a huge hit?

  • a) Spaceballs
  • b) The Last Starfighter
  • c) Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope)
  • d) Star Trek

Answer: c) Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope).

Who starred as James Bond in the movie “Goldfinger”?

  • a) George Lazenby
  • b) Sean Connery
  • c) Roger Moore
  • d) Timothy Dalton

Answer: b) Sean Connery.

Which continent is known as the “Land Down Under”?

  • a) New Zealand
  • b) Samoa
  • c) Australia
  • d) Antarctica

Answer: c) Australia.

What piece on a chess board moves in an L-shape?

  • a) The knight
  • b) The bishop
  • c) The rook
  • d) The king

Answer: a) The knight.

What is the body of water between Florida and Texas called?

  • a) Caribbean Sea
  • b) Dead Sea
  • c) Atlantic Ocean
  • d) Gulf of Mexico

Answer: d) Gulf of Mexico.

Which pizza shop/franchise is NOT originally from New York?

  • a) Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
  • b) Di Fara Pizza
  • c) Lombardi’s Pizza
  • d) Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria

Answer: d) Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria.

Which of the following is not a red wine grape?

  • a) Sangiovese
  • b) Riesling
  • c) Grenache
  • d) Nebbiolo

Answer: b) Riesling.

Which of the following is not a red wine grape?

  • a) Syrah/Shiraz
  • b) Zinfandel
  • c) Gewürztraminer
  • d) Malbec

Answer: c) Gewürztraminer.

What was the name of Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee?

  • a) Cuddles
  • b) Bubbles
  • c) Sparky
  • d) Peanut

Answer: b) Bubbles.

Multiple Choice Trivia Questions: Pop Culture / Modern-Day Society

Trivia Categories - Pop Culture Trivia Questions

What social media platform is known for its 140-character limit posts?

  • a) Tik Tok
  • b) Facebook
  • c) Twitter
  • d) Reels

Answer: c) Twitter.

Which of these is NOT a ride-sharing service that allows users to request rides through an app?

  • a) Uber
  • b) Bolt
  • c) Lyft
  • d) DoorDash

Answer: d) DoorDash.

What term is used for sending unwanted, often promotional, emails to a large number of people?

  • a) Spam
  • b) Peddling
  • c) Malware
  • d) Baloney

Answer: a) Spam.

What is the name of Ash’s first Pokémon, who is a loyal and brave Pokémon?

  • a) Squirtle
  • b) Rikachu
  • c) Charizard
  • d) Pikachu

Answer: d) Pikachu.

Which celebrity is NOT originally from New York?

  • a) Robert De Niro
  • b) Jay-Z
  • c) Kanye West
  • d) Jennifer Lopez

Answer: c) Kanye West.

What is the annual San Diego pop culture event that sells out almost every year?

  • a) Wondercon
  • b) Comic-Con
  • c) Dragon Con
  • d) D23 Expo

Answer: b) Comic-Con.

How many members of the Spice Girls are there?

  • a) 2
  • b) 4
  • c) 5
  • d) 7

Answer: c) 5.

“More bars in more places” was a mid-2000s commercial slogan for what American technology company?

  • a) AT&T
  • b) Verizon
  • c) Boost Mobile
  • d) Sprint

Answer: a) AT&T.

What is KFC’s slogan?

  • a) Have It Your Way
  • b) I’m Lovin’ It
  • c) Finger Lickin’ Good
  • d) Where’s the Beef?

Answer: c) Finger Lickin’ Good.

What is the luxury fashion capital of the world?

  • a) Sydney, Australia
  • b) Paris, France
  • c) Dubai, UAE
  • d) New York, New York

Answer: b) Paris, France.

Multiple Choice Trivia Questions: Movies from the Past

Trivia Categories - Movie Trivia Questions

What classic film features the line “Here’s looking at you, kid”?

  • a) Casablanca
  • b) Citizen Kane
  • c) Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • d) Gone With The Wind

Answer: a) Casablanca.

What musical movie was released in 1965 and featured a main character named Maria?

  • a) Saturday Night Fever
  • b) Hair
  • c) The Sound of Music
  • d) Cabaret

Answer: c) The Sound of Music.

What 1975 movie features the line “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”?

  • a) Superman: The Movie
  • b) Alien
  • c) Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope
  • d) Jaws

Answer: d) Jaws.

Which actor created, produced, and narrated the 2007 documentary The 11th Hour, about our impact on Earth’s ecosystems?

  • a) Leonardo DiCaprio
  • b) Al Gore
  • c) Denzel Washington
  • d) Jessica Alba

Answer: a) Leonardo DiCaprio.

Who directed Midnight In Paris?

  • a) Francis Ford Coppola
  • b) Nick Cassavetes
  • c) Woody Allen
  • d) Taika Waititi

Answer: c) Woody Allen .

What is the first CGI lead character in a feature-length film?

  • a) Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • b) Casper the ghost from Casper
  • c) The T-rex in Jurassic Park
  • d) Woody from Toy Story

Answer: b) Casper the ghost from Casper.

In which iconic Western movie did John Wayne portray the character Rooster Cogburn?

  • a) “Stagecoach” (1939)
  • b) “The Searchers” (1956)
  • c) “Rio Bravo” (1959)
  • d) “True Grit” (1969)

Answer: d) “True Grit” (1969).

Who portrayed James Bond in the 1969 film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”?

  • a) George Lazenby
  • b) Sean Connery
  • c) Roger Moore
  • d) Timothy Dalton

Answer: a) George Lazenby.

A Man with No Name, played by Clint Eastwood, is a lone gunslinger in a search for buried treasure during the American Civil War. Can you name the movie?

  • a) “Dirty Harry” (1971)
  • b) “A Fistful of Dollars” (1964)
  • c) “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (1966)
  • d) “The Outlaw Josey Wales” (1976)

Answer: c) “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (1966).

Who portrayed the character Luke Skywalker in the original “Star Wars” trilogy?

  • a) James Earl Jones
  • b) Alec Guinness
  • c) Harrison Ford
  • d) Mark Hamill

Answer: d) Mark Hamill.

Who portrayed the character Vito Corleone in the crime film “The Godfather” (1972)?

  • a) Daniel Day-Lewis
  • b) Marlon Brando
  • c) Al Pacino
  • d) Robert De Niro

Answer: b) Marlon Brando.

In what year did the first “Star Trek” television series premiere?

  • a) 1955
  • b) 1962
  • c) 1966
  • d) 1971

Answer: c) 1966.

Multiple Choice Trivia Questions: Music from the Past

Music Trivia Questions And Answers

What country is the musical group ABBA originally from?

  • a) United Kingdom
  • b) Sweden
  • c) Norway
  • d) Denmark

Answer: b) Sweden.

What British rock band is known for the song “Stairway to Heaven”?

  • a) Queen
  • b) The Police
  • c) The Clash
  • d) Led Zeppelin

Answer: d) Led Zeppelin.

What famous rock band’s logo features a tongue sticking out?

  • a) The Rolling Stones
  • b) The Police
  • c) The Clash
  • d) Pink Floyd

Answer: a) The Rolling Stones.

What iconic music festival took place in 1969 and is associated with the phrase “Three Days of Peace & Music”?

  • a) Isle of Wight Festival
  • b) Altamont Free Concert
  • c) Monterey Pop Festival
  • d) Woodstock Music & Art Fair

Answer: Woodstock Music & Art Fair.

What was the title of The Carpenters’ debut album, released in 1969?

  • a) “Close to You”
  • b) “Yesterday Once More”
  • c) “Now & Then”
  • d) “Offering”

Answer: d) “Offering” (its title was later changed to Ticket to Ride).

Can you guess the band with members Brian, Mike, Al, Carl, and Dennis?

  • a) Fleetwood Mac
  • b) The Bee Gees
  • c) The Beach Boys
  • d) The Eagles

Answer: c) The Beach Boys.

Name the band with brothers Ray and Dave Davies, known for songs like “You Really Got Me” and “Lola.”

  • a) Fleetwood Mac
  • b) The Who
  • c) The Kinks
  • d) The Doors

Answer: c) The Kinks.

“You’ve got a friend in me.” Can you identify the iconic movie that it’s featured in?

  • a) Titanic
  • b) Tarzan
  • c) Ghost
  • d) Toy Story

Answer: d) Toy Story.

“Proud Mary keep on burnin’, and we’re rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ on the river.” Name the song and the original artist.

  • a) “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • b) “Proud Mary” by Solomon Burke
  • c) “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner
  • d) “Proud Mary” by Aretha Franklin

Answer: “Proud Mary” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Multiple Choice Trivia Questions: Travel

Tulips - Geography and Travel Trivia

Which location is renowned for its stunning displays of tulips, attracting visitors from around the world during its annual Tulip Festival?

  • a) New York City, USA
  • b) Kyoto, Japan
  • c) Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • d) Sydney, Australia

Answer: c) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Which US city is the birthplace of bluegrass, also nicknamed “Music City”, and is known for its hot chicken?

  • a) Austin
  • b) Memphis
  • c) New Orleans
  • d) Nashville

Answer: d) Nashville.

Can you name the capital of Mexico?

  • a) Mexico City
  • b) Oaxaca
  • c) Chihuahua
  • d) Havana

Answer: a) Mexico City.

Which Caribbean island is known as the “Spice Isle” due to its production of nutmeg and other spices?

  • a) Jamaica
  • b) Barbados
  • c) Grenada
  • d) Aruba

Answer: c) Grenada.

Which national park is the most popular park in Alaska, according to NPS visitation numbers?

  • a) Denali National Park
  • b) Glacier Bay National Park
  • c) Kenai Fjords National Park
  • d) Lake Clark National Park

Answer: b) Glacier Bay National Park.

The Greek island of Santorini is famous for its white-washed buildings with blue domes and stunning sunsets. In which sea is Santorini located?

  • a) Mediterranean Sea
  • b) Caribbean Sea
  • c) Red Sea
  • d) Arabian Sea

Answer: a) Mediterranean Sea.

Which Hawaiian island is known as the “Garden Isle” due to its lush, relatively undeveloped landscapes and natural beauty?

  • a) Maui
  • b) Oahu
  • c) Kauai
  • d) Hawaii (Big Island)

Answer: c) Kauai.

What is the most visited tourist attraction in the world?

  • a) St. Peter’s Basilica
  • b) Forbidden City
  • c) Colosseum
  • d) Eiffel Tower

Answer: d) Eiffel Tower.

Which city is often referred to as the “Venice of the North” due to its picturesque canals and historic architecture?

  • a) Venice, Italy
  • b) Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • c) Paris, France
  • d) Prague, Czech Republic

Answer: b) Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Which of the following states doesn’t have a national park?

  • a) Maryland
  • b) Arkansas
  • c) Nevada
  • d) Minnesota

Answer: a) Maryland.

The Great Barrier Reef is situated off the coast of which of these countries?

  • a) Australia
  • b) Ibiza
  • c) Mexico
  • d) New Zealand

Answer: a) Australia.

In what country do more than half of people believe in elves?

  • a) Scotland
  • b) Iceland
  • c) Ireland
  • d) Canada

Answer: b) Iceland.

Dubrovnik was the filming location for what fictional area in HBO’s Game of Thrones?

  • a) Oldtown
  • b) Lannisport
  • c) Gulltown
  • d) King’s Landing

Answer: d) King’s Landing.

Multiple Choice Trivia Questions: Historical Events

Trivia Categories - History Trivia Questions

The signing of the Treaty of Versailles marked the end of which major conflict?

  • a) World War I
  • b) World War II
  • c) Korean War
  • d) Cold War

Answer: a) World War I.

In which year did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become the first humans to walk on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission?

  • a) 1965
  • b) 1969
  • c) 1972
  • d) 1975

Answer: b) 1969.

In which year did the United States declare its independence from Great Britain?

  • a) 1776
  • b) 1789
  • c) 1812
  • d) 1865

Answer: a) 1776.

In 1947, which country gained its independence from British rule?

  • a) Singapore
  • b) Zimbabwe
  • c) Ghana
  • d) India

Answer: d) India.

The Berlin Wall, which divided East and West Berlin during the Cold War, fell in which year?

  • a) 1950
  • b) 1961
  • c) 1989
  • d) 1991

Answer: c) 1989.

1975 marked the end of what war?

  • a) The Vietnam War
  • b) The Korean War
  • c) The Cold War
  • d) Mozambican War of Independence

Answer: a) The Vietnam War.

What was the name of the British queen who is best known for wearing her mini crown over her widow’s cap following the death of her husband, Prince Albert?

  • a) Queen Anne
  • b) Queen Victoria
  • c) Queen Elizabeth
  • d) Queen Elizabeth II

Answer: b) Queen Victoria.

Multiple Choice Trivia Questions: Technology

Trivia Categories - Technology Trivia Questions

In the context of early computers, what does “IBM” stand for?

  • a) International Business Manufacturers
  • b) International Business Models
  • c) International Business Machines
  • d) International Business Mechanics

Answer: c) International Business Machines Corporation.

What groundbreaking personal electronic product was introduced by Apple in 1984?

  • a) iPod
  • b) iPhone
  • c) Macintosh (Mac)
  • d) iPad

Answer: c) Macintosh (Mac).

Question: What communication device became widely popular in the 1990s, allowing people to send short messages wirelessly?

  • a) Pager
  • b) Smartphone
  • c) Walkie-talkie
  • d) Fax machine

Answer: a) Pager.

What technology company, now mostly known as a telecommunications giant, gained mass-market popularity with its release of the “RAZR” cell phone in 2004?

  • a) Samsung
  • b) Motorola
  • c) Nokia
  • d) Blackberry

Answer: b) Motorola.

In 1998, Jeff Bezos made a deal with British film fan Col Needham to purchase what movie database site for $55 million?

  • a) Rotten Tomatoes
  • b) Fandango
  • c) IMDb
  • d) Metacritic

Answer: c) IMDb.

What was the name of the first space shuttle to go into space?

  • a) Space Shuttle Challenger
  • b) Space Shuttle Atlantis
  • c) Space Shuttle Discovery
  • d) Space Shuttle Columbia

Answer: d) Space Shuttle Columbia.

Mario first originated as a character in which classic video game?

  • a) Super Mario Bros.
  • b) The Legend of Zelda
  • c) Donkey Kong
  • d) Pac-Man

Answer: c) Donkey Kong.

What is the name of the biggest technology company in South Korea?

  • a) Hyundai
  • b) LG
  • c) SK Hynix
  • d) Samsung

Answer: d) Samsung.

In a website browser address bar, what does “www” stand for?

  • a) Web Wide Window
  • b) World Web War
  • c) Widespread Website
  • d) World Wide Web

Answer: d) World Wide Web.

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